10-Man Real Madrid go top of the La Liga Table

Real Madrid go top of La Liga

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Real Madrid go top of the La Liga after they clinched a dramatic victory against Alaves in a tense match that saw them finish 1-0 despite being reduced to 10 men. Lucas Vazquez emerged as the unlikely hero, securing three crucial points for Los Blancos with a stoppage-time header, propelling them to the top of the table. 

Real Madrid go top of the La Liga

Real Madrid’s ascent to the summit of La Liga came as a result of a twist of fate in Girona’s encounter against Betis. Girona’s stumble and subsequent draw against Betis created an opening for Real Madrid to go top of La Liga. The unexpected turn of events presented Carlo Ancelotti’s side with an opportunity to capitalize on their pursuit of the league title. With the table leaders faltering, Real Madrid entered their clash against Alaves with heightened anticipation. Girona’s inability to secure a victory against Betis acted as a catalyst, igniting Real Madrid’s determination to leapfrog their rivals and establish themselves at the pinnacle of La Liga.

Despite the challenges they faced in the match against Alaves, including Nacho’s red card that reduced them to 10 men, Real Madrid remained resolute in their pursuit of victory. The game transformed into a pivotal moment for them to seize the top position, a chance they didn’t let slip away. Lucas Vazquez’s last-gasp heroics in stoppage time helped Real Madrid go top of La Liga, making the most of Girona’s stumble and reinforcing their position as frontrunners in the race for the league title.

Game Analysis of Alaves vs Real Madrid

The Alaves vs. Real Madrid showdown was a hard-fought contest that saw Real Madrid grappling with adversity after Nacho’s dismissal early in the 2nd half due to a red card. Despite this setback, Madrid showcased resilience and determination throughout the game.

The encounter initially hinted at an early lead for Real Madrid as Federico Valverde tested Alaves’ goalkeeper with his attempts on goal. However, Alaves’ sturdy defense denied Madrid an early breakthrough. Nacho’s sending-off altered the dynamics of the match, leaving Madrid with 10 men.

Despite the numerical disadvantage, Madrid continued to press forward, with Rodrygo’s efforts narrowly missing the target. Alaves failed to fully capitalize on their advantage of having an extra player, allowing Madrid to maintain a solid defensive stance.

The game seemed destined for a goalless draw until the dying moments when Lucas Vazquez emerged as the savior for Real Madrid. His timely header from a Toni Kroos corner secured the elusive victory, snatching all three points and propelling Madrid to the top of the La Liga table.


Real Madrid’s victory against Alaves under challenging circumstances showcased their resilience and determination. Despite being down to 10 men after Nacho’s dismissal, they held firm and secured a crucial win. This triumph not only propelled them to the top of the La Liga table but also extended their unbeaten run to 17 games across all competitions.

Real Madrid has only conceded 11 goals in 18 games, the lowest in the league so far, and has scored 39 goals, 2nd highest in the league despite having major injuries to players like Courtois, Vinicius Jr., Alaba, Rudiger, and Camavinga. The win takes Real Madrid to the top of La Liga making them the strongest contenders for the league title. Their ability to clinch victories, even in difficult situations, signifies the classic Madrid style of seizing opportunities when the odds appear stacked against them.

Girona’s earlier slip-up against Real Betis opened the door for Real Madrid to claim the top spot, a chance they seized with valour. As they conclude the calendar year on a high note, Madrid’s resilience, and ability to secure vital victories make them formidable contenders for the La Liga title in the upcoming season.

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