Why Does Messi Not Have Ronaldo In his Jersey Collection?

Why is Ronaldo jersey not in Messi collections? Lionel Messi has one of the most insane collections of jerseys we have ever seen from a football player. The Argentina national team captain has been playing professional football for 2 decades now, and so has had the opportunity to go up against great players from different generations. 

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Everybody who plays against Messi always wants to take memorabilia with them, so they often ask for his jersey, and he almost always obliges. But like he once said, he would always prioritize his countrymen. So, if there’s an Argentine on the pitch that day, that’s most likely the person going home with Messi’s jersey.

No wonder he has jerseys of Di Maria, Aguero, Milito, Lavezzi, and Lanzini in his collection.

And what would interest you is that, after Messi exchanges those jerseys, he doesn’t just throw them away or dump them somewhere and forget about them, he stores them up. Jerseys of legends, youngsters, rivals, teammates, GOATs, and even players you never knew of or have forgotten about, are all in his collection.

But of all of those jerseys in his collection, we would assume that the Zidane one is the one that means the most to him. Why? Because that is the only jersey Messi has ever asked for. 

The norm is for Messi to be approached for his jersey. He would hand it out to them and happily take theirs, too. But the only person he ever approached for his jersey is Real Madrid legend, Zinedine Zidane. Messi said this himself. 

So, Messi idolizes a Real Madrid legend this much? Interesting. 

Anyway, if you look through his collection, you would see jerseys of some household names, some of whom we know to be his friends like Dani Alves, Pique, Milito, Fabregas, Suarez, Rodrigo De Paul, Aguero, and Di Maria.

Some we know to be his rivals like Casillas, Raul, and Lahm.

Some were his teammates at one point or another like Yaya Toure, Henry, Deco, and Digne.

Some others are not so famous like Ustari, Dominguez, and Messi’s idol growing up, Pablo Aimar.

While some are just straight up legends like Totti, Juanfran, Nedved, and of course, himself. Yes, he has quite a number of his own jerseys in his collection. Perhaps those are jerseys he had on when he broke certain records or won certain trophies or did certain unbelievable stuff, we can’t really guess.

But! And this is a very big but!

In the long list and range of names we have called, there is one missing, and you already know which we are referring to – Cristiano Ronaldo!

We looked long and hard at Messi’s collection of jerseys and we could not find any one of Ronaldo’s jerseys. Not of him at Sporting, United, Real Madrid, Juventus, or even Portugal. None.

Of course, you don’t need a prophet to tell you that the two footballing legends are not best of friends, but come on, Messi has the jerseys of Raul and Casillas hanging in his collection, so that proves that there is space even for rivals, so why then is his biggest rival left out?

And it is surely not because they haven’t had the opportunity to exchange jerseys. Messi and Cristiano have gone head to head against each other for many years in different tournaments, on different stages, and even for different teams.

Why is Ronaldo jersey not in Messi collections?

Ronaldo jersey not in Messi collections

They first played against each other in 2008 in the UEFA Champions League semi final between Barcelona and Manchester United, and they went on to go head-to-head every single year for the next 12 years except in 2019. In some years, they would meet up to 4 or 5 times across different competitions.

And just in case you want to say the matches are always so heated up for them to think of exchanging jerseys afterward, they have also met in friendlies. But still, no exchange of jerseys.


Well, here’s a simple explanation:

Remember we said earlier that Messi himself said that he does not approach players for their jerseys and only did it once for Zidane. So, Messi most likely has never asked Ronaldo for his jersey and Ronaldo has never asked for his either. It’s probably just as simple as that. You may call it a clash of egos but it is what it is.

Another thing to consider is this; maybe, just maybe Messi has a jersey of Ronaldo, but it is hanging somewhere special. In a completely different room from the rest. Yes, we agree that that is highly unlikely, but hey, we also didn’t spot Zidane’s jersey there. So, it’s either there is another room or Zidane refused to give Messi his jersey when he asked. Now, tell us which is more likely.

But the truth is, we’re probably just reading too much into all this. It is probably not such a big deal. Messi doesn’t have Cristiano Ronaldo’s jersey hanging in his hallowed collection, and so what?

We also didn’t spot the jerseys of Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets,, and even one of Messi’s closest friends ever, Neymar Junior. So, does he have beef with these guys, too?

So, just like we suggested earlier, maybe there is another room Messi hasn’t shown us or the jerseys he stores up are just so random. 

Anyway, take a look at this picture of Messi’s collection. If you are able to spot some of those names which are hard to make out in this picture, type them out in the comments. 

Let’s see who has the best vision.

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