5 Big Managers Whose Job Might Be On The Line

There are some football managers who might lose their job if care isn’t taken. You may have noticed that there have been very few cases of manager sackings this season. But of course, this doesn’t mean that all the coaches are doing very well. It just seems like clubs are a bit more patient this season. But you just get the feeling that they will soon run out of patience, and managers will begin to get the hammer, including the big managers.

Football managers who might lose their job

So today, we’ll be talking about some big coaches who may get the sack anytime soon.

1. Mauricio Pochettino

Of course, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody to see Mauricio Pochettino here. When Chelsea appointed him over the summer he was meant to be the guy to take them from being a mid-table club back into the top 4. They even supported him by getting him all the players he needed. But it’s safe to say that the season is not going according to plan.

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football managers who might lose their job

Sure, they avoided defeats against the top teams like Liverpool, Manchester United, Spurs and Arsenal. But they tend to drop points against the weaker teams. Now, with the season halfway done, Chelsea still find themselves firmly around mid-table, and Chelsea look set to miss out on the European places again. 

And you just suspect that Pochettino is running out of time, and he’s probably going to be the first big manager to get sacked.

2. Eric Ten Hag

If Pochettino doesn’t get sacked first, Eric Ten Hag might just be the first to get kicked out. And you already know why, don’t you?

Well, just like Chelsea, Manchester United have had a poor season so far. Despite signing new players over the summer, Manchester United have somehow found a way to look worse this season. 

In the Champions League, they finished last in a group and had Galatasaray and FC Copenhagen in it. Pretty wild, right?

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To make things worse, their premier league form isn’t any better. And yeah, it’s quite easy to blame Onana’s mistakes for it, let’s be real, it’s not his fault alone. On most days, they tend to play like a poorly coached team with no clear pattern. Of course, you just know that can only be the fault of one person – the coach.

With rumors flying around about Manchester United keeping an eye on Graham Potter, you just get the feeling that Ten Hag might be expecting that sack letter anytime soon. 

3. Vincent Kompany

Vincent Kompany might also be getting the sack pretty soon. Sure, he did a brilliant job last season to help Burnley gain promotion while playing beautiful football. But this season has been an entirely different story. Sure, Burnley has stuck with the attacking style of play, but that has not translated into great results. Matter of fact, Burnley finds themselves firmly stuck in the relegation zone and doesn’t seem like they’ll be getting any time soon.

Of course, if you were a Burnley fan, you’d probably be frustrated about that. Some fans have even said they’re tired of this new possession style and they want their good old “Sean Dyche defensive ball” back. And if we’re keeping it real, the club’s owners may probably feel the same way at this point. Of course, it’s not likely that they’ll get back Sean Dyche. He’s enjoying himself at Everton. But don’t be surprised if Burnley goes for one of the other legendary defensive coaches over the next few weeks. 

4. Thomas Tuchel

Although, it’s not like hiring a Conservative coach always guarantees top results. Take a look at Bayern Munich, for example. They have Thomas Tuchel as their coach, yet since his appointment last season, Bayern have still not reached the level they want. 

Yeah, sure he won the league last season, but we all know it was just because Dortmund bottled it at the end. And although they have won most of their games this season, they have also suffered some embarrassing defeats. Their performances have also been questionable at times.

Bayern Munich known for winning countless trophies domestically has been knocked out of Dfb Pokal by a third-division German team after losing the match against RB Leipzig for German Supercup. Of course, many clubs wouldn’t really see a problem with his performance so far, but this is Bayern Munich. These guys have entirely different standards. So if Tuchel keeps this up, you just suspect that he might get the sack soon. 

5. Xavi Hernandez

Xavi Hernandez’s job seems to be under threat too. Barcelona’s performances this season have been quite questionable, to say the least. In the Champions League, they barely managed to top their group. And in the la Liga, they find themselves lagging in the title race after drawing 1-1 with Valencia. He is also getting the heat for starting Lewandowski match after match even after his poor outings.

Although Xavi guided them to the La Liga title last season, it turns out that isn’t enough to protect his job this season. And now many fans are calling for his head already. Pretty surprising, right? Of course, he’s a young coach and their legend. So you get the feeling that they’ll give him time to turn things around. Plus, he also seems like he’ll be a world-class manager someday, so Barca might just be really scared to potentially lose such a talent. 

Do you think Barcelona will sack their legend Xavi? And which manager do you think will get sacked first?

Do go ahead and let us know in the comments section.

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