Jadon Sancho Transfer: Dortmund Only Looking to cover a Third of his Wages

Jadon Sancho’s transfer drama gets uglier as Dortmund only agrees to cover one-third of his wages – Man Utd fans are furious!

Jadon Sancho Transfer: The rift between Erik Ten Hag and Jadon Sancho has been a subject of discussion for quite some time now as he continues to be sidelined this season and trains away from Manchester United’s first team. Both parties have agreed to a move back to Borussia Dortmund as the best move.

However, it seems that even in those areas, there seem to be a couple of compromises that the Red Devils are making as the latest word has it: Borussia Dortmund is only going to be covering 33% of the English man’s wages which has left quite a lot of fans livid. And rightfully so, why keep paying for a player who isn’t even featuring in the squad?

Jadon Sancho Transfer

Jadon Sancho was sidelined from action prior to the 3-1 loss to Arsenal at the Emirates earlier in September. However, let us take a closer look at how it all unfolded.

The Deepening of Grudges

Jadon Sancho Transfer
Jadon Sancho Transfer

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Jadon Sancho was dropped from Erik Ten Hag’s 22-man squad for the game against Arsenal, for a poor display in training along with other disciplinary charges such as showing up late. However, Sancho claims that it goes deeper than this as he claims to have been the ‘scapegoat’ for a very long time.

The pandemonium found more life when Sancho took to his Instagram to put forth his argument in response to Ten Hag’s verbal lashing of the Englishman in public. Since then, it seems no love has been lost between the two.

Double Standards and Unfair Treatment?

Jadon Sancho Transfer

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I knew Erik Ten Hag for his strict philosophy and rigidity when it comes to coaching his players in order to get the best from them. However, it makes some of us wonder if the treatment Sancho has received is a rare exception since there’s no rule in the book that states Erik Ten Hag is unerring in his judgments.

Rio Ferdinand’s brother Anton spoke at great lengths about the debated unfair treatment that Sancho’s received from Ten Hag claiming that players who’ve made lapses similar to Sancho should also be penalized. He says:

“From the start, I’ve always said what Jadon has done in terms of defending his honor about his work ethic and then going to New York and partying. Is he stupid for doing that? 100%. My grievance has always been the double standards from ten Hag treating Jadon that way, but Rashford’s done something similar. I think it could be worse, in my opinion.”

“Rashford held the club at ransom for a new deal, one of your highest earners. Has he been good after signing a new deal? No, right?”

Soft Spot for Manchester United?

In the clip seen above, a young fan asks Sancho to sign his jersey but an adult hilariously alarms the boy, saying ‘He might not want the one with United on.’ To which the Man City graduate responded ‘I don’t mind.’

This makes many wonder if he still has a soft spot for his current club Manchester United. The answer is most likely a yes but for Ten Hag, that might be a little too contentious to be placing your bets on.

It may have made his feelings clear but upon further pondering, it also had some fans skeptical. They believe that if you truly have a love for the club, then you should be fighting for your place. Can we really argue against that? It seems to be fair, especially in the case of a man with the potential and promise of Jadon Sancho.

Will Sancho be able to Revive his Career?

Jadon Sancho Transfer

During his time at Borussia Dortmund, he played an influential role in their footballing dynamics. Along with some silverware, he even won several individual accolades. Perhaps with a move back to a place where he has nothing but good memories would trigger a possible comeback.

With a loan move looking all set for the former BVB talisman, it makes us wonder if he will be able to revive his career there. He already came into 2023 with myriads of demotivation after being dropped from England’s final squad for the World Cup in Qatar, so will 2024 be any different?

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