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Is Bryan Zaragoza short? When we think of short football players with devastating influence on the pitch, we take Lionel Messi, Bernardo Silva, or Marco Verratti as synonyms. However, not many think of Bryan Zaragoza, a Spanish winger who has taken La Liga by storm with his apex performances on the flanks for Granada. In this article, we will be going over Bryan Zaragoza’s biography as well as uncover some Intriguing details in relation to his personal life such as his family, who his girlfriend is, his religion, and so on.

Bryan Zaragoza Family

Details in relation to his family life are not known as he prefers privacy. He was born to Mr. and Mrs. Zaragoza, and is said to have siblings, pictures of them with their brother Bryan are attached below but further information regarding their names and age remain elusive. At the given moment, he chooses to prioritize the slow and methodical development of his nascent career. Perhaps once he reaches the heights he’s aiming for is when we’ll finally get to know more about his family.

Early Life

A native of Malaga, Bryan Zaragoza was born on the 9th of September in 2001. His story from a young boy roaming with a ball in the streets of Malaga to humbling Barcelona’s defense with a brace is nothing short of breathtaking. There isn’t much known about the details of his early life such as his education, his residence, and so on.

However, what we do know is that he used to play street football and this began very early on, before he hit his adolescent years. One can easily tell that he has his roots in street football given the smoothness and unfazed demeanor with which he maneuvers the ball down the wings. In his hometown of Malaga, he made lots of friends who joined him in their street football games, and in recalling those sweet memories, he says:

When I was little, I played futbol sala and on the street. I do the same now as when I was small. I always liked football, and I play to enjoy it.”

Career Build Up

A Tale of Joy and Misery

On another idyllic day, as he was playing football with his mates down the avenue, he was noticed by a coach from Tiro Pichón, who approached him. The latter was offered a trial by the coach and Bryan who simply couldn’t contain his excitement agreed without any second thoughts. To nobody’s surprise, he passed the trials with his street football tricks and flicks catching the most attention – soon going on to become one of the best players in Tiro’s youth system. However, his size would go on to become a problem as he was small and very weak.

He was told to look for a new club and this prompted another round of trials at Conejito Málaga. The young boy was devastated upon being told to leave but he believed in himself and resolved to prove himself despite his lack of physicality. At the trials, he impressed everyone once again but those same recurring objections pertinent to his height would fire again but seeing his skill sets and good behavior, he was signed – as this was a man who simply couldn’t be let gone.

“He was a normal, ordinary kid, a very noble kid, he listened to his coach… a normal kid from that time. Although a different footballer.

He was a weak player, but that doesn’t mean anything, because he had quality. He looked. When he caught the ball you could tell that something was going to happen.” Miguel González, the president of Conejitos de Málaga.

The Big Discovery

Around 17 years of age, he attempted trials at Real Betis and Real Valladolid, two respected clubs in the top flight of Spanish football. The stories narrated from those episodes are an assortment of the previous ones. He passed his trials at Betis but couldn’t be signed as they had no room in their residence for him. Valladolid were a bit more harsh with their rejection as they believed he was not physically compatible for La Liga, the same old size objection.

At his trials, he was discovered by Rubén Torrecilla who took him under his belt and vowed to get the best out of him. He was offered to Granda and his trials there were arranged. Granada too objected to his size but Rubén insisted on signing him as he saw a generational talent in him. Bryan continued to train under the mentorship of Rubén till he was finally signed by Granada in 2019. Speaking of Bryan, he says:

He was a boy who came from Malaga, from a neighborhood, and the professional part of football is what cost him at the beginning. He came from being very close to his family, he had to adapt to the residence, to an internal regime.”

A Testament to Glory

Perhaps the biggest moment of his life materialized on the 9th of October, 2023. On that day he bagged a brace against Barcelona, but that too in some fashion as he dropped Joules Koundé to the ground and sent Ronald Araujo, one of the most formidable defenders in all of Europe, for a hot dog. Right after the game, he was told to meet Granada’s director in the office. Over there, all his family members were seated and he was informed of a surprise call-up to the National Team just fifteen hours after the game. He recalls this day in the following words:

“I came in and my whole family was crying,”

Style Of Play

As per Marca, Bryan Zaragoza stated that dribbling is his best attribute and his biggest passion in football. He is a very old-school street football player who enjoys the aesthetics of the game rather than delving into the convoluted technicalities. He states:

“I play for dribbling. I don’t play to run after the ball or play for anything else. Since I was little in the neighborhood, I have played all my life to dribble, and in the end, I play for that.”

Personal Life


Details about his personal beliefs are not known. 95% of Spaniards are reported to be adherents of Christianity while 3% follow Islam and the remaining are affiliates of other religions. Keeping the aforementioned statistic in consideration and given his background it is possible that he is a Christian and a follower of the Roman Catholic denomination.

Does Bryan Zaragoza have a Girlfriend?

He is currently unmarried and single at the time of writing this. In our research, we couldn’t come across any sound evidence of a romantic companion and there are two possibilities. Firstly, he could be staying away from devoting time and energy to his love life as he continues to develop as a football player and climb the ladder. Given his innocent looks, it’s hard to see why he wouldn’t attract attention from women and so another possibility is that perhaps he is keeping a possible relationship private, away from all public stares.

Lifestyle and Personality

He has a deep love for cars and given his burgeoning career, it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to see him rock a collection of cars in the future. In the picture seen above, he is seen posing with his Mercedes, the first of many to come.

Every football player has their own mode of unwinding from the industrious and draining seasons of football. Though he follows a strict training routine all year, he treats himself to a seaside vacation to engender peace and clarity for the upcoming season. His personal favorite spot is Ibizia.

Trivia / FAQs

  • Who is Bryan Zaragoza’s idol?

He is very vocal about whom he considers his idol – Lionel Messi.

  • How many caps does he have for the Spain NT?

As of November 2023, he has only made one appearance and is the first Granda player to be called up by Spain since 1974.

  • What is his rating in EA Sports FC 24?

He has an overall rating of 67.

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Player Info

Full Name

Bryan Zaragoza Martínez



Date Of Birth

September 9, 2001

Place Of Birth

Malaga, Spain






5ft 5in (1.64m)

Marital Status



Mr. and Mrs. Zaragoza


Professional Career

Current Team


Club Jersey Num


National Team


Youth Team(s)

  • Tiro Pichón
  • Conejito Málaga



Preferred Foot


Playing Style

  • Dribbler
  • Cut N’ Shoot

Market Value

€8 Million

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