5 Perfect Replacements Of Erik ten Hag At Manchester United

Before you start reading, guess the perfect replacements of Erik ten Hag. Erik ten Hag’s job is on the line. With the way Manchester United has been performing this season, the Dutchman is definitely at risk of losing his job pretty soon. They’re struggling in the Premier League, facing challenges in the Champions League, and are already out of the EFL Cup. Who knows? His termination letter is probably in the typewriter right now.

Replacements Of Erik ten Hag

That’s what we’re here to examine today.

Here are five perfect replacements for Erik ten Hag at Manchester United.

1. Roberto De Zerbi

Roberto De Zerbi is a name echoed by Manchester United fans worldwide. He entered the Premier League and quickly made a significant impact. Taking charge at Brighton, he swiftly implemented his style of play, leading the club to a European competition for the first time in its history.

Replacements Of Erik ten Hag

United supporters argue that the club lacks identity under ten Hag, making De Zerbi particularly appealing. The clear style of play he established at Brighton is evident to all, and fans hope he can bring that to Old Trafford.

De Zerbi has also demonstrated an aptitude for talent identification. For a club whose coach has spent significant sums on signings like Antony, Onana, and Mount, a coach adept at recruiting would be a breath of fresh air.

Hiring Roberto De Zerbi would signify Manchester United’s commitment to securing their future.

2. Antonio Conte

The Italian boss is a proven winner, securing league titles at three major clubs, including the Premier League with Chelsea. Therefore, he possesses an in-depth understanding of the league.

Conte is renowned for his counter-attacking style, and when you assess the personnel at United, there’s a sense that they would be an ideal fit for his tactics. With flying full-backs, a solid defensive midfielder, a highly skilled attacking midfielder, and fast attackers, the team seems tailored for Conte’s style.

Having successfully worked with players like Lukaku and Martinez at Inter Milan, Conte could potentially create magic with Hojlund and Rashford at United. Hojlund, with a similar profile to Lukaku, and Rashford’s pace and finishing abilities could replicate the successful partnership Conte forged in Milan.

It’s worth noting that Antonio Conte is currently without a job, making it much easier to secure his services.

3. Julian Nagelsmann

If United can secure Nagelsmann, it would be a significant coup for them. Frankly, it’s challenging to find instances where Nagelsmann has failed as a coach. He achieved remarkable success at Leipzig and faced an unjust dismissal at Bayern Munich despite a faultless performance last season.

Nagelsmann, characterized by his youth, creativity, innovation, and willingness to take risks, is renowned for playing high-intensity football, maintaining possession, and employing a counter-press style. These are the styles implemented by the top clubs in the Premier League, from City and Spurs to Arsenal and Liverpool.

If United can bring in a coach capable of effectively implementing this style of play, they could truly propel themselves to where they aspire to be in the league.

4. Arne Slot

Manchester United might consider an unorthodox approach by signing the relatively lesser-known coach, Arne Slot.

While Slot may not be the most widely recognized manager, he has proven his prowess in the field. Feyenoord hired him in 2021, and in just his second season in charge, he led them to win the league for the first time in five years.

Slot is known for his ultra-attacking and entertaining style of football, drawing comparisons to the likes of Pep Guardiola and Marcelo Bielsa. Interestingly, he has previously expressed his interest in coaching a Premier League side and was even linked with Spurs in the summer.

Replacements Of Erik ten Hag

If United is interested in acquiring him, the process may not be overly challenging. Furthermore, having secured a league victory over the likes of Ajax and PSV, there’s a significant possibility that he is currently seeking new challenges and could be open to a move.

5. Zinedine Zidane

Manchester United could make a bold move by pursuing Zinedine Zidane, who remains one of the most successful coaches in Europe and is currently available.

Zidane has demonstrated exceptional skill in managing star-studded squads, an area where ten Hag appears to be lacking, as evidenced by his reported fallouts with Cristiano Ronaldo and Jadon Sancho in less than two years.

It’s remarkable how much success can be achieved by employing great man-management skills. When you observe the attacking style of Zidane’s Madrid, it closely resembles the traditional United way. He seems like the perfect fit for the club.

While convincing him to take the job might be more challenging than with other candidates, it would undoubtedly be worthwhile if the club can secure his services.

It’s important to note that Zidane naturally commands respect from players due to his legendary status as a player. Being one of the greatest ever, some players idolize him, making them more willing to listen to and learn from him.

We believe that Varane and Casemiro are likely more eager for this signing than anyone else at the club right now.

But if you were in charge at Manchester United, who would you sign to replace Erik ten Hag? Zidane? De Zerbi? Conte? Or would you choose not to sack ten Hag at all and, instead, give the Dutchman some more time?

Let us know in the comments !

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