6 Incidents When Footballers Went Out With Manager’s Daughters

Can football players date their managers daughter? Let’s find out. Have you ever had someone at the office date the boss’ daughter? What kind of treatment did that really brave guy get? You can share your story with us in the comments while we share with you the story of 6 football players who dated the boss’ daughters. Oh yes!

Can football players date their managers daughter: Rumors or not

You already know this is about to be a really interesting article. So, buckle down and make sure you read till the very end cause we have something for you at the end of the article. Let’s get straight to it!

1. Zaha

Honestly, when we talked about players dating manager’s daughters, Zaha was the first name that popped up in your head, wasn’t it?

football players date their managers daughter

The skillful Ivorian winger made a big move from Crystal Palace to Manchester United in 2013, and he had an amazing preseason. But somehow, he just wasn’t able to break into the first team under David Moyes.

In his 2 years at United, he played only 2 games for the senior team, and was loaned to Cardiff City and back to Crystal Palace. 

When Moyes got sacked, Zaha finally decided to be vocal about his treatment by the Scotsman. He said Moyes refused to give him any chance and that was why he didn’t make it at Old Trafford.

But you know why Moyes allegedly refused to give him any chance? Just after the Ivorian moved to Manchester, rumors that Zaha was dating David Moyes’ daughter started flying. And even Evra, who was at United at the time, admitted that it was after the rumors started going around that Moyes stopped playing Zaha.

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But you know what’s crazy about this? The rumors seem like they weren’t even true. At least, Zaha publicly denied ever dating or sleeping with Lauren Moyes. He even claimed that he never met the manager’s daughter.

But apparently, just the rumors were enough for Moyes to almost never play Zaha during his time at United. Hardluck, isn’t it?

2. Ronaldinho

Ronaldinho and Lindsay Rijkaard were an item back when Ronaldinho was playing in Frank Rijkaard’s Barcelona. And it caused some huge controversy not only in the Spanish media, but also in the Dutch and English media.

Rumors even had it that it was that relationship that made Ronaldinho remain at Barcelona amidst huge interests from AC Milan in 2007.

It’s no surprise that immediately Rijkaard left Barcelona, Ronaldinho also found the door. Hm. What love can do to a man, right? 

Now, you do remember who took over from Frank Rijkaard at Barcelona, right? So, can you guess who dated Guardiola’s daughter?

3. Dele Alli

We know that Pep has never actually managed Dele Alli, but this one was just so spicy and so recent that we just could not leave it out.

The Tottenham midfielder dated Pep’s oldest daughter for months last year. They were first spotted together in April when they were seen kissing at Cloud 9 bar. 

Dele was just fresh out of a long term relationship with supermodel, Ruby Mae, who broke up with him because he was playing too much video games. 

Ruby Mae

Anyway, Alli is now reportedly back to dating models. Late last year, he was seen with supermodel Nicole Berry. And that will only mean that he and Maria Guardiola have since gone their separate ways.

Do you think maybe the tough Man City boss had something to do with that relationship not even lasting up to a year? We know for sure that Pep has his ways.

4. Sergio Aguero

Aguero was coached by the late Diego Maradona in the Argentina national team between 2008 and 2010. And not only did Kun date the boss’ daughter, he went ahead to marry her in 2008 and even had a son with her the following year.

Oh yes. 

And this time, the manager gave his full approval, because the great Maradona made sure he was present for his grandson’s birth.

This isn’t really relevant to the story, but that grandson has Aguero as his father, Maradona as his grandfather, and Messi as his godfather. What a family tree!

Unfortunately, though, the couple got divorced in 2012, after having been married for 4 years. And that was when Aguero saw the wrath of his former manager. Maradona was so unhappy about the split that it pushed him to call the Man City legend a wimp.

5. Darren Bent

When Bent was in Sunderland, he dated Steve Bruce’s daughter, Amy. Steve, who was Sunderland coach at the time, even had to ban his daughter from attending the team’s Christmas parties, but that didn’t stop Darren who was Bent on dating Amy.

Rumors had it that that relationship caused a little bad blood between Bent and Steve Bruce. And many even think that that was one of the reasons Darren Bent handed over a transfer request to Sunderland in January of 2011.

Oh, we must add that Bent has a history of dating managers’ relatives. Because the London born former footballer also dated Nadine, Ferguson’s former daughter-in-law.

6. Stanley Collymore

The former Liverpool and Leicester City striker released an autobiography where he gave so many details about a lot that happened during his career. And perhaps, the spiciest part of it all was him having sex with his boss’ daughter in a room next to her parents’.

Oh yes. As crazy as it sounds, it apparently really happened. 

It was the night Liverpool lost to their most bitter rivals, Manchester United, in the 1996 FA Cup final. And while his teammates and his coach were mourning the loss in their rooms, Collymore apparently had other business to take care of in a hotel room with the coach, Roy Evans’ daughter.

According to Stan, he didn’t even want to go to the manager’s daughter’s room that night. Apparently, it wasn’t because he didn’t like the young lady, but because he thought that her parents – his coach and wife – were lovely people.

But his urges were stronger than his humanity that night, and he eventually went to her room and had “reasonably loud sex” with his manager’s daughter in the room right next to where his manager was. Now, come on, lad! Have some respect!

To even add salt upon injury, Stan Collymore didn’t even have the decency to keep this a secret till his death. He was the one who told the world about it in his book, otherwise nobody would have known. That was not very respectful, Stan. 

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