The Guy Behind The Sex Noises Played During The Euro 2024 Draw

Who watched the Euro 2024 group stage live draws?

Do you know the guy behind the Euro 2024 draw sex noises? If you did, then you know how crazy and shocking the whole thing was. The draws were actually going great until something incredibly weird happened which left everybody in the hall confused and embarrassed at the same time. 

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Euro 2024 is just months away now!

the guy behind  Euro 2024 draw sex noises

The biggest international competition on the continent of Europe will be going down from the 14th of June to the 14th of July, 2024. So, the group stage draws happened a few days back and it was frankly one of the most awkward draws we have ever experienced. 

Halfway into the event which took place in Hamburg, Germany, and had managers, members of football associations, former footballers, and other dignitaries in attendance, we started to hear some really strange noises from the speakers. 

It was Man City legend David Silva who was on stage pulling a ball out of the bowl when the noise engulfed the entire room. The Spanish midfielder just could not hide his surprise and amusement by what he was hearing.

It might have been difficult to figure out exactly what was happening at first, but it soon became obvious that those were sex noises. Huh?

Sex noises at the Euro draws? The guy behind the Euro 2024 draw sex noises

Well, we’ll find out today, but guess what! That was not even the first time something like this has happened. Earlier in the year, this prank was pulled on Gary Lineker during his BBC Match of the Day broadcast for the FA Cup game between Liverpool and Wolves.

guy behind the Euro 2024 draw sex noises

Lineker was in the studio with Paul Ince and Danny Murphy while also on a call with Alan Shearer who was in the stadium when the noises just suddenly started playing so loudly. Lineker was obviously confused and a little bit amused and he confessed that he had no idea where the noises were coming from.

The BBC later apologized for the noises, but sadly that wasn’t the first time they had had to apologize for sex noises interrupting a live broadcast of theirs.

6 years ago, political respondent Emma Vardy was live on BBC when the exact same sex noises started playing on air. The entire country was shocked to hear such sounds while a serious matter was being discussed.

Who could have done a thing like that?

Well, it wasn’t even kept a secret for long. A certain prankster made a video while he was setting up the entire thing and uploaded it to YouTube. The video has since garnered more than a million views on the platform.

And the same thing happened this year with the Match of the Day prank. The person responsible for the prank also made a video and uploaded it on YouTube. His name is Daniel Jarvis but he goes by Jarvo.

How did he do it?

Well, apparently, he had managed to smuggle a cell phone into the studio before the broadcast started. But before he did, he had had the sex noises we heard set as the phone’s ringtone.

So, while the broadcast was on, he called the phone from an unidentified location and the sex noises became audible in the studio and then on air for all to hear.

Jarvo was so proud of his successful prank that he went on Twitter and excitedly claimed responsibility for it. And then, after the coverage, Gary Lineker found the phone where all those noises were coming from throughout the broadcast.

And well, unsurprisingly, it was Jarvo who was also responsible for the prank at the Euro 2024 draws a few days back. This time around, there was no suspense. He live streamed the prank for all who were interested to see it in real time.

Nah, this guy is really a menace; many have called him a genius. Would you describe him as one?

And bear in mind that these are not even the only pranks he has pulled off.

He invaded the pitch during the 2022 Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid. He even got to have a brief conversation with Bale, hugged Vini, and shook hands with Hazard and Casemiro before he was escorted off the pitch.

What a guy, right?

So, what is Jarvo going to do next? What new trick does he have up his sleeve? Is he cooking something for the Euros proper? Or maybe the Champions League final again? We just have to wait and see, because apparently we can’t predict Jarvo.

Anyway, since we’re on the topic of pranks, tell us, what’s the craziest prank you have ever seen during a football game, live broadcast, or any football event at all?

Let us know in the comments.

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