Who is Jurgen Klopp son? A look at Klopp’s family

Who is Jurgen Klopp son: In a surprising turn of events, Jurgen Klopp, the iconic manager of Liverpool, has recently announced his decision to part ways with the club at the end of the season. While fans grapple with this unexpected news, our focus turns to the personal side of the man behind the tactics. GOAL 90 delves into the family life of Jurgen Klopp including his son, wife, and mother offering an intimate look at the dynamics that have shaped him, including his son’s journey and the influences that extend beyond the football pitch.

Join us as we unravel the layers of Klopp’s personal narrative, shedding light on the family connections that contribute to the legacy of this renowned football figure.

Who Is Jurgen Klopp son?

Who is Jurgen Klopp son

Born on December 13, 1988, in Germany, Marc Klopp inherited his father’s love for the beautiful game. Following in Jurgen’s footsteps, Marc pursued a career in professional football, primarily as a right-back. His journey commenced with FSV Frankfurt under-19s in 2007, leading to stints with Karbener SV and SV Damstad 98. Marc’s talent and dedication culminated in a move to Borussia Dortmund II in 2012, where his market value soared to €11.5 million. Unfortunately, injuries prompted a hiatus in 2013, and Marc later retired from his playing career in 2015.

A close bond exists between father and son, evident in their regular attendance at matches. Jurgen Klopp’s own success as a striker undoubtedly influenced Marc’s footballing endeavors.

Entrepreneurial Ventures of Marc Klopp

Who is Jurgen Klopp son

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Post-retirement from professional football, Marc Klopp transitioned into entrepreneurship. In 2017, he co-founded Onside Sports, an agency catering to off-season activities for professional football clubs in the European market. Notably, Onside Sports provided Brighton and Hove Albion with a premier Alpine retreat, emphasizing optimal preparation for the Premier League.

In 2022, Marc expanded his entrepreneurial portfolio by co-founding ATHLIN, a company dedicated to supporting and advising professional athletes. Expressing his motivation, Marc highlighted the need for holistic athlete development and individual guidance. He emphasized ATHLIN’s role in creating an athlete-centric lifestyle by connecting athletes with trusted sports professionals.

Marc Klopp’s mother – Sabine Klopp

Marc Klopp’s mother, Sabine Klopp, born in Germany in 1967, was married to Jurgen from 1980 to 2001. The couple’s divorce, characterized by ‘irreconcilable differences,’ marked the end of a 21-year marriage. Sabine keeps a low profile, maintaining privacy about her career and personal life post-divorce.

Jurgen Klopp’s Second Wife – Ulla Sandrock

Jurgen Klopp’s current wife, Ulla Sandrock, has been a significant influence in his life since December 2005. The couple met during Munich’s Oktoberfest, where Ulla worked as a bar waitress. A children’s novelist, Ulla gained recognition for her book, ‘Tom and the Magic Football,’ published in 2008. Her charitable actions earned her the title ‘First Lady of Bundesliga’ during Klopp’s tenure in Germany.

Ulla’s support extended beyond family, playing a pivotal role in Klopp’s decision to sign a contract extension with Liverpool until 2026. The couple, while not having children together, celebrated Ulla’s son, Dennis, becoming a father in 2023.

Jurgen Klopp’s Family Life – A Closer Look

As Jurgen Klopp bids farewell to Liverpool, citing the desire for a more ‘normal life,’ his family remains central to his decision. Klopp, a father to Marc from his first marriage and husband to Ulla Sandrock, emphasizes the importance of family in his life. Despite facing challenges, such as family losses and health scares, Klopp’s legacy extends beyond the football pitch, leaving an indelible mark on both the sport and his loved ones.

What’s Next For Klopp?

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Jurgen Klopp’s announcement to depart from Liverpool at the end of the season has sent shockwaves through the football community. While fans grapple with the impending void, Klopp’s revelation of seeking a more ‘normal life’ emphasizes a personal shift after nine years of remarkable achievements with the club. Despite Liverpool’s current standing at the top of the Premier League table, Klopp’s decision, rooted in a self-aware acknowledgment of diminishing energy, prompts reflection on his legacy.

In a surprising twist, Klopp suggested that he might never coach another team again, adding an air of uncertainty to his future endeavors. As the football world comes to terms with the impending departure of the iconic manager, the focus turns to Klopp’s desire for normalcy and the potential paths he may explore beyond the coaching realm.


Jurgen Klopp’s departure from Liverpool marks the end of an era, prompting reflection on his achievements and the familial support that fueled his success. As the football world anticipates Klopp’s next chapter, whether in coaching or a different endeavor, his legacy as a family man and football icon remains intact. The Klopp family saga, filled with triumphs and challenges, continues to capture the imagination of football enthusiasts globally.

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