Footballers Who Can’t Live Without Their Special Accessories

There are some footballers who are identified by their accessories. In the world of football, we’ve seen players with incredible skills, stunning goals, and jaw-dropping celebrations. But have you ever wondered about those special accessories that some footballers just can’t live without?

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Footballers who are identified by their accessories

From lucky socks and goggles to small shin guards, these players take their game to a whole new level of eccentricity.

1. Karim Benzema’s Bandaged Hand 

footballers who are identified by their accessories

Let’s start with Karim Benzema who has gained recognition not only for his remarkable goals but also for a peculiar accessory that has become synonymous with his on-field persona—the bandaged hand. 

For the past four years, Benzema has sported a distinctive wrap on his right hand, which often catches the eye as he triumphantly pumps his fist into the air after scoring.

One might wonder, is it a superstitious ritual or an indication of an ongoing injury? 

Well, the truth behind Benzema’s bandaged hand lies in medical necessity. During a La Liga match against Real Betis in January 2019, the striker suffered a broken right pinky finger in a collision with defender Marc Bartra. While the doctors advised him to undergo surgery and take two months off for rehabilitation, Benzema had other plans.

As the bandaged hand has persisted for four years, it has become an integral part of Benzema’s on-field identity. It has become so iconic that even his virtual character in the FIFA video game franchise dons the wrap.

2. Toni Kroos and his beloved old torn boots

While most players opt for fresh kicks every season, Kroos has remained loyal to a pair of boots that have seen better days.

Since 2014, Kroos has been donning the Adidas Adipure 11pro boots, refusing to part ways with them despite their worn-out appearance. While some might question why Kroos continues to wear boots that are past their prime, there’s a certain charm and sentimentality to his choice. These worn-out boots hold years of memories, victories, and extraordinary moments on the pitch. Perhaps Kroos finds comfort and a sense of familiarity in the worn leather, allowing him to perform at his best.

3. Edouard Mendy’s Big Towel 

While many speculated that the size of his towel was the secret to his remarkable shine, it turns out that the truth is far less glamorous. Just like many other footballers, regardless of their league, Mendy relies on a towel to wipe away sweat from his face, ensuring it doesn’t hinder his vision on the field.

4. Luiz Suarez’s taped wrist

Let’s unravel the intriguing tale of Luiz Suarez and his taped wrist, a fashion statement that endured even after his move from Liverpool to Barcelona. 

In a revealing interview with Spanish radio station Onda Cero, Suarez once spilled the beans on the true reason behind his taped wrist. It all began during his time at Liverpool when he suffered a hand injury, causing damage to one of the bones. Seeking support and protection, Suarez opted to wear the tape around his wrist.

However, as the seasons passed, this seemingly practical choice transformed into a manifestation of Suarez’s eccentric superstition. Initially, at Liverpool, he wore the tape unnecessarily to bypass Premier League rules that prohibited players from donning colored accessories. Unable to showcase his affinity for a red ribbon on the same wrist, Suarez found a quirky workaround.

Little did he know that this whimsical workaround would transform into a habit he simply couldn’t let go of. Even after his move to Barcelona, where the rules regarding colored accessories were more relaxed, Suarez continued to sport the taped wrist. It became an integral part of his on-field persona, a peculiar superstition that brought him comfort and an undeniable sense of luck.

5. Short Socks Trend

There was a group of players who shared a common affinity for short socks. They stood out not only for their exceptional playmaking abilities but also for their unique legwear choices. Jack Grealish, Paulo Dybala, Memphis Depay, and Trent Alexander-Arnold were among those who confidently rocked the trend of short socks.

It was as if they had stumbled upon a magnificent sock sale or simply found delight in the refreshing breeze on their calves. These players became known for their stylish and daring fashion statements, showcasing their skills on the field while sporting their signature short socks.

6. Paul Pogba’s one sleeve

Let’s turn our attention to Paul Pogba, the player who simply can’t live without his special accessory—the one sleeve. It’s become his style on the field, and there’s a fascinating story behind it. In an interview with MUTV’s Mark Sullivan before a game against Burnley, Pogba revealed the reason behind this unique fashion choice.

It all began with the pesky issue of pain. Pogba experienced discomfort in his left elbow, but it actually started with his right elbow. To alleviate the pain and provide some relief, he decided to wear one sleeve on his right arm. However, fate had other plans, and soon enough, the same problem arose in his left elbow as well.

Ever the innovator, Pogba came up with a solution. He continued wearing the one sleeve, but this time on his left arm. It served a dual purpose—it kept his elbow warm and provided a sense of security. What started as a practical measure soon became a natural and inseparable part of Pogba’s game.

7. Naby Keita’s Shin Guards

Elsewhere, Naby Keita, the Guinean footballer has caused quite a stir with his choice of shin guards. While shin guards are a mandatory accessory in every league to protect players from those unexpected shin-kicking moments, Keita seems to have a different approach.

He wears shin guards so small that they resemble the case of Apple AirPods. It’s a curious sight indeed, and one might question their effectiveness in providing the necessary protection. 

Some fans speculate that Keita opts for these tiny guards to keep his feet feeling light and agile on the pitch. Perhaps he believes that the smaller the shin guards, the easier it is for him to move effortlessly and swiftly. After all, only Keita himself can truly reveal the secret behind his unconventional accessory choice.

Now for the last three, we have a unique headband, distinctive eyewear, and protective headgear on the show.

8. Allan Saint-Maximin’s Unique Headband

Allan Saint-Maximin, has embraced the headband trend with style and passion. In an Instagram post, he proudly declared his love for football, dancing, fashion, and, of course, headbands. 

9. Edgar Davids’s Distinctive Eyewears

Next, we have the legendary Edgar Davids from the Netherlands, known not only for his exceptional defensive midfield abilities but also for his iconic sports goggles. While some may have perceived it as a fashion statement, Davids actually wore the goggles for medical reasons due to his diagnosis of glaucoma. 

10. Petr Čech And His Helmet

Last but certainly not least, we have the renowned former professional athlete Petr Čech, whose trademark accessory was his helmet. Following a serious skull injury during a match, doctors insisted that Čech keep the protective headgear on for his own safety. Despite his desire to play without it, Čech always adhered to medical advice, showcasing his professionalism and commitment to his well-being.

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