10 Things David Beckham’s Netflix Documentary Leaves Out

David Beckham’s Netflix documentary was great, but we think he should’ve had one episode dedicated to his hair. This man went through many different hairstyles before finding the perfect one, and they all didn’t feature. But guess what! His cornrows and mohawk aren’t the only things the series didn’t touch on. 

David Beckham’s Netflix Documentary

Here are 10 things Netflix’s David Beckham documentary leaves out.

1. Beckham’s Infidelity

David Beckham's Netflix Documentary
Left: Rebecca Loos pictured in 2005, and Right: Victoria and David Beckham in 2004, the year the alleged ‘affair’ scandal broke

Firstly, the documentary lacked in-depth exploration of Beckham’s alleged infidelity. It briefly addressed the rumors, the media’s discussion, and the impact on the Beckhams but carefully sidestepped the actual narrative.

Here’s the account: Following Beckham’s move to Real Madrid in 2003, he employed a woman in her mid-20s named Rebecca Loos as his personal assistant. Then, in April 2004, Loos made a public statement to News of the World, admitting to a purported four-month affair with the footballer.

Despite Beckham dismissing her claims as baseless, notably, he did not pursue any legal action against her. The absence of this significant aspect from the documentary may be understandable, although one might have anticipated its inclusion.

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2. Beckham’s Acting Career

Beckham’s acting career wasn’t adequately covered in the documentary. Although they touched upon his modeling and commercial appearances, they omitted his involvement in several films.

For instance, Beckham featured in the British movie “Goal” and its subsequent sequel, “Goal II: Living the Dream.” Additionally, he made appearances in non-football-related movies such as “The Man from U.N.C.L.E” and “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.”

David Beckham Netflix Documentary
David Beckham in the movie “Goal”

Interestingly, there were rumors circulating that Beckham might make an appearance in the final season of “Peaky Blinders” following his visit to the set. However, ultimately, he didn’t make any cameo.

Notably, Beckham did make an appearance in Deadpool 2, albeit in a promotional trailer. While brief, this cameo should still be recognized as a part of his foray into acting, even if promotional in nature.

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3. Overlooked Injury Behind the Famous Free Kick

David Beckham Netflix Documentary
Beckham’s iconic free kick against Greece

The documentary commendably highlighted Beckham’s iconic free kick against Greece, a pivotal moment in his career. However, it omitted a significant event—the injury that almost prevented his participation in the 2002 World Cup.

The tournament was set to commence in May, but in April 2002, Beckham suffered a leg break, sidelining him for over six weeks. His recovery happened just four days prior to the tournament’s kickoff.

During the game against Argentina, where he scored the revenge-winning goal, Beckham was not at his peak physical condition. This injury, which nearly barred him from creating that moment, wasn’t portrayed in the documentary, despite its substantial influence on his journey during that World Cup.

4. Missed Worldcup

David Beckham Netflix Documentary

Regarding the World Cup, the documentary overlooked Beckham’s absence from the 2010 tournament. As detailed in the series, Fabio Capello conveyed to Beckham that to secure a spot in the World Cup squad, he needed to be actively playing in a top-tier league. In response, Beckham embarked on two loan spells to Milan in 2009 and 2010 to meet this requirement.

Beckham actively participated in the qualifiers and was anticipated to be a definite selection for the tournament. However, a significant setback occurred when he suffered an Achilles tendon rupture in March 2010. This injury sidelined him for six months, ultimately leading to his exclusion from the World Cup that summer.

In the context of his World Cup preparations, the documentary should have addressed his unfortunate absence from the tournament despite his extensive involvement in the qualifiers.

5. Arduous Birth of Inter Miami

The documentary seemed to skim over Beckham’s involvement with Inter Miami, giving the impression that acquiring an MLS club was straightforward. In reality, it was far from easy.

Details about the challenges Beckham faced in launching the club were missing. Originally planned to start playing in 2016 or 2017, funding and stadium completion delays led to a prolonged timeline. This led to Inter Miami not commencing play until 2020, resulting in a delay of 3 to 4 years. The documentary didn’t delve into these crucial setbacks, leaving out significant aspects of Beckham’s efforts.

To truly explore the intricacies of how Inter Miami came into being, a separate documentary solely focusing on this journey would be necessary.

6. Persuading Messi to join Inter Miami

David Beckham Netflix Documentary

Certainly, the documentary missed a significant opportunity to include how David Beckham attempted to persuade Messi to join Inter Miami. Details such as the dinner discussion with co-owner Jorge Mas, the trip to Barcelona in 2019 to win over Messi’s father, and the clandestine visit to a Barcelona hotel to express his intentions could have enriched the documentary.

In addition to this, as previously mentioned, there were several family-related aspects left unexplored in the documentary.

7. Strained Family Dynamics

The documentary painted a rather harmonious picture of David Beckham’s relationship with his father, Ted. However, their dynamic wasn’t as smooth as portrayed. Ted, a fervent Manchester United enthusiast, was deeply affected by David’s decision to leave Manchester for Spain in 2003, causing a significant strain in their relationship.

David Beckham with his father

Ted’s immense attachment to Manchester United led him to oppose David’s move. When he couldn’t prevent it, their relationship fractured. He expressed feeling as though he had lost his son due to the move.

According to reports, they didn’t communicate directly for years, resorting to lawyers as their intermediaries. Surprisingly, the documentary failed to delve into this estrangement. It also overlooked Ted and Sandra’s divorce, where Ted mentioned in his book that David’s fame contributed to their split.

These omitted details shed light on the complexities within Beckham’s family, portraying a more intricate narrative than what was presented in the series. The exclusion of these significant family rifts from the documentary possibly aimed to maintain a more positive or streamlined depiction.

8. Overlooked Family Members: Beckham’s Sisters

The documentary prominently featured Beckham’s parents and his wife but conspicuously omitted any mention or involvement of his sisters. Throughout his career, Beckham consistently stressed the significance of family in his life, making the absence of his sisters noteworthy.

Their inclusion could have provided a unique angle, offering valuable perspectives on Beckham’s formative years and family interactions. Their absence created a void in the narrative, and their insights could have enriched the portrayal of Beckham’s upbringing.

The rationale behind the exclusion of his sisters remains uncertain. Given Beckham’s strong emphasis on family, their absence prompts speculation that there might have been specific reasons justifying their exclusion from the documentary.

9. The Missing Mentor: Steve McManaman

The decision to entirely omit Steve McManaman from the documentary leaves room for questioning. Steve McManaman holds a unique place in the narrative as the first player to move directly from the Premier League to Real Madrid, which is especially significant since Beckham followed suit in 2003. McManaman played a pivotal role in assisting Beckham with the transition, most notably in adapting to a new language and culture.

In an interesting turn of events, Beckham advocated for McManaman’s stay at Real Madrid when the club contemplated his release, although his pleas went unanswered.

The documentary covered the challenges Beckham faced when settling into his new environment, emphasizing the isolation and difficulty of forming friendships. However, the absence of McManaman’s role and influence in helping Beckham adapt feels perplexing and incomplete. The exclusion of such a vital figure in Beckham’s journey, potentially based on his past affiliations with rival clubs, raises questions about the documentary’s choices. The documentary could have presented a more well-rounded depiction by acknowledging McManaman’s role in Beckham’s transition to Real Madrid.

10. The Arsenal Affair and Unspoken Loyalties

David Beckham insists his enduring love for Manchester United remains unwavering, a sentiment we don’t question. In a documentary, towards its conclusion, his second son, Romeo, a fervent Arsenal fan, playfully taunted him about the Gunners, provoking an intriguing reaction from Beckham.

While the exchange was endearing, the documentary omitted Beckham’s training sessions with Arsenal in 2008. During this period, having transitioned to the MLS and amidst the off-season, Beckham sought to maintain his fitness. While the assumption might have been a return to Manchester, it seems Beckham may have purposefully avoided encountering Sir Alex Ferguson, thus opting to train with Arsenal instead.

Could it be that this training stint was the moment Romeo’s allegiance shifted to the Gunners? At just 5 years old at the time, it’s uncertain what influenced Romeo’s support for Arsenal.

It’s worth noting that all three of Beckham’s sons, at some stage, had involvement with Arsenal—a fact conveniently omitted from the documentary. An intriguing omission, isn’t it?

While Netflix’s portrayal of David Beckham’s life was compelling, these untold stories and overlooked aspects could have added richer layers to the already engaging narrative. The documentary might have encapsulated a fraction of Beckham’s multifaceted life, but these unspoken chapters whisper the untold, enriching the legend of a football icon.

What are your thoughts on these overlooked facets? Share your views in the comments below.

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