Ranking Mohamed Salah’s Possible Replacements At Liverpool

Are there Salah possible replacements? Let’s face it, Mohamed Salah may be on his way out of Liverpool soon, so the club has to start preparing for life after him. The truth is, Salah is an all-timer, one of the greatest right-wingers of all time, so it’s going to be a very tough job trying to replace him.

Salah possible replacements at Liverpool

Well, we’re here to lend them a hand. Join us as we rank Mohamed Salah’s possible replacements at Liverpool.

1. Leroy Sane

Salah possible replacements

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First of all, we have Leroy Sane. This guy is a very dangerous winger who can operate on the left, right, and even down the middle. Liverpool knows firsthand how dangerous he can be; he tormented them on a number of occasions when he was still at Manchester City.

So, this guy is 27, a Champions League winner, and has experience playing in and even winning the Premier League. Damn! Jurgen Klopp would really cook with him!

2. Kylian Mbappe

Up next is Kylian Mbappe. The France captain is definitely the hottest winger in the world right now, and even though he hasn’t really played on the right since Monaco, come on, he’s still Kylian Mbappe, anywhere he is on the pitch, he’d still do damage!

Anybody who can afford him will definitely want to get him. And if Saudi Arabia splurges to get Mo Salah, then Liverpool would definitely be able to afford him. But it’s still going to be a little difficult because it just seems like Mbappe is destined to end up at Real Madrid.

3. Federico Chiesa

Another predominant left-winger Liverpool could consider is Federico Chiesa. The Italian has been plagued by injuries but he never fails to show his quality each time he comes back. His contract expires in 2025, so Liverpool could get him for a good price in 2024.

If Klopp thinks he can manage Chiesa’s injury, then there’s a lot of value to be gotten from the 26-year-old.

4. Jarrod Bowen

Liverpool could also just decide to pick from in-house. And “in-house” here refers to the Premier League, not their academy. And if they decide to pick a Salah replacement from the Premier League, Jarrod Bowen is right there. He is such a good player, and you just know he’ll perform even better at a club like Liverpool which creates a truckload of chances.

He already has 10 goal contributions in 15 Premier League appearances this season; only Salah has more in the entire Liverpool squad. Sounds like a great replacement, doesn’t he?

5. Bukayo Saka

Or you know what? Liverpool could just go for the impossible – Bukayo Saka. 

Saka is arguably the second-best right-winger in the league behind Salah. If Salah leaves, he becomes the best in the league, so naturally, Liverpool would love the idea of still having the best right-winger in the English top flight.

But let’s face it, it would be nearly impossible to snatch Saka from Arsenal. He’s the face of the club; the club’s present and future, and now that the North London club is back to fighting for every trophy, there’s almost no chance they’ll let Saka move to Liverpool.

But never say never in football, right? Especially when there’s a truckload of money involved.

6. Rodrygo

Another replacement that seems nearly impossible is Rodrygo. Madrid doesn’t look like they’re ready to let that lad go in the next few years. He’s so good and has consistently proven to be so clutch. He was so instrumental to Madrid winning the Champions League in 2022, and guess what! He’s just 22!

Real Marid will definitely not want to lose him. But then, if they get Mbappe and Liverpool approach them with an enticing offer, they might just be willing to let the Brazilian go.

It’s definitely worth a try for Liverpool, especially because Rodrygo can play anywhere up front.

7. Raphinha

A much easier deal to pull off, though, would probably be Raphinha. The Brazilian has not exactly lived up to expectations at Barcelona, so the Catalan club might not be so hesitant to sell him for a good price. Also, remember the club is still in a financial mess, so if you wave good money in their face, they are likely to let even their best player go.

On top of all that, Xavi has unearthed a new star in Lamine Yamal, so with Ferran Torres supporting him on that wing, we’re pretty sure Barcelona would feel like they can do without Raphinha.

And Raphinha did well for Leeds when he was in the Premier League; he could also do well for Liverpool. Of course, he’s not Salah, but he’s not a bad winger at all. And who knows? Klopp could just make magic with him.

8. Michael Olise

Another guy Klopp could make magic with is Michael Olise. He’s a really good player who seems to have a knack for scoring bangers; he’d fit right into Liverpool.

He was close to moving to Chelsea in the summer, but he ended up extending his contract with Crystal Palace. That extension might make the move a little hard for Liverpool to pull off, but hey, this is Liverpool. If they really want him, chances are high that they’ll get him.

And he just turned 22, so he could be a very good long-term replacement for Mohamed Salah.

9. Moussa Diaby

Another difficult one to pull off would be Moussa Diaby, considering he just moved to Aston Villa and he’s really enjoying himself there. But again, Liverpool could get him if they want him.

But honestly, they shouldn’t make him a priority. He’s a fine player, no doubt, but we believe there are better options available.

10. Pontus Almqvist

But just in case Liverpool aren’t interested in buying big names and already established players, there are a couple of guys they could go for. There’s Pontus Almqvist, the 24-year-old Swede who plays for Lecce on loan from Rostov.

He’s exciting, he’s one hell of a dribbler, and he’s also creative. We strongly believe Jurgen Klopp could make an absolute monster out of this guy.

11. Johan Bakayoko

Finally, there’s a 20-year-old Belgian winger named Johan Bakayoko who currently plays for PSV that we think fits Liverpool’s profile so well.

He’s a right-winger and a very creative one at that. He has provided 13 assists in 26 appearances in all competitions so far this season; that’s an assist every 2 games. Damn! Really great numbers for a 20-year-old. A guy like this at Liverpool would be a real headache for Premier League teams.

Anyway, if Mohamed Salah indeed leaves Liverpool in 2024, who do you think they should sign and who do you think they are likely to sign to replace him? 

Tell us in the comments.

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