Funniest Wardrobe Malfunctions in Football

Wardrobe Malfunctions in Football: If you watched the Premier League game between Liverpool and Sheffield United, then your eyes probably got more than what they bargained for. We were expecting a corner taken quickly from Trent, but instead, we got shorts pulled down quickly. 

Wardrobe Malfunctions in Football

Well, that has inspired us to look at times things like this have happened in a football match. These are the funniest wardrobe malfunctions in football.

1. Trent Alexander-Arnonld

We’ll start with the one from Trent Alexander-Arnonld. While trying to put in a corner for Liverpool, the right-back pulled his shorts down and revealed his buttcrack. Unfortunately, the camera was on him at the time so we got that view for a good 5 seconds or more.

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And it feels like that was only a distraction because while fans were focused on his wardrobe malfunction, Trent went ahead to put in a gem of a cross which van Dijk got at the end of to open the scoring for Liverpool. 

But come to think of it, Trent, where were your underpants?

2. Nicklas Helenius

When Nicklas Helenius had a wardrobe malfunction on the pitch, his underpants were there to save the day.

Funniest Wardrobe Malfunctions in Football

It was an EFL Cup game between Aston Villa and Spurs, and Helenius was through on goal for Villa. But Jan Vertonghen just could not let the attacker have a clean shot so he decided to rattle him a little by pulling down his shorts.

Okay, Vertonghen probably didn’t do that intentionally but it turned out to be effective anyway. Luckily for Helenius, he didn’t choose that day to wear his bad briefs.

3. Ciro Immobile

Ciro Immobile lost his shorts during celebrations after Italy beat England to win the Euros in 2021. He slid across the pitch and his shorts slid along with him, but he was quick to react and get his shorts back in place. That was a good save.

4. Tom Cairney

Tom Cairney did exact opposite of a good save against Newcastle. He played a shot that was way off target, and, apparently frustrated with himself, he just suddenly pulled his shorts down.

He would quickly pull them back up but we still wonder what went on in his head at that very moment. 

5. Michael Thwaite

We can’t tell if pulling down their shorts is a way footballers let out their frustration because Michael Thwaite did something similar just after committing a foul in a game between Perth Glory and Sydney FC.

Like brother, why are we seeing your underpants? What is the reason?

6. Sokratis Papasthathopolous

In the case of Sokratis Papasthathopolous, when his shorts came down, it wasn’t by his own hands. It was Edin Dzeko who pulled down the defender’s shorts during the game between Greece and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Dzeko was already on a yellow card before that, so he was given his marching orders after his attempt to strip the former Arsenal man.

7. Granit Xhaka

Speaking of former Arsenal players, Granit Xhaka had a wardrobe malfunction during a Euro 2016 game between Switzerland and France. Actually, this wasn’t a wardrobe malfunction, it actually was just Xhaka getting a huge chunk of his shirt ripped off by Paul Pogba.

That game was so heated that Xhaka had to change his shirt TWICE. In fact, there were like 3 Swiss players who had to have a change of shirts in that game. Nah, at that point, the Switzerland team should have looked inwards. 

Once is a wardrobe malfunction, but 3 times?

Nah, you just have to change the makers of your shirts.

8. Kieran Tierney

Another former Arsenal man who once had his shirt ripped off during a game is Kieran Tierney. It was a Europa League game and it appears that the Scotsman was so unplayable that the only way to stop him that day was to try and rip his shirt off.

9. Neymar

Can we even talk about heated football games without mentioning the Brazil vs Argentina fixture? Anytime those two national teams go against each other, it’s always hell!

So, are you surprised that when they locked horns in the Copa America final in 2021, Neymar had a part of his shorts ripped off just 15 minutes into the game? Argentina wanted that trophy so badly, and they didn’t care whose clothes they ripped apart to get it.

10. Jordan Ayew

Still on international business, when Portugal and Ghana met in Brazil during the 2014 World Cup, Carvalho seemed like he so desperately wanted to leave with a souvenir of any sort, and a piece of Jordan Ayew’s shorts seemed like what he had his eyes on that day.

He pulled and tugged on the striker’s shorts so much that his briefs were left on full display for all to see in the biggest football competition in the world. That must have been really embarrassing, to be honest.

11. Filipe Luis

In the case of Filipe Luis during one of those heated Madrid derbies from way back. While trying to guard the ball, Ozil pushed Luis to the ground and as the Brazilian went down, his shorts went down as well, but there were no underpants on sight to save the day.

12. Asron Villa

But you know, wardrobe malfunctions don’t only come in the form of shorts coming down or shirts being ripped off. Aston Villa’s 2023-24 kit is one huge wardrobe malfunction.

The material the shirts were made with were just so questionable. Players complained that the shirts would always get super soaked and cling to their bodies during games which was always so uncomfortable. You can imagine how annoying that would have been for those players.

Are there more wardrobe malfunctions you’ve witnessed during a football game? 

Tell us in the comments.

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