Paulo Dybala can be bought by your Club Tomorrow!

Paulo Dybala’s astonishingly low release clause will surprise you! – Premier League clubs can even buy him Tomorrow

How good is Paulo Dybala? Back when he was breaking out at Juve, there was a considerable amount of buzz around the Argentinian. Seemingly wanted by every big club back in the day including Premier League heavyweights Manchester United. They can still very much make it a reality.

One could make the argument that he is thirty years old and has since lost that kick in him. However, even at 30, he plays an important role for Jose Mourinho’s AS Roma side. 

With a very long history of transfer sagas with Premier League clubs, it seems that with this revelation, we’re in for a sequel. Let us take a look at some facts, analytics, statistics, and some more statistics!

A Leader in Rome: How good is Paulo Dybala?

How good is Paulo Dybala

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In the 12 games he’s played for Roma this season, he has managed to put up a terrific output on the pitch, week in and week out. In the Serie A, he has scored 4 goals tallying an xG of 4.39 with 6 assists. That is a goal contribution in almost every game!

The man himself has grown a deep bond with the team and the city as well as he says:

“I have always been in love with Rome since I was a child.

“I lived very far away, I didn’t know the city, but from what I saw I knew I liked it a lot.

“It’s one of my favorite cities in the world, both me and my family feel good here. I try to enjoy it as much as possible by walking and getting around it on foot, and I hope to enjoy it for a little while longer.”

Contract and Release Clause

The World Cup winner signed a contract until 2025 with AS Roma. He has played an imperative role in the Special One’s footballing dynamics. However, what really triggers an evil laugh for the Premier League clubs is a certain release clause stipulation.

His release clause is valued at €13 million. This clause can be triggered by domestic clubs in Italy as well as foreign ones. But here’s a nailbiter!

Offers from Italian clubs can be turned down by Roma but in the case of foreign clubs, Roma have no say. Ultimately though, the decision is vested in Dybala’s party.

Which clubs need Him?

Three clubs from the Premier League in particular have always had him on their radar and these include Manchester United, their bitter rivals Liverpool, and Tottenham Hotspur. The two London powerhouses Chelsea and Arsenal have also kept a close eye on him.s

With Liverpool and Tottenham getting their hands on a playmaker by signing Dominik Szboszlai and James Madisson respectively, they’ve filled in the gaps in a role they’ve missed for a brief period in between. Manchester United already has Bruno Fernandes dictating much of the play and tempo so this makes us wonder, do they even need him anymore?

Let’s not forget, that Arsenal also has Martin Ødegaard crafting plays for them from the Midfield which leaves us with Chelsea. Do the Blues need him?

It’s no secret that Chelsea fans would love to have him on board. The seemingly long list of injuries have disturbed their season and with Enzo Fernandez and him together in the same colors, we could be in for a real treat!

Keeping the footballing delicacies and aesthetics of Dybala in a Chelsea shirt aside, I believe it is safe to say that he would also be a positive influence over the younger ballers at Stamford Bridge. Cole Palmer, Noni Madueke, Moises Caicedo, Mykhailo Mudryk, and Romeo Lavia can all benefit from the World Cup winner’s boast-worthy experience of football at the highest level.

A Chelsea Fan’s Hilarious Request

As seen in the video above, an audacious and hopeful Chelsea Fan asked Dybala if he was coming to Chelsea, to which he laughed out of the frame. Is this how every player would react to being asked this question?

Jokes aside, Paulo Dybala answered this question in an interview with LAROMA24 and his response was as clear as day.

My future? I’m happy at Roma. I’m staying here.”

What do you think the future holds for Paulo Dybala?

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