5 Teams That Are Doing The Impossible This Season (2023-24)

The best club teams this season may be hard to decide but let’s discuss the ones that did the impossible. The 2023-24 season is so interesting because the craziest things have been happening. The storylines that are written in leagues all over the world are just simply mind-blowing.

The best club teams this season 2023/24

In this article, we’re going to look at 5 teams who are doing the impossible this season.

1. Aston Villa

Let’s start with Aston Villa. How in the world do you go from fighting relegation last season  to challenging for the title this season without spending crazy money in the transfer window?

Unai Emery is really doing a madness at that club. These guys beat both Man City and Arsenal in the space of just 4 days, keeping a clean sheet in both games. That’s simply unbelievable.

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The best club teams this season

Their win against Arsenal meant that they have now gone on a 15-game winning run at home, a new club record. And they’re only the 4th team in Premier League history to go on a 15-game home-winning run. Now, that should be impossible for a club like Aston Villa. 

2. Girona

You know what else should be impossible? Girona being in a title race just two years after gaining promotion to the first tier. These guys have been top of the table for longer than both Real Madrid and Barcelona combined this season, and they didn’t even spend a lot of money in the summer. 

The best club team this season

At first, it looked like it was just a good start and nothing more, but we’re nearly halfway into the season, and these guys are still very much in the conversation. There’s no way you’re ruling them out of the title race; they’re very much in it. They look like they’re ready to replicate the impossible feat Leicester City pulled off in the Premier League in 2016. But will they actually see it to the end? Time will tell.

3. Bayer Leverkusen

Let’s now move over to Germany and look at Bayer Leverkusen, a team that seems determined to break the Bayern Munich monopoly in the Bundesliga. 

These guys were unable to finish in the top 4 last season, but this time around, they have been at the top of the table for as long as you can remember. And you know what’s crazier about all of this? Bayern Munich are a much better team this season than they were last season, after they broke the Bundesliga transfer record to bring in Harry Kane in the summer.

Bayern are scoring more goals than they were last season, but somehow, they still can’t leapfrog Leverkusen. Now, doesn’t that sound impossible to you?

After 13 games played, Bayer Leverkusen are still yet to lose a league game, and they’re the only team in Europe’s top 5 leagues that can boast of that. If anybody told you last season that it’d be Leverkusen and not Bayern Munich doing this this season, you’d roll on the floor laughing at them.

Nah, Xabi Alonso is really doing the unthinkable over there; can he see it till the very end? What do you guys think?

4. Gremio

Let’s now leave Europe and head to Brazil where Gremio just pulled off the unthinkable. These guys were promoted back to the top flight at the beginning of the season, and not only were they in a title race, they finished as runners-up. That’s simply impossible! It’s the first time that has ever happened in the history of the Brazilian Serie A. For a club to get promoted and finish second on the table that same season? It’s never been seen before.

And not only did they finish second, they were just 2 points off the title. That was how close it was. Damn! 

Luis Suarez really pulled his weight for the club, no pun intended. They’ll definitely miss him when he leaves to join Lionel Messi at Inter Miami next year.

5. Everton

Not every club is doing the impossible at the top of the league, some teams are doing the impossible at the other end of the ladder. Everton were slapped with a 10-point deduction for breaching the Premier League’s Profitability and Sustainability Rules, and that threw them all the way to the bottom of the Premier League table, only ahead of Burnley at the time on goal difference.

Guess what! Just 3 games after this deduction, the Merseyside club was already out of the relegation zone. They lost to Man United in their first game after the deduction, but then they went on to beat Nottingham Forest and Newcastle, keeping clean sheets in both games. 

That 10-point deduction should’ve meant their season was over, especially because they have been in relegation fights in the last couple of seasons. But this is where Sean Dyche excels and he’s just having a good time dragging his team back into safety.

If by some miracle, Everton get their 10 points added back, they’d find themselves in the top half of the table. Crazy!

Anyway, those are 5 teams who are doing the impossible this season, but we have a bonus for you.

So, these 5 clubs we have mentioned are doing positively impossible things, but Santos just pulled off a negative impossibility.

For the first time in the club’s rich 111-year history, Santos will be relegated to the second division of the Brazilian league. The home of some all-time greats like Neymar and Pele finally goes down!

Who would have thought? One of the greatest clubs in the history of Brazilian football getting relegated for the first time in over a century? That’s exactly what you’d describe as impossible.

Are there more teams you feel are doing the impossible this season?

Drop their names in the comments.

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