Who Is Cristiano Ronaldo Jr’s Girlfriend

Talking about Christiano Ronaldo Jr girlfriend, there seems to be a lot you don’t know about. Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez are one of the hottest couples in the football world. They also happen to be parents to five spectacular children, whom they seem to love very much.

Despite not being the biological mother of some of them, Georgina has stepped into the role massively and has made Ronaldo love her all the more for it. The first and oldest child just happens to be the heir apparent to his father’s throne and name – Cristiano Ronaldo Junior.

With this name, great things are already expected of him in whatever he decides to do, especially given that he seems to have chosen the beautiful game as his career, just like his father.

Christiano Ronaldo Jr Girlfriend

At 13, he is already one of the most famous kids on the planet, and as such, his life tends to be a growing topic among the public. One particular aspect we’d like to discuss may come as a surprise

Christiano Ronaldo Jr Girlfriend

Despite growing up with one of football’s GOATs as his father, Junior seems to live a rather down-to-earth life. His father, having grown up poor and on the streets, has ensured this and does everything in his power to raise him not to be spoiled. From refusing to buy his son the latest iPhone to deleting his Instagram, Ronaldo wants Junior to enjoy his youth — to meet family, go out, and play with friends in the real world.

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Due to this, Junior ends up tagging along in plenty of Georgina’s adventures, as seen on her Instagram, while also being around family a lot. This has enabled him to be aware of where he comes from while also having many friends around his age who will be loyal towards him.

Ronaldo is a very involved parent, and as such, he has already begun taking his son’s footballing life very seriously. Junior often accompanies him to work out, where he is shown multiple different techniques and exercises to get the best out of his body. He also trains him in their garden, focusing on basic skills such as passing and ball control. The most significant part of Junior’s life that his father has taken over, though, just happens to be one Ronaldo is very passionate about—his nutrition.

Knowing the kind of sacrifice required to reach the top, Ronaldo limits what his son eats. Don’t get us wrong; he isn’t forbidden from eating anything unhealthy but instead has to have it in moderation, after which he can work it off in the gym. Ronaldo is all about Junior enjoying his youth but wants to instill discipline in him so that he can be aware of what it takes to be great.

With this kind of hands-on upbringing, you wouldn’t expect Junior to already be allowed to have a girlfriend, but what if he already does?

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Our first piece of information comes from Georgina Rodriguez herself. Last year, she was the subject of a Netflix documentary titled ‘I am Georgina.’ The documentary delved into her rough childhood and how she evolved into the person she is today. A significant portion of it also focused on her current life, including extensive information about her children. In one segment, Rodriguez discussed Junior having a girlfriend at the age of eleven.

She mentioned,

I think it’s funny that Junior (Cristiano Jr) has a girlfriend. I already told him that I have to meet her and give him my approval, even if I’m not a very authoritarian mother.

Case solved then, or maybe not, as she may have just been mistaken in thinking he had a girlfriend when, in fact, she is just a friend. With Junior entering his teenage years, we all know how challenging it is to get information from them. Given that she stated it in a documentary for the world to see, it must be something that even Ronaldo is aware of. So now we ask, could this girl in the picture be her? The elusive girlfriend.

To determine this, we have to consider all our options. We have three of them, but which one is correct?

The first is the obvious one — that she is actually his girlfriend. This option, based on Georgina’s words, carries a lot of weight. Despite his upbringing, Ronaldo may have allowed his son to have a girlfriend, as evidenced by a picture of them in a cute hug. Georgina seems interested in meeting her and ensuring that she is a good woman worthy of her son, while also advising Junior to always treat her with respect.

Given his standing, people will always be eager to befriend the young man for his connections, and this is a reality check we’re sure his father has already discussed with him. This may be another reason why they are cautious about the people he hangs around with. Let’s continue exploring the options to determine the truth.

Secondly, she could just be a fan. Given his parentage, Junior is already one of the most famous children on the planet, and this fame attracts fans. People often recognize him when he comes from training and ask to take pictures. He never makes much of a fuss and almost always stops to appreciate his fans, taking pictures and even videos with them. Could this girl just be a fan he met, and the picture leaked online? We don’t think so, as they seem too close for that.

Lastly, could she be one of his cousins?

The Aveiro family is large, and a quick trip to Ronaldo and Georgina’s Instagram can confirm this. During their holidays, they are often pictured with plenty of family around them. She could be the daughter of one of Ronaldo’s siblings or cousins, and this would thus account for their closeness. Junior has mostly grown up around family, and given that the girl seems about his age, he could have grown up with her and been friends for a long time.

This is the option we are going to go with, as the two seem close but friendly. However, we can’t completely disregard the other two options, as either of them may be true as well. Either way, since Georgina already spilled the tea on her son’s life, we can only assume that Junior already has a girlfriend. Hopefully, she isn’t too nervous about meeting the Ronaldo family and turns out to be a pleasant young woman. That is all for the future, though.

Share your thoughts on which option you believe is true! Drop your comments below, and feel free to share your predictions on how talented you think Junior might become in the future.

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