Brahim Diaz Biography: Girlfriend, Salary, Nationality, Net Worth, Club History

From fetching stray balls to crafting his own destiny, Brahim Abdelkader Diaz is an inspiration to aspiring young talents who harbor dreams of a successful football career. His heartwarming story transcends the ordinary, showcasing the power of dreams and the will to achieve them. Join us in this captivating biography of “The Messi from Malaga”.

Brahim Diaz’s Early Life

Brahim Díaz was born on August 3, 1999, to mother Patricia Abdelkader Diaz and father Sufiel Abdelkader Diaz. Although his family comes from a Moroccan heritage, Brahim Diaz shares a dual nationality of both Morocco and Spain. This is because his grandfather had migrated to Spain from Morocco through the African Mediterranean Coast. 

Brahim fell in love with the beautiful game from when he was a child. He used to spend most of his free time with his friends on a local field in Malaga, improving his skillset and overall football IQ. He always dreamt of achieving footballer status from his childhood days. 

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Brahim Diaz Mother

Brahim Diaz’s mother, Patricia Diaz played a significant role in Diaz’s rise to footballing stardom. Patricia was a local in Malaga, Spain when she first met Brahim’s father. After years of love and a successful marriage, she ensured her children would be raised in a stable home with proper education and instilled values of humility, dedication, and respect which is evident in Brahim’s humble demeanor.

Brahim Diaz’s mother, Patricia Abdelkadar

Brahim Diaz’s Siblings

Brahim is the firstborn child amongst 4 younger siblings, Idaira, Zaira, Dunia, and Irina Diaz. His four sisters express unwavering love for their brother by attending most of his games and supporting every significant step in his career. 

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Brahim Diaz’s beautiful family

Tough Decision on his National Team

Although the Real Madrid midfielder was born in Spain, his family comes from a Moroccan background. This led the gifted youngster to face a huge dilemma in which international team he would represent. Brahim ultimately agreed to play for Spain with their call-up at the expense of Morocco.

The news was controversial, to say the least, but is understandable as Diaz has always wanted to represent the Spanish national team.

Brahim Diaz expressed his aspirations to represent Spain from his childhood days in an Instagram post

Who is Brahim Diaz’s Girlfriend?

Brahim’s love life has always been a mystery. As of today, the Real Madrid midfielder maintains a low-key relationship with stunning Spanish Actor, Luz Mendez.

The couple have shared endearing snapshots on social media, portraying not only their closeness but also the foundations of their healthy and harmonious relationship.

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Brahim Diaz’s Salary and Net Worth

Diaz earns a whopping £140,000 per week at Real Madrid which is a £7,290,000 annual salary. The 24-year-olds net worth is estimated to be around 8.2 million dollars. The star’s substantial earnings undoubtedly reflect his luxurious lifestyle.

Brahim Diaz with his luxurious Audi Q7 50 TDI

Brahim Diaz on FIFA 

The midfield maestro’s FIFA card has experienced notable upgrades throughout the years showcasing his evolution. He has leaped from a mere 64 overall rating to an 80 overall rating in the space of 7 years.

Brahim Diaz’s 2017 FIFA card

Brahim Diaz’s EA FC 24 card

Love for basketball

While Brahim’s prowess on the football field is indisputable, he also exhibits impressive skills with his hands. The Spanish youngster even has a basketball court at his home where he pursues his hobby during his free time.

Here is a video of Brahim making a cool trickshot on his basketball court at his home:

Trivia/Untold Facts

What is Brahim Diaz’s religion?

Although Brahim has never stated the religion he follows, it has been speculated that he is a Muslim due to his father’s Moroccan background. 99% of the Moroccan population are estimated to be followers of Islam.

Which teams have Brahim played for?

The gifted youngster has had successful spells at multiple big clubs. He has played for Malaga’s Youth team, Manchester City, AC Milan, and Real Madrid in his impressive career.

Brahim began his professional football career at the Malaga Academy as the No.10. He expresses his appreciation for Malaga in an interview saying, “Malaga F.C. had a clear plan for me and they tried to help me grow as a player in the fastest way possible.” 

In 2015, he was plucked by Manchester City at the age of 16 for a £200,000 fee. After a successful 4 year spell at the Blue side of Manchester, Diaz would move back to Spain but not to Malaga this time. He joined world dominators, Real Madrid but was sent on loan to AC Milan a couple of times before re-establishing himself in Los Blancos.

Who is Brahim Diaz’s idol?

Brahim’s childhood idol was former Real Madrid star, Isco. A young Brahim Diaz was pictured as a ball boy watching Isco and Santi Cazorla during his Malaga days. 

What is Brahim Diaz’s preferred foot?

Brahim Diaz stands among the select few players who possess the remarkable ability to play with both feet.

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Player Info

Full Name

Brahim Abdelkader Díaz



Date Of Birth

August 3, 1999

Place Of Birth

Malaga, Spain


Spanish, Moroccan




1.71 m (5ft 6 in)

Marital Status



  • Patricia Abdelkader Diaz (Mother)
  • Sufiel Abdelkader Diaz (Father )



Professional Career

Current Team

Real Madrid

Club Jersey Num


National Team


Youth Team(s)

  • Málaga CF Youth
  • Man City Youth


Attacking Midfielder

Preferred Foot


Playing Style

  •  Precision  Passing
  •  Intricate Dribbing

Market Value

20 million euros

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