Manchester United held Liverpool in a frustrating 0-0 at Anfield


Manchester United held Liverpool

Manchester United held Liverpool: An electric atmosphere at Anfield, with its largest attendance since 1963, set the stage for a fierce showdown between Liverpool and Manchester United. In a gripping, goalless draw witnessed by 57,158 passionate spectators, both teams grappled for dominance in a clash that saw moments of high intensity and frustration. Despite their poor form, Manchester United held Liverpool at 0-0, becoming the first team to not concede a goal at Anfield this season.

Manchester United held Liverpool

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From the opening whistle, Liverpool harnessed the thunderous support to dictate play. They launched an onslaught, nearly breaking the deadlock in the early stages. A flurry of chances saw Trent Alexander-Arnold’s crosses threatening, Virgil van Dijk’s header saved by Onana, and Mohamed Salah’s efforts narrowly missing the mark. Liverpool had a total of 34 shots on goal however did not create a single big chance. The Reds’ relentless pursuit continued through corners and shots from distance, with limited success as Manchester United held Liverpool at 0-0.

Liverpool had passive domination of a tepid first half… mostly forced into shooting from a distance. This description encapsulates their struggle to convert territorial advantage into tangible goals, leaving the Anfield faithful yearning for that breakthrough moment.

United’s Defensive Resilience

In a game largely spent defending, Manchester United held Liverpool exhibiting resilience, especially playing against their biggest rivals in a hostile stadium where they have an underwhelming record. Rasmus Hojlund’s attempt in the second half provided a rare glimpse of United’s attacking ambition, testing Alisson Becker in a notable moment that disrupted Liverpool’s territorial control.

It was the visitors that created the best chance of the match… a rare foray forward for United. This succinctly captures United’s defensive focus and limited offensive forays, showcasing their ability to hold off Liverpool’s potent attacks despite conceding territory. Raphael Varane, Diogo Dalot put up an incredible fight, even Antony worked his socks off against an all-swinging Liverpool attack managing to get a clean sheet.

Ten Hag’s Relief and United’s Future Prospects

The stalemate marks Manchester United’s first draw this Premier League season, providing Erik ten Hag a sigh of relief amidst recent poor performances. The defensive solidity at Anfield signifies a potential turning point, offering a platform for United to build upon. However, lingering issues with ball control, midfield dominance, and attacking inefficiency persist, demanding continued work from Ten Hag to navigate their campaign turnaround.

The point and the defensive rearguard were a defiant response… as they kept a curiously flat Liverpool in check. This mirrors the resilience displayed by United and emphasises the need for sustained improvements despite the encouraging draw.

Liverpool’s title charge

Klopp’s men were expected to win this game to maintain their top position on the table however it ended in a stalemate as Manchester United held Liverpool at 0-0. He said,

“I can’t remember such a dominant performance against Manchester United – even in the 7-0, they were more in the game.” 

Liverpool is currently 2nd in the league on par with Aston Villa as Arsenal move 1 point clear on top. The draw at Anfield does not hurt them much, we are only almost halfway through as the business end of the season is yet to arrive. Jürgen Klopp has a flurry of attacking options and diversity that could go all the way despite being in a transition which is hugely remarkable. They are only going to get better as the season moves forward, with more fluidity and confidence.   


The pulsating encounter between Liverpool and Manchester United culminated in a gripping stalemate, with both teams grappling for supremacy. Liverpool’s dominance lacked the finishing touch, while United showcased defensive resilience and glimpses of offensive intent despite being a man down. The draw, United’s first this season, offers a glimmer of hope for Ten Hag, signaling a potential turnaround. In an unexpected result of this encounter, Manchester United held Liverpool, yet, lingering issues pose challenges, leaving the trajectory of both teams’ campaigns hanging in the balance as they navigate through a fiercely competitive Premier League season

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