Cristiano Ronaldo response to FIFA after Messi was named Best FIFA Men’s Player

Cristiano Ronaldo voices out with cryptic social media post against FIFA and Ballon d’Or over Messi being crowned champion

Cristiano Ronaldo's response to FIFA Award
Cristiano Ronaldo response to FIFA

Cristiano Ronaldo response to FIFA: In the wake of Lionel Messi clinching FIFA’s The Best Award, Cristiano Ronaldo’s response to the FIFA award has been strong. He has not shied away from expressing his Messi’s recent triumph, securing the men’s player of the year prize, has ignited a storm of controversy, with questions raised about the timing and scope of his exceptional performance. Ronaldo, fresh off scoring 24 goals in 25 games for Saudi Pro League side Al Nassr, has voiced his skepticism in a candid interview with Record, questioning the credibility of contemporary football awards.

Cristiano Ronaldo response to FIFA’s The Best Award

Cristiano Ronaldo's response to FIFA Award

Ronaldo, currently honing his skills in Saudi Arabia, did not hold back when sharing his thoughts on Messi’s victory and the broader state of football awards. In his interview with Record, he remarked,

“I think that, in a way, these awards are losing credibility. We have to analyze the entire season. It’s not to say that Messi didn’t deserve it, or Haaland or even Mbappe. I simply no longer believe in these awards.”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s response to the FIFA award was quite harsh, he continued, delving into the need for a comprehensive evaluation, saying,

“And it’s not because I won at Globe Soccer. But there are facts, there are numbers. And the numbers don’t deceive. They can’t take this trophy away from me because it’s a reality. So it makes me even happier because the numbers are facts.”

Ronaldo Challenges the Criteria

Cristiano Ronaldo’s critical response to the FIFA award extends to the criteria governing these prestigious awards. Emphasizing the importance of considering the entirety of a player’s performance, he raised thought-provoking questions about how accolades are bestowed.

“We need to look beyond the momentary brilliance; we need to analyze the consistent contributions throughout the season. The current system seems to overlook that aspect,” Ronaldo declared.

In an era dominated by statistical analysis and performance metrics, Ronaldo’s appeal for a more nuanced evaluation resonates with those who believe that individual awards should mirror the holistic essence of a player’s impact.

Self-Confidence Amidst Controversy

Cristiano Ronaldo's response to FIFA Award

Amidst the controversy, Ronaldo maintains his self-confidence. He spoke about the likelihood of being a finalist in future awards, expressing skepticism due to his current engagement in the Saudi Pro League.

“We know how other organisms work. Obviously, I always think about my club and the national team first. The awards come after a good season for the club and the national team. I don’t think about it much, honestly.”

Ronaldo, who has consistently proven his goal-scoring prowess over the years, reiterated that his achievements are not diminished by his current playing location.

“As you said, well, the 54 goals I scored [in 2023], there may be those who say it’s easier because I’m in Saudi Arabia. But football professionals know that it is difficult to score goals, whether in Saudi Arabia or in Italy, Spain, or Portugal. A goal is a goal. In a way, I feel even more proud to have beaten Haaland, Mbappe, and [Harry] Kane.”

Ronaldo’s Upcoming Clash with Messi

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s response to the FIFA award stirred up a controversy and added an intriguing layer to the football narrative, but fans are eagerly awaiting the chance for the protagonists to settle their differences on the field. Ronaldo’s Al-Nassr is set to face off against Messi’s Inter Miami in a friendly on February 1, a fixture that holds the promise of reigniting the age-old rivalry.

As the football world grapples with the debate over the credibility of awards, these clashes between football giants serve as a reminder that, ultimately, the game is played and won on the pitch. The upcoming friendly promises not just individual brilliance but a collective battle, giving fans a chance to witness the magic these two legends can conjure.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s recent comments have injected a fresh perspective into the discourse surrounding football awards, challenging the traditional norms, and raising fundamental questions about the evaluation process. As debates over the credibility of accolades persist, the anticipation for the upcoming clash between Ronaldo and Messi intensifies, promising a spectacle that transcends individual awards and focuses on the pure essence of football – the beautiful game played by extraordinary athletes. In the ever-evolving landscape of football, these instances of rivalry and critique only serve to intensify the excitement for fans worldwide.

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