Kyle Walker Biography: Net Worth, Parents, Wife, Education, Personal Life, Age

Kyle Andrew Walker, commonly known as Kyle Walker, is an English footballer born on May 28, 1990, in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom. He started his career at the age of 7, entering the club known as Boyhood Club Sheffield United. Now, he is famously known as a defender for Manchester City. He also plays for England internationally. 

Kyle Walker’s Early Life 

On May 28, 1990, Kyle Walker was born in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. He was raised in the city’s Sharrow neighborhood. Walker displayed a strong interest in football from an early age.  He balanced his studies with his love of the game by attending Porter Croft Infant & Junior School and then High Storrs School. Walker’s talent was seen at a young age, and at seven, he joined his hometown football club, Sheffield United’s youth academy. Raised in a loving household, his mother, Tracey, was a major motivator for him to pursue his football dreams. 

In 2008, Walker made his Sheffield United professional debut. Tottenham Hotspur was impressed by his skills, and in 2009, he moved to the Premier League team. Walker’s skill and perseverance overcame obstacles and competition to establish him as one of the best right-backs in English football. His early experiences at Sheffield United’s academy and his childhood in Sheffield served as the cornerstones of his prosperous professional football career.

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Who is Kyle Walker’s wife?

Annie Kilner is Kyle Walker’s beloved wife, who started their dating journey as a teen. There was a rumor that he cheated on Annie Kilner and started dating Lauryn Goodman for a short period of time. Annie Kilner is a model and has appeared on various media platforms. The couple has 4 beautiful children: three sons named Roman, Riann, and Reign, and the fourth was born recently on April 16, 2024.

The couple has had an on-and-off relationship over the years, but they have been together for a significant period of time.

Kyle Walker with his wife and children after England’s game against Senegal at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Kyle Walker Father: Michael Walker

He was born to Michael Walker, who is from Jamaica and belongs to a Middle-class family Michael had a big impact on Kyle’s growth as a professional football player since he has played a supportive role in his life and career.  Kyle Walker has credited his father and other family members for helping him along the way to becoming a well-respected player in the Premier League and for the England national team.

Walker said in a 2011 interview with the UK online news outlet Standard that his father would not allow him to drive alone in Northampton because he had never driven on a highway before when he was sent on loan to the team. Michael led the way, fearing that he would lose his kid in an automobile accident, as Kyle trailed quietly behind.

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Kyle Walker with his parents

Kyle Walker’s mother: Tracey Walker

Tracey Walker is the mother of Kyle Walker. She has had a big impact on his life and work. Tracey has been a supportive figure in Kyle Walker’s career, from his early days at Sheffield United to his current status as a professional football player at Manchester City and the England national team. Walkers are of Jamaican heritage. Kyle’s growth and football career success have been greatly attributed to Tracey’s encouragement and support.

Kyle Walker's mother

Kyle Walker’s Siblings: Tre Walker and Zamir Walker

Tre Walker and Zamir Walker are his two brothers. The family has been close-knit throughout the years, having grown up together in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Kyle Walker’s Education

Born in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, on May 28, 1990, Kyle Andrew Walker has Jamaican ancestry through his father. Growing up in the city’s Sharrow neighborhood, he attended Porter Croft Infant & Junior School before transferring to High Storrs School, where he attended until 2006. His football career took off at an early age, so he neglected his official education. At the age of seven, Walker enrolled in Sheffield United’s youth program, where his main goal was to improve his football abilities. So, his early football training and career development were linked to his studies.

Kyle Walker’s Personal Life

Alongside his professional football career, Kyle Walker’s personal life has attracted a lot of attention. He is married to model Annie Kilner, with whom he has had intermittent relationships over the years. Together, they are parents to four kids. Walker’s well-known profession and their media appearance have contributed to public awareness of their relationship. Walker’s personal life has been fraught with a number of difficulties and disputes. A rumor was spread about him having an affair, and later her wife forgave him.

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He has continued to prioritize his family and profession in spite of these. He has stated that he is dedicated to his kids, and he frequently posts pictures of his family on social media.

Growing up in a close-knit household with his mother, Tracey Walker, he acquired a strong sense of resilience and resolve. Walker likes to relax from the demands of his professional career by spending time with his family and participating in activities outside of sports. He is renowned for keeping many facets of his private life private in an effort to maintain a healthy balance between his family life and his public persona.

Kyle Walker an English footballer, once went undercover in order to try out for Britain’s Got Talent

Dressed in a huge body-sized version of the World Cup, comedian Jack Whitehall and Kyle Walker, the city defender, went to Britain’s Got Talent. Walker covered his face with a hat and sunglasses. They named themselves as  Darren and Andrew. They desired to perform a song for public release prior to the 2018 Russian campaign of the Three Lions.

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Kyle Walker Career

At the age of seven, Kyle Walker started playing football with Sheffield United’s youth program, his hometown team in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. In January 2009, he made his Sheffield United professional debut. Walker’s performances, which highlighted his quickness and defensive prowess, attracted attention right away. Walker paid £9 million to join Tottenham Hotspur in July 2009, but he was promptly loaned back to Sheffield United for the 2009–2010 campaign. Walker has made a name for himself as an important member of Tottenham since 2011. He was named the 2012 PFA Young Player of the Year as a result of his achievements.​ For an estimated £50 million, Walker became one of the most expensive defenders in the world when he joined Manchester City in July 2017.

Walker has had tremendous success with Manchester City, taking home several Premier League titles as well as FA Cups, EFL Cups, and the UEFA Champions League in the 2022–23 campaign.

Kyle Walker International Career

Walker earned his senior debut for the England national team in 2011. Ever since, he has amassed more than 70 caps and competed for England in numerous high-profile competitions, such as the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA European Championship. Among his noteworthy accomplishments on the international scene is having accompanied England to the Euro 2020 final, where they were defeated by Italy.

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Kyle Walker Playing Style

His position is a defender at Manchester City, where he plays as a right-back and prefers the right foot.  Walker is well-known for his extraordinary quickness, strong defense, and versatility in both the attacking and defensive parts of the game. Because of his adaptability, he can play a variety of defensive roles.

What is Kyle Walker’s Net Worth?

According to reports, Kyle Walker, a star for Manchester City, is worth approximately £27 million. During his 16-year first-team career, he has accumulated an incredible sum of money from brand collaborations and deals in addition to his high pay as a Premier League football player. Walker reportedly makes an incredible £160,000 a week at the Etihad Stadium on his current salary. The 33-year-old signed a new two-year contract extension in September 2023 after joining Manchester City in 2017. Walker has endorsed football boots from Nike as part of a paid deal with the company. He has also supported the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) and collaborated with PUMA and A Sports FIFA.

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Player Info

Full Name

Kyle Andrew Walker


Sky Walker

Date Of Birth

May 28, 1990

Place Of Birth





Mixed (Jamaican and English)


1.78 m

Marital Status



  • Michael Walker (Father)
  • Tracey Walker(Mother)



Professional Career

Current Team

Manchester City

Club Jersey Num


National Team


Youth Team(s)

  • Sheffield United FC
  • Tottenham Hotspur
  • Manchester City




Preferred Foot


Playing Style


Market Value

€13.00 M

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