Liverpool beat West Ham 5-1: Szboszlai scores a rocket

Dominik Szoboszlai scores a rocket in the Carabao Cup Quarter Final as The Hammers get humbled in a 5-1 defeat

Liverpool beat West Ham
Liverpool beat West Ham

Liverpool beat West Ham 5-1: Liverpool are through to the Carabao Cup semi-finals and they booked their place in some fashion – beating the Hammers 5-1 at Anfield. However, the one highlight that seems to be getting the most attention is Dominik Szboszlai’s ‘almost Ronaldoesque’ long ranger from outside the box. Let’s take a quick dive into the 6-goal fest at Anfield.

Match Summary: Liverpool 5-1 West Ham United

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It was a heavily one-sided evening at Anfield for the hosts as the Hammers seemed to have forgotten how to play football during those 90 minutes. Silly turnovers, continuous loss of possession, sloppiness in defense coupled with other factors. The hosts kept 67% of the possession and registered a staggering 29 shots, compared to West Ham’s measly 2 shots. 11 were on target, with 5 having turned into goals. Liverpool created 4 big chances, with 2 converted into goals and tallied an impressive passing accuracy of 88% in contrast to West Ham’s 72%.

The game took off with a screamer from Dominik Szboszlai in the 28th minute. 10 minutes into the second half, Curtis Jones extended the lead for the hosts before Cody Gakpo also made his way to the party, making it 3-0. Close to the eightieth minute, Jarrod Bowen could only get a consolation goal for the visitors which pushed the scoreline to 3-1. Two back-to-back strikes from Mo Salah and Curtis Jones in the span of 2 minutes following Bowen’s goal hammered the Hammers into a 5-1 debacle at Anfield. 

Curtis Jones was declared Man of the Match with a brace to his name, also helping his team in the build-up having 67 passes registered with an accuracy of 93%. Elated with his two goals, he had the following to say:

“I just want to play, whether it is the Carabao Cup, Europa League or Premier League, I just want to play,” he added.

“I want to score goals and help the team. It is okay playing well but you need to score goals, I’ve scored two so a big smile on my face!”

Dominik Szboszlai’s Banger

The Hungarian has shown time and time again, just how deadly he is in a position to be taking a shot outside the box. Give him the ball to your own peril. However, this goal was simply outstanding and too good to not be seen over and over again. In the words of Jamie Carragaher, it was almost ‘Ronaldoesque’ in its execution. Enthralled at the sight of the strike, he says:

“Almost Cristiano Ronaldo-esque the way he hits the ball.”

Can Liverpool win the Carabao Cup?

The way things seem to be going for the scousers, a revival of their title-contending status seems imminent. Currently sitting at the top of the table in the Premier League and having booked a place in the semi final of the Carabao Cup, it makes a very strong case for them to be picked as favorites to go all the way and win it. However, Jurgen Klopp wasn’t quite happy with the fans at Anfield and gave them the following admonition:

“I’ve always been complimentary of Liverpool fans. It’s the biggest crowd they’ve had here in 60, 70 years. But it’s the quietest crowd I’ve seen in this game.

I don’t know what was up today. There was maybe a bit of over-confidence before the game.”

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