7 Goalkeepers That Manchester United Almost Signed Instead Of Onana

There are a few Goalkeepers that Manchester United almost signed instead of Onana that you may not know about. When Manchester United secured the services of Andre Onana, it appeared to be a promising acquisition. However, as the season unfolded and Onana made a few costly errors, many began to question the decision.

Goalkeepers That Manchester United Almost Signed

Regrettably, transfers cannot be undone, and the club can only ponder what might have been had they chosen differently. In this blog post, we explore seven goalkeepers Manchester United could have signed instead of Onana.

1. Yan Sommer

Goalkeepers That Manchester United Almost Signed

Yann Sommer, the man who replaced Onana at Inter Milan, immediately comes to mind. In terms of experience and goalkeeping ability, Sommer ranks among the very best. He even stepped in for Neuer at Bayern Munich when the German legend was sidelined last season, performing admirably. With over 200 clean sheets in his career, Sommer’s prowess is undeniable. The only drawback would have been his age; at 34, he may not have had many active years left, which might have deterred Manchester United.

2. Kevin Trapp

Another seasoned option that the club might have considered is Kevin Trapp. At 33 years old, it was uncertain whether Trapp could provide top-tier performances for an extended period, as not every goalkeeper can maintain their form well into their 40s, akin to Van Der Sar. Nevertheless, his extensive track record of over 150 career clean sheets in approximately 500 games signified a wealth of experience, skill, and reliability. While the deal would have been sensible, Trapp, at 33, might have hesitated to transition to a new country and league, where adapting to the new environment could have posed some challenges.

3. Wojciech Szczęsny

Goalkeepers That Manchester United Almost Signed

Wojciech Szczęsny, the ex-Arsenal shot-stopper, enjoyed a six-year stint at Juventus, seamlessly stepping into the legendary Gigi Buffon’s shoes. During this period, he established himself as a rock-solid presence in the goal. United’s decision to sign the 33-year-old would have been entirely logical, given his extensive experience and familiarity with English football.

4. David Raya

The decision not to pursue David Raya is rather surprising considering he appeared to be an excellent alternative to David De Gea. Raya exhibited exceptional skills, including proficiency with his feet and strong shot-stopping abilities. Moreover, he boasted extensive Premier League experience and expressed a desire to leave Brentford. Additionally, his acquisition would have been more cost-effective than Onana. Manchester United had an enticing prospect in front of them.

Now, witnessing Raya consistently deliver commendable performances for Arsenal, it’s possible that Manchester United regrets not securing his signature. The only apparent drawback was his lack of prior Champions League experience, which might explain why they hesitated to make a move.

5. Justin Bijlow

Goalkeepers That Manchester United Almost Signed

At 25 years old, Justin Bijlow of Feyenoord could have been a compelling addition for Manchester United. His youthfulness combined with his experience, having already amassed over 120 appearances, made him an intriguing prospect. Notably, Bijlow’s pivotal role in Feyenoord’s triumph in the Dutch league last season underscored his winning mentality. Equally important was his adeptness with the ball at his feet, and his shared nationality with Erik Ten Hag further heightened his suitability for the club. In hindsight, this potential deal appeared to be a logical choice, with the primary caveat being his limited Champions League experience at the time.

6. Diogo Costa

If Manchester United had been considering other options, they might have turned their attention to Diogo Costa, the 24-year-old goalkeeper from FC Porto. Costa, a memorable figure, was known for his remarkable penalty-saving feats in three consecutive Champions League games last season. However, he wasn’t just a penalty specialist; he had been Porto’s first-choice goalkeeper since the tender age of 21, accumulating around 50 clean sheets in just over 100 matches. His extensive experience and undeniable ability would have made him a superb choice for the club.

7. Djordje Petrovic

Goalkeepers That Manchester United Almost Signed

Djordje Petrovic, though not as well-known as some of the other names on the list, is a talent that shouldn’t be underestimated. The 24-year-old demonstrated his prowess last season while playing for the New England Revolution in the MLS, securing an impressive 8 clean sheets in 25 games. This performance drew the attention of several Premier League clubs, with Manchester United among them. However, in an unexpected turn of events, the Red Devils opted not to secure his services, and Petrovic eventually signed with their rivals, Chelsea.

While the above-mentioned goalkeepers may not all have extensive Champions League experience, each had their unique strengths that could have made them valuable additions to Manchester United’s squad. It’s essential to reflect on what might have been and speculate about the various options the club could have pursued. If you believe there are other goalkeepers Manchester United could have signed, please share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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