Is Kylian Mbappe Joining Liverpool?

Is Kylian Mbappe Joining Liverpool? Kylian Mbappe is no doubt one of the biggest footballers in the world at the moment. But he has also found himself in the biggest transfer saga. And although only Real Madrid and PSG have been involved in that saga, now it seems like other clubs might be getting involved. And one of those clubs is Liverpool.

So this raises the question, “Is Kylian Mbappe joining Liverpool?” and in this video, we’ll be answering that question.

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Is Kylian Mbappe Joining Liverpool

But first, how about we take a look at the status of his current contract? 

His current contract was signed in the summer of 2022 after nearly joining Real Madrid that summer. You remember that contract, right? The one that saw him pocket about 100 million in sign-on fees and a weekly wage of 1 million per week? The same contract that nearly broke the Internet? Yes, that contract. 

Is Kylian Mbappe Joining Liverpool

Well, guess what? That contract expires at the end of this season. And it appears he’s not interested in a renewal. So, with just a few months left on that contract, PSG are now stuck with the options of either selling him for cheap this January or losing him for free in the summer. 

Pretty wild, right? Well, it’s not clear what they want to do just yet, but that’s just because the club aren’t really interested in saying anything about it. 

Of course, it’s also not clear whether Mbappe himself wants to leave in January. 

But one thing is for sure, many clubs are circling hoping to snatch him up if he chooses to leave.

Matter of fact, despite annoying them in 2022, Real Madrid are still interested in signing him. It also appears that rather than waiting to get him for free, they are preparing to make another attempt to sign him in January.

But here’s the thing. Unlike the other time when they waited for him all summer, they don’t seem so interested in waiting for so long this January. In fact, it seems like whatever offer Real Madrid will make will be on the table only until January 15th. And if he’s yet to join them by that time, they’ll withdraw that offer. Pretty wild, right?

Of course, it’s not likely that Mbappe would be pressured into making any quick decision. And you know why? Well, it’s because other big clubs are interested in signing him, and why not? After all, everybody would want such a baller on their team, and that includes Premier League clubs like Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool. 

Matter of fact, if your club doesn’t fancy the idea of signing Mbappe at this point, then you might probably want to leave them. Because literally every serious club would want Mbappe.

As you’d probably suspect, Mbappe himself is aware that most clubs want him. So, he has also considered the possibility of joining Liverpool. And turns out that he might even fancy a move to Anfield. 

Of course, Liverpool may not look like huge favourites to sign him, and you may not have heard many links between them and Mbappe. But make no mistake, Liverpool have held a keen interest in him for many years. And with his contract expiring next summer, they might just snatch him from the other interested clubs. 

And just so we’re clear, they have everything it takes to lure him over to Anfield. They have the history, the pedigree, the coach, and even the quality. 

But now we’re left with one question,

Do Liverpool have the money needed to tempt him?

And well, that one’s just a bit more difficult to answer, and here’s why. You know how Mbappe had that massive sign-on clause and salary inserted into his last PSG contract? Well, it turns out that once again, he has similar demands. According to a report Mbappe is asking for a salary of 35million Euros after tax as well as a signing bonus of roughly 100million Euros.

 But that’s not surprising at all, is it? 

Now to the question of how Liverpool can fund that deal. Well, everybody knows Liverpool don’t have the deepest pockets. So one way they can fund the Mbappe deal is by selling off some players to raise the funds.

One of the players they can sell off is their main man Mohammed Salah. You see, just last summer, Liverpool got a huge offer from Saudi Arabia for Mo Salah. Of course, they turned it down. But you just get the feeling that the Saudis will return with another offer for Salah. 

And when you consider Salah’s age and the fact that he might be declining, then Liverpool might just be tempted to accept an offer for their man. So, with the money they get from selling Salah, Liverpool might just be able to afford Mbappe. 

But that just leaves us with another question,

Will Mbappe be able to replace Salah?

Well, nobody knows the answer for sure. But with Mbappe’s quality, you just know that he’s going to score loads of goals for them for many years, just like Mo Salah did. 

Mbappe will also help Liverpool challenge Manchester City for every title. And by doing that, he might just toughen the rivalry with Erling Haaland. Yes, that’s right. Erling Haaland and Mbappe seem to be the new Messi and Ronaldo. And if those two get to play for rivals in the Premier League, then it’s going to make their rivalry even more intense. 

And it would be pretty interesting to see how that rivalry plays out over the next few years. And we can bet that you’re looking forward to that rivalry happening in the Premier League. 

But that’s what we think. So how about you tell us what you think in the comments section?

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