Nico Williams Biography: Brother, Age, Speed, Career, FIFA, Salary

Every professional footballer has their own stories of struggle in their journey to success. This is a testament to their resilience and will to pave their path to success. Nico Williams is a rising star whose journey from humble beginnings to glitz and glamour will leave you absolutely mesmerized. Join us as we dive into the inspirational life story of Spanish maestro, Nico Williams.

Nico Williams Tough Childhood

Nicholas Williams Arthuer was born on July 12, 2002, to loving parents Maria Arthuer (mother) and Felix Williams (father) in the historical city of Pamplona, Spain. Nico Williams has an elder brother named Inaki Williams with whom he grew up and spent all of his formative years with. Nico’s early years were extremely tough but it only fuelled his aspirations for a brighter future. Young Nico never gave up on his dreams of bringing his family out of poverty.

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Nico Williams’ parents were always working endlessly just to make ends meet. This is why young Nico was raised and taken care of by his elder brother just as much as his parents. Since they both shared a common passion for football, the brothers dreamed of playing for their dream clubs and were determined to turn it into reality. Nico has been an avid supporter of Athletic Bilbao since his childhood and the testament to his hard work and determination is that he now plays for the Spanish side.

Nico Williams Mother

The Williams brothers and their mother, Maria Williams

Nico Williams’ mother, Maria Arthuer worked extremely hard end endlessly just to  give her children a stable life and make ends meet. She and her husband left Ghana when she was pregnant with Nico’s older brother just so she could give her children a better life. The couple walked through the Sahara desert barefoot while battling starvation, thirst, robbery, and multiple other dangers. They then crossed the Mediterranean Sea to get to Spain and when they finally made it and tried to scale the border fence, they got caught and were both arrested. 

Maria recalls that a lawyer from a Catholic NGO saved them and has admitted to regretting the journey from Ghana to Spain due to the dangers and extreme conditions. The couple went on to name their first child after the priest who had saved them.

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Felix Williams (Left) and Maria Arthuer (Right) with the priest who saved their lives, Inaki Mardones
Felix Williams (Left) and Maria Arthuer (Right) with the priest who saved their lives, Inaki Mardones

Maria Arthuer was always there to watch her boys’ matches. Athletic’s sporting director Mikel Gonzalez said, 

 “Their mother was key for their improvement. Not only in football but also in the way they are, the respect of everybody. It was very tough for them.”

Nico Williams Father 

Felix Williams is Nico Williams’s father. He has worked just as hard to give his children a stable childhood. Felix worked different jobs in agriculture and construction to earn money and put food on the family table. He accompanied Maria on their enduring journey through the Sahara desert. Felix and his wife’s struggles and perseverance shaped their children to achieve the success they have today. 

An old picture of Nico and Inaki Williams’ mother Maria Arthuer, and father Felix Williams with their first child Inaki
An old picture of Nico and Inaki Williams’ mother Maria Arthuer, and father Felix Williams with their first child Inaki

Nico Williams Brother

Nico Williams has an elder brother named Inaki Williams with whom he grew up. Inaki helped raise his brother during the absence of their parents when they were working overtime. Inaki would contribute to the family finances by refereeing football matches. This was before his ability with a football really took off.

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A childhood photo of Baby Nico Williams sitting on the lap of his loving brother, Inaki Williams

We had to suffer a lot,” says Inaki 

“Thanks to God we are all here together now, living a really good life. My parents are getting to watch their sons prosper, which is why they came here. Everything we do is for our parents.”

Inaki Williams joined Bilbao’s academy at the age of 18 which led his brother to follow in his footsteps. Nico and his elder brother Inaki were extremely passionate about the beautiful game and used to play together their whole childhood. Nico went on to join the academy of Bilbao at the age of 12 but his elder brother Inaki was already breaking into the first team.

The brothers have an extremely strong bond. Just look at this video where Inaki stands up for Nico after a reckless tackle:

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The sibling duo talked about their struggling childhood in an interview which is linked below:

Nico Williams Career

Nico Williams has played for only two clubs in his whole career. Not many know this but the Spaniard had joined CA Osasuna’s youth setup before joining his dream club.

But shortly after, Nico joined the academy of the club he used to support, Athletic Bilbao at the age of 12 years old and decided to spend his future there. 

Nico Williams’ early days as an Athletic Bilbao player

As the years passed, Nico was constantly improving with mesmerizing performances on the pitch. He captivated the coaches from Bilbao’s first team and slowly progressed to the first team. Williams became the first black goalscorer in Athletic Club’s history with a goal against Torino in the Europa League in February 2015.

In April 2016, he began an incredible run of appearing in every La Liga game. His record is 247 consecutive Primera Division appearances. This sounds even more remarkable given the explosive physical nature of Williams’ plays as a dynamic attacker. He continued playing with knocks and niggles which further exemplifies his family heritage of sacrifice and perseverance.

He revealed, “I have very good genes, my grandfather is 90 years old but still goes for his walk every morning, three hours out in the fields. Obviously, you also have to try and look after yourself well, eat well, rest well, and have a quiet life. That all helps me to be available whenever the coach wants me. It is a lot of games it seems crazy.”

As of today, Nico and his brother share an impressive partnership both on and off the pitch. Williams is making waves and has built up a reputable name for himself playing for the club he loves. He decided to commit his future to Atletic Club until 2027 and this was his brother’s cute reaction.

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Nico Williams was a key figure in Athletic Bilbao’s Spanish Cup triumph in the 2023/24 season.

Nico Williams and his brother Inaki Williams celebrate with the Spanish Cup trophy

How Fast is Nico Williams?

Nico Williams was the second-fastest player in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. He recorded a top speed of 35.59 km/hr which even Kylian Mbappe did not record in the tournament. 

Nico Williams Personal Life

Nico Williams likes to spend his time off the pitch relaxing and traveling to different places around the world. You could catch him enjoying himself in different destinations with the company of his elder brother, Inaki, and his childhood friends. Williams likes to keep his family in a close-knit circle and has not let his fame affect his family relationships.

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This is how Nico Williams spends his free time, making memories and sharing valuable moments with his loved ones.

Who is Nico Williams’ Girlfriend?

No reports till now have suggested a possible romantic partner for the Spanish footballer and it seems as if Nico is more interested in a prosperous career rather than a relationship.

What is Nico Williams’ Salary?

Nico Williams currently earns a whopping €200,000 base salary per week which adds up to  €10,420,000 annually exclusive of bonuses. He has 3 more years left on his contract with Athletic Club which is set to expire in 2027.

Nico Williams FIFA

Nico Williams is currently rated at 79 on his base card in EA FC 24. His potential is 85 as of now but these numbers are expected to rise in the near future.

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Nico Williams’ EA FC 24 Base Card
Nico Williams’ EA FC 24 Base Card

What is Nico Williams’ Net Worth?

Nico Williams’ net worth is estimated to be around $4 million as per reports.

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Player Info

Full Name

Nicholas Williams Arthuer


Williams JR

Date Of Birth

July 12, 2002

Place Of Birth

Pamplona, Spain






1.81 m (5ft 11 in)

Marital Status



  • Mother – Maria Arthuer
  • Father – Felix Williams



Professional Career

Current Team

Athletic Bilbao

Club Jersey Num


National Team


Youth Team(s)

  • Bilbao Youth
  • CA Osasuna Youth


Left Winger

Preferred Foot


Playing Style

  •  Blistering Pace with Dribbling
  •   Accurate Crossing and Shooting

Market Value

50 million euros

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