Matheus Nunes Players Bio: Family, Age, Value, Religion

Matheus Nunes: In the world of football, stories of triumph over adversity are not uncommon. Players often emerge from humble beginnings, overcoming life’s challenges to reach the pinnacle of their sport. Matheus Nunes, a rising star in the football world, is a living testament to this narrative. Born in the bustling city of Rio de Janeiro to a Portuguese father and a Brazilian mother, Matheus’s journey from the rugged favelas of Brazil to the grand stadiums of Europe is nothing short of inspiring.

Early Life – A Tale of Tenacity in the Tumultuous Tides

Matheus Nunes was born into a family that knew the meaning of struggle all too well. His father, Mr. Nunes left the family early in Matheus’ life, leaving his mother, Catia Regina, to navigate the hardships of raising three children on her own. The family faced financial difficulties that made their day-to-day life a constant challenge. Catia, despite being a working woman, struggled to make ends meet.

In the midst of the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Matheus found solace and passion in football. It was in these very streets, amidst the fervour of Brazil’s football culture, that he honed his skills and dreamt of a brighter future. The sport became not just a pastime but a lifeline, a way out of the difficult circumstances he found himself in.

As the family’s hardships grew, Catia eventually remarried, tying the knot with Timo Nummelin. This marriage led to a significant change in their lives as the entire family relocated to the coastal landscape of Ericeira in Lisbon, Portugal. Here, Matheus gained two more siblings as his mother and stepfather started a new chapter in their lives.

Matheus attended a community school in Lisbon and even worked in a bakery for a brief period as a salesman to contribute to the family’s finances. His academic performance suffered due to his deep involvement in football, and he soon faced a critical decision – to choose between school and his beloved sport. He chose football, a decision that would shape his destiny.

Matheus’ mother, Catia, noticed a transformation in her son as he worked in the bakery. He began to appreciate life and its simple pleasures in a different light. This period of personal growth marked the beginning of his incredible journey.

Matheus also began playing for the local club, Ericeirense, where he continued to develop his footballing skills.

Matheus Nunes Faith and Identity

Matheus Nunes

Matheus Nunes was raised in a Christian household, and his name, “Matheus,” itself carries a profound meaning, translating to “gift from God.” His faith would play a significant role in shaping his character and perseverance throughout his life’s journey.

From Ericeirense to the Premier League

In 2018, Matheus Nunes made a pivotal move to Estoril, a Portuguese football club, which eventually led to his breakthrough. His talent and hard work did not go unnoticed, and in 2019, Sporting CP, one of Portugal’s most prominent football clubs, signed him. This was a turning point in his career, as he got the chance to play at a higher level.

In 2021, Matheus’s performance in the Primeira Liga earned him a place in the Primeira Liga Team of the Year, a testament to his skill and dedication.

However, the most significant leap in his career came in 2022 when Wolverhampton Wanderers, a Premier League club, signed Matheus Nunes for a club-record fee of €45 million. His profile as a central midfielder with exceptional physical attributes, ball progression skills, defensive reliability, and precise passing ability caught the eye of top-tier clubs.

The football world was abuzz when, in 2023, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola secured Matheus Nunes’ signature for €62 million. Guardiola, one of the best managers in the world, hailed Matheus as one of the best players. His versatility, strength, and deep understanding of the game make him an asset on the field. Matheus can seamlessly adapt to various positions and roles, thanks to his diverse skill set, which includes precise passing and anticipatory interceptions.

Destiny – From Adversity to Achievement

At just 25 years of age, Matheus Nunes has already achieved the dream of every aspiring footballer. He now plays for one of the most prestigious clubs in Europe, Manchester City. With praise from his manager, Pep Guardiola, it’s clear that his journey is on an upward trajectory.

From the poverty-stricken streets of Rio’s favelas to the grandeur of Manchester’s metropolitan life, Matheus’s story is a testament to commitment, hard work, faith, and raw talent. It’s a journey that serves as an inspiration to countless others who dare to dream big.

Trivia – Personal Insights

Matheus Nunes

To better understand Matheus Nunes, it’s essential to delve into some of the personal details that make him unique:

  • Matheus’s footballing idol is none other than the Brazilian legend, Ronaldinho.
  • Before making it in professional football, Matheus worked in a bakery. In a playful twist of fate, Manchester City had him revisit his bakery skills in a Brazilian bakery named “Flat Baker,” offering a delightful moment of nostalgia.
  • Matheus’s favorite song is “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey, a fitting anthem for a player whose journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.


Matheus Nunes’s story is a remarkable testament to the power of determination and resilience. His journey from the rugged favelas of Rio de Janeiro to the elite arenas of European football is a reminder that talent and hard work can break through the most challenging of circumstances. As he continues to rise in the football world, Matheus remains an inspiration to all those who dare to dream and believe in themselves.

Aravind Nair

Aravind Nair

Hello, this is Aravind Nair from India. Football has been an integral part since the formative years of my life. Football has been an exemplary and metaphor for multiple aspects of life that has made me appreciate the game even more. Beyond the capitalistic notions that drive football, it is ultimately the meaning of life and resistance of the concurrent ethos that is always preserved through time and celebrated with an air of mystery and wonderment, numbers are just numbers.
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Player Info

Full Name

Matheus Luiz Nunes


Saint Matheus

Date Of Birth

August 27, 1998

Place Of Birth

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil






1.84 m (6ft 0 in)

Marital Status



  • Timo Nummelin (Stepfather)
  • Catia Regina (Mother)


Professional Career

Current Team

Manchester City

Club Jersey Num


National Team


Youth Team(s)



Central Midfield

Preferred Foot


Playing Style


Market Value

€55.00 Million

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