Top 5 Possible Replacements for Klopp at Liverpool

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Possible Replacements for Klopp: Jurgen Klopp’s sudden disclosure of leaving Liverpool as the manager without a doubt came as a shock to many. For other teams in Europe and the Premier League, it may just be a sigh of relief but given the suddenness of his departure, it makes us wonder who succeeds him and takes over the most decorated club in England’s football history.

5 Possible Replacements for Klopp

What’s the best way to replace a man who single-handedly turned a club from a dark horse to a scary powerhouse? With this in mind, here are some possible replacements for Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool.

5. Jose Mourinho

Possible Replacements for Klopp

Can we think of a return or homecoming to the Premier League as poetic as Jose Mourinho joining Liverpool? We would all love to see the Special One light up the Premier League again and to do it once again but in Liverpool colors would be a special treat.

Would things work out if he joins Liverpool? There’s no single response to this as Mourinho’s record in the Premier League is quite conflicting with triumphant starts and disastrous third seasons.

This would result in the rebirth of grudges between Mohammed Salah and Jose Mourinho. Would the appointment of Jose Mourinho mean the end of Mo Salah’s reign as the face of Liverpool?

4. Graham Potter

The man who built the house from scratch at Brighton can surely do it at Liverpool as well with better quality of players, facilities and funds. However, we all remember just how turbulent his time at Chelsea was such that he couldn’t even stay on as a manager for more than six months. But can he really be blamed? The blues were already in a difficult financial position and had their muscles fatigued.

Potter finally has a chance to settle the score with his own demons by returning to the Premier League and reestablishing his legacy there by starting from scratch again. Given the quality of starters at Liverpool along with its five star education services, it is very common to see these thrown under the bus. Henceforth, it may just be too early to write him off.

3. Roberto De Zerbi

Another favorite to succeed Klopp at Liverpool is the current manager of Brighton. While it’s true that he is a great manager, we can’t say for sure that his gameplay matches that of Liverpool’s.

However, what makes the Italian manager so popular is his youth-centric approach and how he turns worn-out players into world class ones. Surely Liverpool wouldn’t want to miss out on this man.

2. Julian Nagglesman

From one German manager to the next, it doesn’t seem too bad of a way to be passing the torch on. The former Bayern and Schalke manager has been without a club for over a year and an arrival to the Premier League would be a good test of his mettle when his boys lace up against teams at the biggest stage in the world’s most watched football league.

Currently in contract with Germany, it runs out in the Summer during the month of July after which he’ll be free to sit and negotiate with different clubs. This would just be a few weeks before the resumption of the Premier League.

1. Xabi Alonso – The Favorite in lead

Shortly after Klopp’s announcement, Xabi Alonso quickly became a hot topic on social media. It’s no surprise considering he’s a perfect fit for Liverpool. With a winning record in the Champions League and FA Cup, Alonso’s familiarity with the club is invaluable, unlike many of Klopp’s predecessors. His extensive experience with Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Spain makes him a truly global figure. Those who’ve observed him on the training grounds know he can connect with and motivate young players, despite only being 42.

Adding to his appeal is the potential to end Bayer Leverkusen’s long title drought, which is even more significant than Klopp’s triumph. Known as “Neverkusen,” the club hasn’t won a major trophy since 1993 or the Bundesliga at all. However, with Alonso at the helm, they’re currently leading the table by four points over Bayern Munich and haven’t lost a game all season. Alonso’s impact on the club has been profound, especially considering this is his first senior managerial role.

When asked about joining Liverpool as the manager, he had the following to say:
“My feeling is right now here, and my mind is 100% here.  I don’t know when that will happen, but I’m enjoying it here and we have many reasons to be positive about the future.”

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