6 Players Every Club Must Avoid Signing This January

Players clubs should avoid signing: The January transfer window is another opportunity for our clubs to strengthen our teams with new signings. But just as it’s important to know the good players to sign, it’s also very important to know which players to avoid signing. In this article, we’ll give you a list of players that your club should avoid in this January transfer window. 

Players clubs should avoid signing

1. Anthony Martial

We’ll be starting with Anthony Martial. If you support a big club that wants to sign Marital at this point, you should probably just ditch them and not look back. When he first signed for Manchester United, he had just won the Golden Boy award. He even had a Ballon d’Or clause in his contract, which should tell you how much potential he had. Sadly, he hasn’t lived up to that promise. Now, you might blame it on his frequent injuries, but the fact is, even when he’s fit, he is hardly ever good enough. 

Players clubs should avoid signing

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Sure, he has come up with a few periods of brilliant performances, but it’s just not regular enough. And now with his contract expiring this summer, the club has decided against an extension. Now he would have to find another club and could leave as early as this January. And even if your club is looking for a new Attacker, they should probably avoid him.

2. Jadon Sancho

Jadon Sancho is also someone your club should probably avoid. Just like Martial, he had so much promise when he just signed for the club. He was so good at Dortmund, that United chased his signature for the whole of 2 years. They even placed him on a huge salary. But just as is the case with most of United’s signings recently, he never really hit the ground running at the club. And with every change of coaches at the club, the story is still the same. 

Players clubs should avoid signing

But this season, things have gone sour between the player and Ten Hag, and now their relationship looks unfixable, meaning Sancho might have just one option left – To leave. But here’s the thing, his wages are way too high for his level of performance. So it would be a huge gamble to buy him with those wages right now. And truth is, it would likely be a bad idea, and your club should probably avoid it. 

3. Antony

Antony, the defensive winger at Manchester United, isn’t really at risk of leaving Manchester United this January. But here’s the thing. Even if he’s offered to your club, they should run the other way as quickly as possible. No kidding, this guy is way better defensively than when his team are on the attack, which is pretty disappointing for a winger who was signed for nearly 100 million pounds. But unlike Sancho and Martial, he never even had the level of performances at Ajax to justify his price at the time. And within a few months at Man United, it was already clear that Man United were robbed by Ajax. 

And now, they probably wouldn’t mind selling him to your club or even swapping him with one of your wingers. So if the opportunity for your club to sign Antony comes this January, your club owners should be prepared to run like the wind, in the opposite direction, far away from that deal. 

Okay, now we’ve listed Martial, Sancho and Antony. That’s essentially half of United’s attack line already. And frankly, with the performance of the entire Manchester United attack, it would probably be a valid suggestion to avoid all their players.

4. Marc Cucurella

Now, Let’s talk about Chelsea’s Marc Cucurella. This guy was one of the league’s highly-rated left-backs during his time at Brighton. He even had major interest from Manchester City, but Chelsea were able to snap him up. And when they got him, he looked like he’d be a top defender for them. But that wasn’t to be, because in his first season, he failed to tie down a regular place in the team and his performances weren’t convincing.

MADRID, SPAIN – APRIL 12: Marc Cucurella of Chelsea FC looks on during the UEFA Champions League quarterfinal first leg match between Real Madrid and Chelsea FC at Estadio Santiago Bernabeu on April 12, 2023 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images)

Of course, usually, most clubs would avoid players like that, but there was one club that still wanted to sign him after that poor first season at Chelsea. And you can probably guess the club already…

Yes, you guessed right, it was Manchester United. Luckily for Manchester United, that deal didn’t go through, and Cucurella’s performances are still not good enough. And now, they would probably try to sell him again this January, so it’s up to your club to avoid taking that bait and find someone else. No, seriously, you should probably avoid Cucurella this January.

5. Thiago Alcantara

Thiago Alcantara is probably another player to avoid this January. And no, unlike the other guys, it’s not because he’s a flop. But the reason you should avoid signing him is his injury records. You see, Thiago has been a very good player, but he has also struggled with injuries for many years. But those injuries seem to have become worse this year, and the most recent one has kept him out since the end of last season.

With the 32-year-old’s contract running down, the club would be looking to offload him soon. But even though he’s still likely to give a few years of quality performances, his injuries may just prevent him from playing enough games for any new club. So it’s probably best to avoid signing him, especially if you support a big club.

6. Hugo Lloris

Another player with a slightly similar story to Alcantara is Tottenham’s veteran goalkeeper Hugo Lloris. The 36-year-old ended 2022 on a high by getting to the World Cup final with France, but 2023 hasn’t been such a great year for him. But towards the end of last season with Spurs, he suffered an injury which ended his season. By the start of this season, he had been displaced from the starting lineup by new goalkeeper Vicario. And it doesn’t seem like there’s any way back for him, meaning his only option now is to leave.

But at the age of 36, he’s probably not the best option for your club if you’re looking for a long-term solution to your goalkeeping problems this January. Well, except you’re Chelsea or Manchester United, that is. Because let’s face it, Lloris will probably do a better job than Onana and Sanchez. Oh, and to Chelsea and Manchester United fans, no hard feelings, guys. You know we all love you. And hopefully, your clubs will get back to challenging for the biggest trophies soon. 

But now to everybody, what do you think about these players? Are there any other players you’d like your club to avoid? And are there any players you’d like your clubs to sign this January?

Do let us know in the comments. 

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