Richarlison gets trolled by Chelsea stars in a TikTok video!

WATCH: Richarlison trolled on tiktok by Chelsea men Armando Broja and Levi Collwill


Blind ranking with Levi and Armando! 👀🫢 #chelsea #cfc #colwill #broja

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Richarlison trolled on tiktok

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Richarlison trolled on tiktok: As can be seen in the video above, the two Chelsea boys, Armando Broja and Levi Collwill are playing a game of Blind Ranking where they have to rank the best players from a random selection list. Players are ranked from 1 (best) to 10 (worst). What happens next will probably make you giggle.

Both of them unanimously threw him to 10 in the rankings and laughed it out. They were both waiting on Messi and Ronaldo to pop up but it was Radamel Falcao who ended up being at the helm of the rankings.

Amidst the discussions, the two Chelsea academy graduates briefly discussed the Ronaldo-Messi debate!

Ronaldo or Messi?

Richarlison trolled on tiktok

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Ah, the good old Ronaldo-Messi debate, it seems not even Football players get a break from it, Broja and Colwill are no such exceptions. 

“Who’s going to come next? Because if it’s Messi, I want Messi first. And then if Ronaldo comes out what are you going to do?” said Colwill.

To which Broja retorted: “Nah Ronaldo’s going first!”

Is Richarlison really that Bad?

Richarlison trolled on tiktok
Richarlison trolled on tiktok

In the world of Football, when people think of contentious names, Richarlison is one of the very first names that comes to mind. We all know he’s skillful and technically brilliant. However, it seems as though he has failed to fill the void left behind by Harry Kane and is yet to prove himself for Spurs.

Despite all of the criticism, the Brazilian has been finally finding form as he has netted five goals in his last five appearances for Tottenham in the Premier League. The Spurs fans can only hope to see him carry on this consistency further.

What’s Next?

The good old London rivalry is set to be resuscitated on the 23rd of February as Tottenham visit the Stamford Bridge for a battle with Chelsea. Will Richarlison and his team come out on top or will we see another triumph for the Blues who humbled the Spurs 4-1 earlier in November?

However, as of late both teams are focused on their upcoming FA Cup matches. Chelsea will be hosting Preston North End and Burnley will be visiting Tottenham.

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