10 Most Powerful Supporters Of Football Clubs In The World

There are some powerful supporters of football clubs in the world that are worth mentioning. Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Millions of people around the world follow the sport and have a football team they support. And of those millions of people, there are many powerful people who are loyal to different clubs around the world.

Powerful supporters of football clubs

In this article, we will be looking at 10 very powerful people in the world who are football fans, and we will also be looking at the clubs they support.

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1. David Cameron – Aston Villa

David Cameron, the former prime minister of the UK, is a loyal Aston Villa supporter, and he has been supporting the club since he was a child. 

Powerful Supporters Of Football Clubs

His uncle, Sir William Dugdale, was the chairman of the club many years back, and he was the one who took David to Aston Villa’s home ground to watch a live game for the first time. He was just 13.

David Cameron remained a fan long after then, and was still a fan even after becoming one of the most powerful figures in the world. The former PM showed how much he loved the club when he congratulated Aston Villa for reaching the FA Cup final in 2015. Unfortunately, they didn’t go on to win the trophy.

2. Prince William of Wales – Aston Villa

As far as the British throne is concerned, Prince William is the second in the line of succession. But all that power doesn’t matter to the Prince when it comes to football. He is a huge football fan and he absolutely does not play with Aston Villa.

On a number of occasions, Prince William has been captured on camera in stadiums watching Aston Villa live and going through all the emotions like every regular football fan. He is a regular at Villa Park, and he still tries to attend some of Aston Villa’s away fixtures.

The Prince said that he first went to watch his favorite club live when he was just 11 years old. According to him, he chose Aston Villa all those years ago because, when he was in school, he wanted a mid-table club that would give him “more emotional rollercoaster moments”. And for sure, he has been getting exactly what he wanted.

His wife, on the other hand, was not interested in any emotional rollercoaster, so she chose Chelsea. His grandmother, though, went to the other side of London.

3. Queen Elizabeth II – Arsenal

Many people think that the late Queen of England was a West Ham fan, but many things point to her actually being a Gunner. Back in 2006, she was supposed to be present for the opening of Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, but she had to withdraw because of a back injury.

And then, former Arsenal captain, Cesc Fabregas, recalled the Queen calling the team back in 2007 and telling them she was an Arsenal fan. He even said that she knew who he was at the time.

Imagine being just 20-years-old and having a one-on-one conversation with one of the most powerful women in the world who actually knew who you were. Must have been nice.

4. Angela Merkel – Borussia Dortmund

Angela Merkel was chancellor of Germany for 16 years between 2005 and 2021. And while she was on top of the world, she made sure she was also on top of the happenings in the world of football, too. When it came to the German national team, her support was always vocal. She was present when Germany defeated Argentina to lift the World Cup in Brazil. 

But at club level, her loyalty lies with Dortmund, even though she has also mentioned having a soft spot for Bayern Munich. So, you can imagine how awkward the 2013 Champions League final must have been for her.

Anyway, she was in the stands that day. But according to her, she was there as an “impartial observer” – Of course, ma’am. Of course.

5. Vladimir Putin – Zenit St. Petersburg

When Putin is not sending his army to Ukraine, he is busy watching his favorite club, Zenit St. Petersburg. 

The Russian president has been supporting the Russian champions for many years now. And 10 years ago, he came out to publicly defend the club when they were criticized for spending too much on buying Hulk and Witsel. 

Oh, and we will have you know that the club themselves flirted with the idea of naming their new stadium after the president when it opened back in 2016. 

6. Barack Obama – West Ham United

The percentage of Americans who support European clubs may not be so high, but what’s important is that their former president does.

Barack Obama may not be as vocal with his support as the other guys on this list, but he has been a supporter of West Ham for about 2 decades now. That’s before he even became president.

Apparently, when he was still a member of the state senate, he took a trip to London, and that was when he developed a liking for West Ham. 

7. Mariano Rojay – Real Madrid

Rojay, who served as Prime Minister of Spain between 2011 and 2018, is a big Real Madrid fan. A big, vocal Real Madrid fan.

In 2013, when he was still Prime Minister, he publicly showed his support to Cristiano Ronaldo in the Ballon d’Or race. At that time, Messi had gone 4 straight years winning the award, so Rojay was backing CR7 to finally break the Argentine’s monopoly.

8. Kim Jong-un – Manchester United

North Korea’s supreme leader is also a football fan. The 39-year-old dictator takes time off his obviously busy schedule to watch English giants, Manchester United, play football. 

Apparently, he even made demands to North Korea’s state TV to always broadcast Man United games. Sorry to you if you’re a Liverpool or Man City supporter living in North Korea.

By the way, there were reports that he was a huge fan of former United captain, Wayne Rooney.

9. Emmanuel Macron – Marseille

The president of France is another huge football fan. Of course, he supports his country’s national team. He was even present when Les Bleus lifted the World Cup in Russia in 2018.\

But at club level, he is a huge Marseille fan, and he was even pictured in a Marseille jersey before he became president. Also, just last year, he met with Marseille midfielder Dmitri Payet, who gave the president his jersey from the infamous Nice vs Marseille Ligue 1 match. 

The France head-of-state thanked the footballer for that gift and also said he hoped his favorite team would win the Coupe de France that year. But unfortunately for the French president, he didn’t get his wish that time as PSG went on to win that competition…again.

10. Hollywood stars

Now, we’re going to lump Hollywood stars together in number 10 because, even though they are powerful, they are obviously just not as powerful as the world leaders we have already mentioned in this video.

  • Daniel Craig is a Liverpool fan.
  • Idris Elba is an Arsenal fan.
  • Daniel Day-Lewis is a Millwall fan.
  • Tom Hanks is an Aston Villa fan.
  • Samuel L. Jackson is a Liverpool fan.
  • Kevin Costner is an Arsenal fan.
  • Sylvester Stallone is an Everton fan.
  • Spike Lee is an Arsenal fan.
  • Jay Z is an Arsenal fan.
  • Will Ferrell is a Chelsea fan.
  • Cameron Diaz is a Brentford fan.
  • Tom Cruise is an LA Galaxy fan.
  • Mark Wahlberg is a Tottenham fan.
  • Gerard Butler is a Celtic fan.
  • Elton John is a Watford fan.
  • Lebron James is a Liverpool fan and even has a 2 percent stake in the club.
  • Kobe Bryant was a Barcelona fan.

Now, why not just continue the list and go on and rep your club in the comments. Let’s make it a little fun, say the club your support without actually mentioning the name of the club. 

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