Why Does Jack Grealish Keep Getting Into Fights?

Why does Jack Grealish like fighting? He never seems to be able to stay out of trouble. Anytime there’s news about a fight involving a football player, chances are that Jack Grealish is involved somehow.

Very recently, after Man City beat Fluminense to be crowned champions of the world, a fight broke out between the English and Brazilian teams right there on the pitch, and best believe, Jack Grealish was very much involved.

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From what we saw, the fight was between Kyle Walker of Man City and Felipe Melo of Fluminense, but according to Melo, it was Grealish who actually started the whole thing by disrespecting Fluminense’s Matheus Martinelli as well as the fans and even the club itself. So, the former Inter Milan man only went in to defend his teammate and the club, but Walker wanted to defend his teammate and that’s how that bust-up really came about.

Was that the first time Grealish has been involved in a fight after a game? Certainly not.

When a huge fight broke out between Man City and Atletico Madrid players during their Champions League meeting in 2022 as a result of Savic’s tackle on Phil Foden, Grealish was, of course, very much involved. 

Why does Jack Grealish like fighting
Why does Jack Grealish like fighting

But to be fair to the Man City man, sometimes, you just can’t blame Grealish because people just seem to enjoy provoking him. For example, back when he was still playing for Aston Villa, a Birmingham City fan jumped into the pitch from the stands and struck him from behind. 

Why does Jack Grealish like fighting

Yes, the culprit admitted to assault and was arrested and jailed, but in that case, you wouldn’t have blamed Grealish for getting into a fight with the fan right there and then, would you?

But then, there’s a big question that needs to be asked;

Why always Grealish? Why does Jack Grealish like fighting?

Well, first of all, let’s be honest, Grealish is a pretty annoying fella. Yes, he can be fun to be around sometimes, but some other times, he’s just too much. Remember when he taunted Mahrez by saying he played like Miguel Almiron during that game against Aston Villa? That’s just not something you say about a fellow professional footballer, especially when you’re not even so good at football yourself.

Also, what led to the fight after the FIFA Club World Cup final was him singing “ole” on the pitch. It’s just not something you do as a footballer. The fans can do it, but not you; especially not on the pitch when your opponents are still there. It’s disrespectful and straight up annoying.

Although Grealish has denied the allegation made by Felipe and said he didn’t say “ole” even once, but judging by the past and knowing how mischievous Grealish is no one can actually say what happened.

Now, apart from his attitude and personality, his style of play is something many people regard as annoying. He holds on to the ball and dribbles a little too much sometimes, and that can get on the nerves of opponents, especially at times when they’re desperately trying to find a goal.

And when you get on people’s nerves often, it’s no surprise that they’d want to pick on you or get under your skin just as often. It’s no wonder Jack Grealish is consistently one of the most fouled players in the Premier League.

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Look at footballers who like to dribble and/or showboat, they’re usually getting into fights – Neymar, Vini, Zaha, and even Richarlison are great examples. Players hate being dribbled, so sometimes they might react, and it cannot always be pretty.

Another reason to consider here is his alcoholism. Jack Grealish has shown numerous times that he can’t really handle his liquor, and when you’re under the influence, you’re more likely to do things you normally wouldn’t do when you’re sober, including picking and getting into unnecessary fights.

And we’re not just assuming this, by the way, there’s more than enough evidence that Grealish has a real alcohol problem. After Man City were confirmed Champions League and European treble winners, the Englishman was drunk for days in a row; we all saw the videos and pictures.

Even before that, he was once denied entry into a bar in Manchester in 2022 for being too drunk. The guys in charge were probably trying to avoid a fight breaking out in their establishment because of some uncontrollable dude who was under the influence, so even though they knew this Premier League baller would spend a lot of money at the bar, they still had to turn him away.

Certainly, Grealish has to do more to avoid getting in so many fights, it’s not good for his image nor is it good for his career. But he’s not even the worst out there.

Are there players who get into fights more often than Jack Grealish does? 

Tell us their names in the comments.

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