Solo Training: Tension Rises between Martial and Eric Ten Hag


Martial and Eric Ten Hag
Martial and Eric Ten Hag

Martial and Eric Ten Hag: In a startling development, the harmony at Manchester United has been disrupted as Anthony Martial, the once promising striker, finds himself ordered to train alone following a reported altercation with manager Erik ten Hag. The decision has sent shockwaves through the football world, shedding light on the manager’s stringent training standards and Martial’s ongoing struggle to meet them. This article will explore the intricacies of this dramatic turn of events, dissecting the dynamics between player and manager.

Martial’s Training Isolation Linked to Form Struggles, Not Discipline

Martial and Eric Ten Hag

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The Daily Mail has reported that Martial’s banishment from first-team training is not a punitive measure but rather a response to his lackluster performance during a recent assessment conducted for players returning from injury. Despite the absence of any disciplinary issues, Martial has found himself isolated from the main squad due to his failure to meet the exacting standards set by ten Hag. This situation has led to a reported disagreement between the French striker and the manager, highlighting the growing tensions within the team.

Martial, whose contract is set to expire at the end of the season, has been the subject of transfer speculation. Reports suggest that he has rejected offers from three different parties, indicating his desire to stay at Old Trafford. However, with the latest turn of events, it appears increasingly likely that Martial’s future at the club is hanging in the balance. The decision to train alone might serve as a pivotal moment in shaping the narrative of his departure or potential renewal.

Uncertain Future: Anthony Martial’s Contract Decision Looms Large

Martial and Eric Ten Hag

As the French forward navigates through this challenging period, the looming uncertainty surrounding his contract adds an additional layer of complexity. The reported refusal to leave the club this month indicates Martial’s desire to stay, but with ongoing disagreements and a diminishing role within the first team, the likelihood of a departure at the end of the season becomes more apparent.

Martial’s contributions to Manchester United since his arrival from AS Monaco in 2015 have been inconsistent, despite early promise. With 317 appearances and 90 goals to his name, the forward has struggled to live up to the high expectations associated with his talent. Former United defender Rio Ferdinand expressed his disappointment, stating, “Anthony Martial is so talented but he has to deliver consistently, that is what Man Utd No 9s do. They don’t have days off.”

The recent incident involving ten Hag ordering Martial to train alone is not the first display of the manager’s unyielding approach. Earlier in the season, Jadon Sancho spent weeks training individually after a public fallout with ten Hag. Despite calls for a softer stance from some coaching staff members, the Dutch manager has maintained his strict standards, leading to questions about its impact on team morale and dynamics.

Martial and Eric Ten Hag: A Recurring Pattern Emerges

Erik ten Hag’s decision to isolate Martial is part of a pattern of unyielding leadership. Despite previous reports suggesting coaching staff urging for a softer approach, ten Hag remains resolute in maintaining high standards on the training ground. The echoes of a similar incident with Sancho earlier in the season indicate a consistency in the manager’s iron-fisted approach.

Reports suggest that individual training for players returning from injury is a standard practice at Manchester United. However, the time it has taken for Martial to regain match fitness has reportedly “raised eyebrows,” according to The Mail. The French striker, who last played on December 9, 2023, against Bournemouth, was sidelined with a sickness bug last month, further complicating his return to the first-team squad.

The decision to make Martial train alone, coupled with ten Hag’s public statements about the player’s fitness, has intensified speculation about his future. Unless a suitable bid is received in the January transfer window, Martial is poised to leave Old Trafford as a free agent in the summer. Clubs like Galatasaray and Fenerbahce have been linked with the player, showcasing potential destinations for the talented yet enigmatic forward.


As Anthony Martial faces solo training sessions and an uncertain future, the drama at Manchester United continues to unfold. The clash with ten Hag, coupled with the expiration of his contract, makes this a critical juncture in Martial’s career. The consequences of this rift extend beyond the individual player, raising questions about the impact of ten Hag’s leadership style on the overall team dynamics. As the football world watches closely, the unfolding saga at Old Trafford adds another layer of intrigue to the unpredictable world of the beautiful game.

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