Real Madrid Sensation Jude Bellingham Fired a Staff Member Amidst Disagreements

Jude Bellingham Fired a Staff Member
Jude Bellingham Fired a Staff Member

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Jude Bellingham, the rising star at Real Madrid, has had a scintillating season on the pitch, impressing with an incredible tally of 17 goals in just 21 appearances across various competitions. His outstanding performance has even surpassed Cristiano Ronaldo’s initial goal record at Los Blancos, marking a remarkable start to his tenure with the Spanish giants. However, amidst his on-field exploits, reports have surfaced of a minor disruption in his personal life. The English midfielder has purportedly fired a staff member, creating ripples behind the scenes at Los Blancos.

Real Madrid star Jude Bellingham fired a staff member

Jude Bellingham Fired a Staff Member

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Reports of discord behind the scenes at Real Madrid emerged when Jude Bellingham reportedly fired a staff member, sparking intrigue about the reasons behind this departure.

The disagreement centered on dietary principles. Chef Alberto Mastromatteo, overseeing Bellingham’s nutrition, advocated for a menu rich in rice, oats, quinoa, fresh vegetables, fish, and lean meat. However, occasional indulgences were part of Mastromatteo’s philosophy for mental relaxation:

“From 18 years to 32 years, it’s necessary for a professional to have one day a week when they forget everything and relax and maybe eat a hamburger or a pizza or whatever they fancy.”

Denise Bellingham, a crucial influence in her son’s life, reportedly disagreed with Mastromatteo’s dietary strategies. Jude acknowledged her significant role, stating,

“The role my mum is playing is massive. I think at the minute it is probably the biggest role of anyone, even probably more than my coaches and managers, to be honest.”

The clash between their preferences and the chef’s approach led to the decision to fire the staff member and relieve him of his duties.

“Jude and his family wanted this aspect to be kept under control from the outset,”

Mastromatteo explained, shedding light on the conflicting viewpoints regarding the player’s dietary requirements.

This departure, seemingly centered on dietary choices, highlights the delicate balance between an athlete’s personal beliefs and professional guidance, offering insight into the complexities off the field amid the player’s exceptional performances on it.

What Does It Imply?

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The departure of Jude Bellingham’s chef amid a dietary disagreement points to a deeper implication beyond the surface conflict. While seemingly focused on food preferences, this departure unveils the intricate balance between an athlete’s personal beliefs and professional guidance.

Chef Alberto Mastromatteo’s emphasis on a nutritional plan comprising rice, oats, quinoa, fresh vegetables, fish, and lean meat, supplemented by occasional indulgences for mental relaxation, clashed with the dietary expectations of Bellingham and his mother Denise. Their differing views ultimately led to the decision to relieve Mastromatteo of his duties.

This departure highlights the importance of aligning personal convictions with professional guidance in an athlete’s regimen. The clash emphasizes the complexity of managing off-field affairs alongside exceptional on-field performances, offering a glimpse into the meticulous nature of an athlete’s lifestyle choices and the significant role they play in optimizing performance.

The implications extend beyond mere dietary disagreements, shedding light on the challenges athletes face in reconciling personal preferences with the expert guidance they receive, emphasizing the need for harmony in all aspects of an athlete’s life for optimal performance.


Despite this off-field alteration, Jude Bellingham’s exceptional form on the pitch remains unquestionable. His goal-scoring prowess and impact at Real Madrid continue to garner attention and admiration.

Bellingham fired the staff member; however, it hasn’t turned bitter.

“Jude and his family wanted this aspect to be kept under control from the outset,” revealed Mastromatteo in November.

Moving forward, the young talent will likely seek a new culinary expert to cater to his dietary needs, ensuring that his professional performance remains at its peak.

Bellingham’s firing of his chef sheds light on the meticulous nature of athletes’ personal routines and the significance of harmony in all aspects of their lives, on and off the field. As Jude Bellingham navigates through this minor upheaval, his resilience and determination to excel further at Real Madrid will undoubtedly remain unwavering, promising an exciting future for the budding football sensation.

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