Lionel Messi forces a club to change their stadium!

A Club in the MLS is forced to change their stadium in order to host a game against Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami

Messi forces club to change stadium

Messi forces club to change stadium: The all-time footballing great, Leo Messi’s move to the MLS didn’t just prompt a change of dynamics in the world of Football but also in the world of economics and marketing. It’s no secret that the Argentine is a lucrative asset for all the big investors out there, especially those based in the region where he’s currently playing football.

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The skyrocketing of shirt sales is an obvious one, and the soaring of tickets is another, An increase in pay-per-view revenue for Inter Miami is also a given but would you have thought of a club changing their stadium just to host a league game against Lionel Messi? We wouldn’t have either.

Inter Miami is set to clash with Sporting Kansas City in mid-April and the latter have done all they can to provide the most sumptuous reception for football’s finest.

Sporting Kansas City v Inter Miami: April 13th

Though the fixture is still four months away, there seems to be a considerable amount of buzz around the Missouri state that is eagerly waiting to host the 8-time Ballon d’Or winner.

To ensure a Hi-tech environment for the players and the fans alike to relish the artistry of Lionel Messi on the pitch, Sporting Kansas City have decided to change their venue for that specific game,

At the time of writing this, they play their games at Children’s Mercy Park which can host up to 18,000 spectators. However, for the game against Inter Miami, they have resolved to move the venue to NFL side Kansas City Chiefs’ home turf, the Arrowhead Stadium, which can host up to a staggering 76,000 fans.

Messi forces club to change stadium

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Interestingly enough, the stadium recently hosted a Taylor Swift concert as well so would it not be a fitting arena for arguably the Greatest of all Time? Speaking of this change, the CEO of Sporting Kansas City had this to say:

“This match has generated an unprecedented amount of interest since Major League Soccer released our schedule less than three weeks ago.

“We believe this will be the biggest event in Kansas City this spring and we are proud to partner with Arrowhead Events to provide an incredible experience for our fans and our team.

“The opportunity to host this match, which is set to be Lionel Messi’s first MLS match in the Midwest, at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium is especially exciting as our region prepares to host Copa America matches this summer and FIFA World Cup matches in 2026.”

Messi to miss more than Five Games for Inter Miami

Since a new season starts afresh in January or Feb in the MLS, Lionel Messi is expected to miss at least seven games for Inter Miami between January and July due to international duties with Argentina.

He is expected to be absent for a few important league games between June 15 and July 6 as he is set to take part in Copa America, a trophy that he is willing to get his hands on again. Messi is also expected to miss a few games in March courtesy of international breaks.

Messi’s impact forces Adidas to make MLS kits’ decision

It’s probably surprising in the least how the Messi-mayhem has resulted in an overflow of shirt sales. With his stupendous influence on the economic dynamics in the MLS and the sporting culture in America in general, he has pushed Adidas into a new revelation.

For the first time, Inter Miami and other teams in the MLS will be heaving third kits. However, it comes at a very strict stipulation, which seems a brush-off for Inter Miami.

Adidas stated that teams need to reach at least 100,000 kit sales for them to be eligible to bag an elegant-looking third kit. Messi’s arrival in the MLS has already broken the market for Inter Miami with over a million sales.

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