Luka Modric to Leave Real Madrid?

The rumblings about Luka Modric to leave Real Madrid echo louder as the stalwart midfielder’s contract edges towards its end. Modric’s incredible journey from an initially criticised signing to a Ballon d’Or-winning maestro might be reaching a crossroads as the 38-year-old midfielder might be leaving the club at the end of the season.

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Luka Modric to Leave Real Madrid

Luka Modric to leave Real Madrid?

Luka Modric to Leave Real Madrid

Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid’s manager, values every player’s role due to the demanding season:

“But I think that everyone is important to us… I have to rotate; the season is demanding.”

This emphasizes the squad’s significance in managing a tough schedule.

Ancelotti highlighted the impact of substitutes:

Right now, he is finding his best level. Kroos scored in Bilbao coming off the bench, Modric did it today.”

This showcases the influence of players like Modric, even when not starting. He backed this with stats:

From the bench, they can also contribute goals… the statistics say that.”

Ancelotti’s reliance on numbers emphasises the value of substitutes like Modric. Referring to Modric as “untouchable,” Ancelotti showcased the midfielder’s importance within the squad, emphasising his trust in Modric’s abilities.

Amidst the news of Luka Modric to leave Real Madrid, the Croatian maestro’s commitment shines:

“I won’t sink or ease off because of that.”

This exhibits his determination to contribute, whether starting or as a substitute. Ancelotti’s rotation strategy and recognition of substitutes, including Modric, highlight the team’s depth and reliance on the entire squad for success.

Offers from Saudi Pro League and the MLS

Luka Modric to Leave Real Madrid

Apart from on-field statistics, off-field decisions played a role in Luka Modric’s journey at Real Madrid. His agent revealed,

“This summer there was interest in Modric with the aim of signing him. The player has several offers, from a club in the capital and another club.”

This highlights the external interest in Modric from clubs in the Saudi Pro League as well as Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami.

Despite the tempting offers, Modric’s agent suggested,

“Modric is currently thinking about Real Madrid, but the idea of him moving to the Saudi Pro League is possible if the offer is suitable.”

This indicates Modric’s contemplation about potential moves while also underlining his ongoing consideration of Real Madrid’s future. Hence, the reports of Luka Modric to leave Real Madrid are still on the fences.

Reports circulated that Modric resisted a staggering €200 million offer from Al Hilal, which was termed one of the “biggest ever proposals in football.” His choice to turn down such a substantial deal illustrates his dedication and commitment to continuing his journey with Real Madrid.

Ultimately, Modric opted to extend his tenure at Real Madrid rather than pursuing the lucrative offers from other clubs. His decision not only highlights his commitment but also showcases the weight of his loyalty to the club amidst tempting opportunities elsewhere.

Modric’s stellar Real Madrid career

The story surrounding Luka Modric to leave Real Madrid has led us to take a glance at Modric’s tenure at Real Madrid, commencing in 2012 after his move from Tottenham. It stands as a testament to his exceptional midfield prowess. At the outset, scepticism surrounded Modric’s arrival, with reports from La Liga deeming him the ‘worst signing.‘ It was a challenging start for the Croatian midfielder, fraught with doubts about his adaptability to the club’s style.

However, Modric’s resilience and unwavering dedication redefined his trajectory. Overcoming the early scrutiny, he metamorphosed into a linchpin of Real Madrid’s success. Reports from various sources that initially labelled him the ‘worst signing’ now stood in stark contrast to his indispensable role in the team’s achievements.

Despite uncertainties over his future this season, Modric committed to an extension, demonstrating glimpses of brilliance in the Champions League while seeing limited action in La Liga. His resilience and ability to overcome the early challenges highlighted his unyielding determination and adaptability, ultimately elevating him to a Ballon d’Or recipient and the only player to do so in the Messi-Ronaldo era, certifying himself as an integral figure in Real Madrid’s illustrious history.


As speculation mounts regarding Luka Modric to leave Real Madrid, his career sparks intrigue in football circles. His decision to prolong his stay at Real Madrid, despite staggering offers, underscores his resolute allegiance to the club and the value of experience within a team’s dynamics. As an influential figure for both Real Madrid and Croatia, Modric’s future continues to captivate football enthusiasts globally.

With emerging talents vying for prominence and managerial strategies evolving, Modric’s legacy might undergo a profound transformation, leaving behind a storied chapter in Real Madrid’s history.

Throughout his illustrious career, Modric has redefined the artistry of midfield play, leaving an indelible imprint on the sport. As the narrative of his Real Madrid journey approaches a potential turning point, the football world braces for the conclusion of an era, bidding adieu to one of the greatest midfielders of all time.

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