Jonathan David Bio: Family, Country, Age, Team, Value

Everyone loves a story where the hero defies the odds and emerges triumphant. Such a narrative aligns with the life of Jonathan David, a Canadian football player excelling in Ligue 1. Quick on the ball, clinical in the final third, and strong in duels, his repertoire can be discussed at length. It’s no surprise that he’s on the radar of elite European clubs.

However, only a few ardent football fans know him beyond transfer talks and football highlights. In this article, we’ll cover the childhood of the ‘Canadian Pearl’ and trace his path to stardom, delving into intriguing and lesser-known details about his life, such as his family, relationships, religion, personality, and more.

Jonathan David Family

Jonathan David’s parents are Wilfried David and Rose David. He also has a younger sister whose name remains unknown. Tragically, his mother passed away in 2019. On the anniversary of her death, he paid tribute to her by dedicating a goal, celebrating with a flower in her honor.


Jonathan David is a devout Christian. Frequently, he expresses his gratitude to God when scoring a goal, and he often takes to Instagram to display his faith and thankfulness.

Marital Status

Jonathan David is currently unmarried. Our research couldn’t definitively identify any of his past relationships, as he prefers to keep aspects of his personal life private. His focus remains dedicated to establishing his name in the world of football.


Surprising to many readers, Jonathan David was actually born in Brooklyn, New York, while his parents were visiting relatives. His Haitian parents intended to briefly stay to register for American citizenship through his birth. However, plans changed just a few months later, prompting him and his family to relocate to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He spent his early years in Haiti until the age of 6, cherishing memories of playing football there. David fondly recalls trying to replicate the skills and tricks he observed Ronaldinho performing on television.

In 2006, his family made the decision to leave the Caribbean Island and settle in Canada. Jonathan David received his schooling and education from Louis Riel Public Secondary School, where his passion for football took root. He credits them for sowing the seeds that set him on the path to the heights of football. The player he looks up to with immense respect is the French icon, Thierry Henry. David once said, ‘Thierry Henry, the way he drops off, dribbles with the ball, and takes on players. Watching the little details of his game is something you can take and put into your game.

The Beginning of Something Special

Recognizing his resolute passion for the game, his parents enrolled him in the Gloucester Dragons’ youth academy, where he trained for a year. He would then spend the next seven years training with Ottawa Gloucester Hornets and Ottawa International between 2011 and 2018. His dream? To become a force to reckon with in a top European club. His talent was immediately noticed by several clubs in North America, but he was determined to settle for nothing less than European top-flight football.

This marked the beginning of a new expedition across the globe as he attempted trials at several European clubs. He failed a couple of his trials, and his hunger for success slowly began receding. During the same period, he suffered from a PlayStation addiction that further blurred his vision of becoming a prominent figure in European football. However, he was able to catch a break at last as he succeeded in his trials at KAA Gent, the same club that turned Kevin de Bruyne into the goliath we know today.

Inking his Name in the Hall of Fame

What better way to unveil your tapestry of footballing art than by scoring on your debut, and that too in stoppage time? The artist? Jonathan David. He made an even more tantalizing impression by scoring on his UEFA Europa League debut as well. This undoubtedly led the higher-ups at Gent to offer him a contract extension, which the Canadian agreed to, with the expiration set for 2023. However, Gent did not block any transfer offers for him as his performances turned him into a lucrative asset.

Enter LOSC Lille, who secured his services for a fee of €30m in 2020, making his sale the most expensive for a Canadian player, a record that remains exclusive to him at the time of writing this. With much hype around his transfer, he wasn’t just set to meet expectations but exceed them. However, life in France wasn’t all sunshine for Jonathan as he had a poor start—scoring only one goal in seven games. Yet, he found his rhythm during the second half of the 2020/21 season and finished with 13 goals, also securing the Ligue 1 trophy as surprise winners.

Soon after, he became Lille’s most important player, drawing interest from many top clubs such as Arsenal, Manchester United, and even Real Madrid following the departure of their star player, Karim Benzema. His future in the Premier League or with Los Blancos remains to be seen.

Lifestyle and Personality

Jonathan David is a simple man who doesn’t need expensive cars or jewelry to find happiness. Instead, his strong sense of fashion acts as the trademark of his personality, showcasing his appreciation for fabric aesthetics.

He’s also one of the most composed individuals you might ever meet if you get the chance. The Canadian NT coach gave him the nickname ‘Iceman’ as a vivid description of his calm and tranquil approach to life. “He’s just so cool and calm—doesn’t say much, has this demeanor that nothing fazes him.”

He is a team player and doesn’t seek fame in exchange for his services on the pitch. He even visits the youth academies where he trained during his early years in Canada when he gets the time. “I don’t seek the limelight. I’m not active on social media. I focus on my career, my family, and my friends. But I still aspire to become one of the best forwards in the world. I work for that on a daily basis.

Fun Facts about Jonathan David

  • Involved in charity and social services in his home country of Haiti. He partnered with former USMNT player Tony Sanneh to support up to 300 young football players from a shanty town in Haiti. “We help youngsters eat, get educated, and coached. They have six training sessions a week. They always have a meal. It’s sometimes their only meal of the day,” explained David. “My parents educated me well, and I was fortunate, but I know I could have been in that situation. I have the means. I just want to give them that and help them best I can.”
  • Faced rejections from RB Salzburg and VFB Stuttgart when he attempted trials there.
  • Turned down all contract offers from clubs in the MLS.
  • Enjoys a close friendship with Lille teammate and former Manchester United Golden Boy, Angel Gomes.

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Player Info

Full Name

Jonathan Christian David


The Canadian Pearl

Date Of Birth

January 14, 2000

Place Of Birth

Brooklyn, New York City, USA


Canada, USA




5ft 11in (1.8m)

Marital Status



  • Wilfred David (Father)
  • Rose David (Mother)



Professional Career

Current Team

LOSC Lille

Club Jersey Num


National Team


Youth Team(s)

  • Ottawa Gloucester Hornets 
  • Ottawa International


Centre Forward

Preferred Foot


Playing Style

  • Finisher
  • Targetman

Market Value

€60.00 Million

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