7 times Players Tried To Steal Their Teammates Goal

There has been instances where players tried to steal their teammates goal. Some are needed while some are probably not necessary. In Portugal’s second game of the group stage at the ongoing World Cup, Bruno Fernades put in a cross which went all the way into the back of the net, but not without a little bit of intervention from Cristiano Ronaldo. At first, the goal was awarded to Ronaldo, but it was later rightfully credited to Bruno Fernandes.

That goal alone led to a whole lot of drama in and outside Portugal and it has led us to look at other times something like this has happened. 

Now, here are 7 times players tried to steal their teammates goal.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Of course, we start with this one. It happened in the second round of group stage games against Uruguay at the World Cup in Qatar. At first, the ball looked like it brushed Ronaldo’s head before it nestled in the back of the net, but a simple replay showed that it actually didn’t. Ronaldo, however, insisted that it did. He seemed to make that point during the game and even after it.

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Players Tried To Steal Their Teammates Goal

Piers Morgan even said that Ronaldo texted him in the dressing room and told him he had a touch of the ball. But then, the balls being used at the World Cup have sensors in them and Adidas confirmed that Cristiano Ronaldo made no contact with the ball before it made its way into the net. So, the goal remains a Bruno Fernandes goal.

But another superstar striker had better luck with something like this years back.

2. Harry Kane

Back in 2018, Harry Kane was involved in a very similar situation while playing for Spurs. The goal was initially given to his then teammate, Christian Eriksen, but Kane swore the ball grazed his shoulder before going into the net.

At the end of the match, the goal was still recorded as Eriksen’s. And Kane had this to say:

“It’s my goal for sure. It flicked off my shoulder and went in. I swear that’s mine. It was just off my shoulder. I don’t care, it’s my goal. I swear on my daughter’s life that I touched the ball, but there’s nothing I can do. If they turn it around, they turn it around. If they take my word, they take my word. It is what it is.”

And well, they indeed took his word. Or more likely, they did their own check and confirmed that Kane indeed had a touch after Kane and Spurs appealed to the Premier League Goal Accreditation Appeals Panel.

3. Aaron Ramsey

When he was at Juventus, Ronaldo was close to scoring from a freekick in a Champions League game against Lokomotiv Moscow, but Ramsey ran to the ball just before it crossed the line and kicked it into the net. The goal was immediately credited to the Welshman when it could have easily been Ronaldo’s.

Players Tried To Steal Their Teammates Goal

The 5-time Ballon d’Or winner was not impressed at all. And it was probably worse because that would have seen him break a Champions League record and become the first man to score against 34 different teams in the competition. But it was not to be. 

Surely Ronaldo has an idea how Bruno probably feels right now. However, Ramsey later apologized to Ronaldo. But surely, nobody is getting an apology out of Ronaldo this time around.

4. Cristiano Ronlado

Okay, it seems like CR7 owns this topic. His name comes up yet again, and we can assure you that this is not the last time.

But this situation is worse than the other ones because he didn’t just steal this goal from his teammate, he stole it from the team.

Paulo Dybala curled the ball sweetly from outside the box and it was heading straight into the net but Ronaldo jumped and tried to make contact with the ball in order to claim the goal. 

He didn’t touch the ball, but that move he made was enough to get the goal chopped off because he was in an offside position. If only he had gotten out of the way or just remained neutral, that goal would have counted.

Dybala, as well as the entire Juventus team and fan base, must have been really fuming that day.

But here’s a guy whom nobody was fuming at after he stole a teammate’s goal.

5. Franck Ribery

In a Bundesliga game about a decade ago, Franck Ribery stole a teammate’s goal but it didn’t seem to cause any ruckus at all. 

After receiving the ball from Arjen Robben, Mario Gomez rounded the goalkeeper and was surely going to put the ball in the back of the net. But Ribery came from behind him and poked the ball into the open net to claim the goal.

Gomez didn’t seem to care, though, as he immediately joined Ribery to celebrate, giving him a high 5 and even hugging him. Well, it would appear that some people just don’t care. And there’s another man who didn’t seem to care so much when his goal was stolen by this next guy.

6. Luis Suarez

You remember that audacious penalty routine Messi and Suarez pulled off in the Celta Vigo game back in 2016, don’t you? Well, Neymar, the third member of the famed MSN trio, said it should have been him who got that goal and not Suarez. Here’s what the Brazilian had to say after that match:

“It was for me, we had practiced it in training! Leo and myself had practiced but Luis was closer and he scored it.”

But it was all good-natured as Neymar smiled and then added:

“Our friendship is the most important thing. It doesn’t matter who scores the goals just that we win the games.”

Hm. Perhaps Cristiano Ronaldo can learn a thing or two from these words of wisdom from Neymar.

But like we said, it’s almost like this entire video is about the Portuguese superstar; he features yet again.

7. Nani

We all remember this one, don’t we? Ronaldo was just about an inch away from what would have been a very beautiful solo goal, but his teammate, Luis Nani, appeared right in time and stole it from him.

And frankly, stole it from the entire team, because he came from an offside position to put the ball over the line, so the goal was chopped off immediately. Ronaldo was furious! He yelled, jumped, and threw his armband to the ground. If only Nani had just left that ball, he would have had his beauty of a goal, and against a really big team like Spain, too.

Nani later apologized, though, for costing his team the goal. But his apology was particularly directed at Ronaldo. He admitted that it was a beautiful piece of play which he ruined so he sent his apologies to his then teammate.

Anyway, we want to hear your views on the latest Ronaldo and Bruno drama. First of all, if you still insist that that was Ronaldo’s goal, we would love to see you make your case in the comments. 

If you agree that it was rightfully credited to Bruno, then let us know what you think about Ronaldo’s reactions.

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