Everton says Goodbye to their Stadium after 134 Years

The 2024/25 Season is set to be Everton’s last in Goodison Park as they unveil their new stadium, Moore Dock Arena

When will Everton leaving Goodison Park

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When will Everton leave Goodison Park? Forming intrinsic sentimental attachments to our belongings is something very typical as human beings. If one asks an Everton Fan about the Goodison Park, then brace yourselves to hear stories passed on from six generations back when it was first opened. Through victories, declines, resurgences, and relegations, the Goodison Park has been through it all in its 134 years of existence. Given the colossal magnitude of this mausoleum for the Toffees, it deserves nothing short of a fitting send-off. However, let us briefly take a look at their new home.

Moore Dock Arena: When will Everton leave Goodison Park?

When will Everton leave Goodison Park

It is reported that £500 million were invested into the new stadium. From Hi-Tech facilities to a greater seating capacity and everything else in between, it’s set to be a hallmark in Everton’s legacy. Everton’s interim CEO, Colin Chong revealed that the stadium is set to be unveiled in the last weeks of 2024.

“The first competitive football fixtures for our senior men’s side will take place at our new stadium at the start of the 2025/26 season,”

Everton Stadium remains firmly on track, as scheduled, to be completed in the final weeks of 2024.”

One may wonder why Everton has omitted any plans of moving to the stadium in the midst of the 2024/25 season. Based on a survey conducted where over 10,000 fans had taken part, where the majority was not in favor of a mid-season relocation. Furthermore, it would also allow the fans to explore the untapped facilities and give the project handlers sufficient time to carry out safety tests. Colin Chong says:

“We will need to conduct test events at our new home, which will allow us to stress-test the stadium in a number of different ways in order to obtain our Safety Certificate. It will also give Evertonians a chance to see and sample the new facilities.”

Looking Back at The Goodison Park

Home to one of the oldest football associations in Merseyside and England, it comes without surprise that there are tremendous plans in store to kiss it the perfect farewell. Colin Chong in particular has been looking forward to it as he says:

“For a while now, the club has been looking at a series of events, tours and celebrations that will allow us all to pay tribute to one of the world’s most iconic and well-known stadiums. 

“Now we know the farewell to Goodison will be a year-long celebration, we can start to firm up those plans and we will begin to reveal more details around what is planned and how fans can get involved later this season.  

“In the coming weeks, we will share information on how you can secure your seat and renew season tickets for the final time, in what will be an emotional and historic season.”

Looking back at Everton’s sacred mausoleum, it prompts a brain teaser, what was the best Everton moment at the Goodison Park?

If I had to pick one, I’d go with Everton running riot over their Merseyside rivals and the best team in Europe at the time, Liverpool in a 3-0 win. What would be your pick?

Here’s the video of Everton-3 Liverpool-0

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