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The rich tapestry of modern-day football has seen certain names emerge like shooting stars, enthralling fans and pundits alike. João Félix, the promised heir to Cristiano Ronaldo’s throne in Portugal, is one such luminary who has etched his name into the annals of the sport with a meteoric rise that belies his age and with recent transfer dramas that have left a lot to be desired.

This article embarks on an intimate journey through the life and career of João Félix, tracing his humble origins in Viseu to his electrifying ascent through the ranks of European football. Félix’s parable is one of innate talent, relentless ambition, and an extraordinary commitment to the beautiful game, painting a portrait of a rising star whose brilliance knows no bounds. Join us as we cover intriguing details of his overall profile, such as his family, relationships, religion, and so on.


João Félix is the first child to be welcomed into the Félix Household. His parents are Carlos Sequeira and Carla Félix, both of whom have worked as teachers. Additionally, João Félix has a younger brother named Hugo Félix. Hugo is currently playing for Benfica’s youth team and aspires to surpass the standards set by his older brother at As Águias.


Despite an absence of evidence pointing to his religious affiliation, he is still believed to be a Christian.

João Félix Marital Status

João Félix is currently unmarried. However, he dated the Portuguese model Margarida Corceiro from 2019 to 2023, and the two enjoyed a very candid relationship, not bothered by the rumors that typically accompany relationships in the public eye.

However, his then-partner Margarida found herself in hot water on multiple occasions, as she was rumoured to have cheated on João by having multiple affairs with Tottenham Hotspur’s defender Pedro Porro. Both Margarida and Pedro Porro denied these claims, asserting that they were merely good friends and nothing more. However, some reports went even further in their assertions, suggesting that the three were involved in a love triangle.


João Félix was born on the 10th of November in the year 1999 in Viseu, Portugal. He was the first and the oldest child, but he was always treated with great affection and care, as if he were the youngest. He also shares a close bond with his family and has expressed the following about them: “My family members, especially my parents and my brother, are so important to me. They always taught me to have goals in life and to work towards achieving them.”

According to his parents, he began playing football as early as he began to walk. They’ve said the following about him: “When João was a baby, he could dribble a football before he could walk.”

During his tender years, he spent a lot of time playing football in his neighbourhood with other kids, but he was usually the quietest one in the group. This reservedness and fear of socializing actually led him to turn his living room into a football pitch.

In the year 2004, his younger brother Hugo was born, and it seemed that he had found a new footballing companion. Nevertheless, he began his schooling during the same period at Os Pestinhas and would also go on to join the school’s football team after persistent requests to both his teachers and parents. He briefly shared his childhood stories in a conversation with the Brazilian icon, Kaká.

A Seesaw Story

Witnessing his son’s unwavering passion for the game, Carlos encouraged João to try out for FC Porto. João successfully passed the trials and joined FC Porto. Initially, his father had to make hour-long drives to drop him off at the training ground. However, this situation would soon change as young João moved out from his parents’ house to a place near the training ground.

João Félix

This was a challenging period for him. Living alone and away from his family made him homesick, which, in turn, affected his progress in football. Setbacks continued to pile up, taking a toll on him, and he was on the verge of quitting football for good. He recalls those days in the following interview: “I said, ‘Papa… Papa, I do not want to stay; I want to go home. I can’t do this.'”

Brewing The Beverage of Success

Despite being the captain and one of the best players, João decided to part ways with FC Porto due to a lack of playing time after spending six and a half years training with the club. This decision prompted a move to their arch-rivals, Benfica, where he initially represented the reserves team during his early days there.

João Félix

After a few stints with the reserves team, he finally made his senior debut at the age of 19 and made a resounding statement a few months later when he scored a hat-trick against Eintracht Frankfurt in the UEFA Europa League. He went on to close the 2018/19 season with 15 goals in the Primera Liga, Portugal’s top tier of football. The culmination of that season had many eyes fixed on João Félix.

The saga came to an end when Atletico Madrid secured his signature and signed him to a six-year contract for €126 million. That same year, he finished 28th in the Ballon d’Or rankings and received the Golden Boy Award.

However, the deal collapsed due to financial and logistical mismanagement, and João would return to Atletico Madrid in the following summer, but this time with no intention of giving his all for the White and Reds. This situation would be exacerbated when he made public statements pointing to his desire to play for FC Barcelona one day. The dream began to crystallize, and his wish was granted as he joined the Blaugranas on loan with hopes of securing a permanent move to the Catalonian capital.

Lifestyle and Personality

In social circles, João is slightly more introverted and bashful compared to his peers and those around him. Hence, he is often seen traveling with a group of friends meticulously chosen by him. He says, “I don’t care what other people have to say about me; I care more about the people who like me, so I always look to improve in order to make those people happy.”

When it comes to traveling, there are no compromises, as this is his go-to ritual to recharge himself for the upcoming year-long football season.

To keep up with the ever-evolving physical demands of the game, he follows a strict workout routine, hitting the gym three times a week. This is coupled with an austere approach to his diet plan, where he avoids alcohol along with processed foods that make up a big part of mainstream junk snacks.

Additionally, he has a deep-rooted love for basketball. It’s not unusual to see him talk about basketball or the NBA in any of his conversations on social media or post clips of his hoops, as can be seen below:

Fun Facts about João Félix

  • He is the youngest goalscorer for both Atletico Madrid and Benfica.
  • In his dream team, he chose Messi over Ronaldo.
  • He was once caught urinating on a tree at Atletico’s training ground.
  • He was sent off on his Premier League debut.
  • During the Covid-19 pandemic, he donated life-saving equipment to a hospital in his hometown of Viseu.
  • He is an avid NBA fan and supports the Portland Trail Blazers.

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Player Info

Full Name

João Félix Sequeira


Menino de Ouro

Date Of Birth

November 10, 1999

Place Of Birth

Viseu, Portugal


Portugal, Spain




5ft 11in (1.81m)

Marital Status



  • Carlos Sequeira (Father)
  • Carla Felix (Mother)



Professional Career

Current Team

FC Barcelona (on loan from Atletico Madrid)

Club Jersey Num


National Team


Youth Team(s)

  • OS Pestinhas
  • Porto
  • Benfica


  • Centre Forward
  • Attacking Midfielder

Preferred Foot


Playing Style

  • False Nine
  • Second Striker
  • Finisher

Market Value

€50.00 Million

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