Eder Militao, The Untold Biography of Real Madrid’s Defensive Dynamo: Father, Salary, Net Worth and More

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Eder Gabriel Militao, famously known as Eder Militao, was born on January 18, 1998, in Sertãozinho, São Paulo, Brazil. He is a Brazilian professional football player who also plays as a center-back for the club Real Madrid and the national team of Brazil. His jersey number is 3. His father is considered his role model, as he also wrote in his letter, “One day, you will show up at the football school where your dad coaches. He won’t know. In fact, he will be shocked to see you there.”

Eder Militao: Early Life

Young Eder was a very shy child who only enjoyed being on the street and at home with his family when he was playing with his kite. He didn’t try anything new back then; he just rode his bike and flew kites on Sertaozinho Street. His father was a footballer, he provided all the training at an early age to Eder, which increased his interest in football.  He was not even interested in football, but somehow, within a short time, everything changed. Now, he is considered one of the best footballers, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs Valdo and Ana Maria, are super proud of him.

He also prioritized his studies along with playing as he completed his schooling. If he hadn’t gone to school, he might have been engaged in the industrial enterprise of Sertãozinho.

Eder Militao: Father

Eder Militao’s father’s name is Valdo Militao, who was also a professional football player. He was a defensive midfielder who mostly competed for Brazilian lower-division teams. Before becoming a parent, Valdo Militao, the father of Eder Militao, played with Legendary Rivaldo for Corinthians.

From an early age, Valdo has been Éder’s primary mentor, teaching him the foundations of football. Éder’s comprehension of the game enabled him to acquire the abilities and tactical awareness required to compete at the top levels.

Initially, Eder was not very interested in football and was not even ready to trust himself that he could live up to what his dad had done on the pitch, but thanks to his dad, his opinion changed.

Eder Militao: Mother

Eder Militao with his kid and parents.

Eder Militao with his kid and parents.

Ana Maria Militao is the mother of Eder Militao. Eder and his mother have a very strong relationship. In interviews, he frequently thanks her for her support and influence and expresses his gratitude for her contribution to his life.

Éder has been raised with strong family values by Ana Maria, who emphasizes the importance of maintaining relationships with loved ones. Éder has been able to keep a sensible and balanced outlook on life because of these ideals.

Eder Militao: Siblings

Eder Militao with his siblings and family.

Eder Militao with his sister Maria Julia Militao (middle) and his brother Edvaldo Militao Jr (left)

Eder Militao has a sister whose name is Maria Julia Militao. She has also been one of the supporting factors in Eder’s life. Like Éder’s other family members, Maria Júlia would rather stay out of the spotlight and concentrate on helping her brother in the background. As a result, even though she is recognized as Éder’s sister and a helpful sibling, there isn’t much more precise information accessible about her. The star also has an elder brother named Edvaldo Militao Jr who is pictured as a supporting pillar in most of Eder’s endeavors.

Eder Militao: Education

Eder Militao’s parents had no idea what lay ahead for them. They were satisfied that Eder and Junior had finished their schooling. They followed Brazilian educational law, which mandates that children be enrolled in school from the age of six to fourteen. For these and other reasons, Eder and his brother Junior attended elementary and high school.

Eder Militao: Club Career

Sao Paulo FC (2017-2019)

Militão started his professional career in Brazil with São Paulo FC.

In 2017, he made his senior team debut for São Paulo and became an instant favorite on the squad. Militão, who was well-known for his flexibility, spent much of his time at São Paulo playing as a center-back or right-back. European clubs took notice of his impressive achievements within months.

FC Porto (2019-2021)

Éder Militão moved to Portugal to join FC Porto in July 2019.

At Porto, he had an instant effect and established himself as a reliable defense starter.

Both critics and supporters were pleased by Militão’s quickness, defensive prowess, and ability to play out of the back.

He assisted Porto in competing in both European and Primeira Liga events while he was at the club.

Real Madrid (Present)

In March 2019, Real Madrid announced the signing of Eder Militao and he was signed with the amount of 50 million Euros. As a member of Real Madrid’s defensive lineup, Militão faced out against seasoned defenders such as Raphael Varane and Sergio Ramos.

He kept showcasing his defensive prowess, helping Real Madrid win both the La Liga and the UEFA Champions League.

Eder Militao: International Career

Eder Militao for Brazil against Venezuela in Copa America

Eder Militao for Brazil against Venezuela in Copa America

On September 11, 2018, Militão made his debut for Brazil in a friendly match against El Salvador. His outstanding club accomplishments warranted a call-up to the national team.

Brazil’s roster for the 2019 Copa América, which was held in Brazil, included Militão. Despite not starting every game, he added depth to the defense and earned invaluable experience taking part in a significant international competition.

Brazil’s team has included Militão on a regular basis in the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers. His ability to play out of the back and his strong defense have been a great benefit to the team.

Eder Militao: Playing Style

Eder Militão is a quick and strong defender who has an advantage over opponents due to his physical attributes. Militão exemplifies a contemporary defender; in addition to his defensive prowess, he plays quickly and with plenty of space behind him, which allows him to recover possession in a counterattack. 

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Eder Militao: Personal Life

Militao breaks up with his girlfriend

Militao broke up with his girlfriend

Eder Militao has a beautiful daughter from his ex-girlfriend Karoline Lima. They parted their ways even before their child was born, but it has been rumored that they might have a close connection now for the welfare of their daughter. 

Now, it has been seen that he is happy with his current relationship with Taina Castro; an influencer.

Éder Militão is active on social media, especially Instagram, where he periodically posts updates about his life at work, his workouts, and his relationships with colleagues and family.

He also wrote a letter to himself, which was originally published in Portuguese.

Does Eder Militao have a Girlfriend Now?

He has a girlfriend named Taina Castro. After he had split up with his daughter’s mother, Karoline Lima, he presented his new girlfriend. 

The couple is very open about their relationship and usually posts on social media. Taina Castro was seen celebrating and supporting her boyfriend in the finals of the Champions League. She is an Instagram influencer focusing on health and beauty, with around 189K followers around 189K. Her Instagram handle is tataa.castro .

Does Eder Militao have a child?

Eder Militao and his daughter

Eder Militao and his daughter

Eder Militao has a beautiful daughter from his ex-girlfriend named Cecilia, who was born in July 2022. The couple parted ways before their daughter was born but does not hold grudges, and now they are close for the sake of their daughter’s wellbeing.

Eder Militao: Salary

As of the latest information, the Brazilian footballer Eder Militao earns around €7,290,000.00 annually, €607,500.00 monthly,  €140,192.31 weekly, and €28,038.46 daily.

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Player Info

Full Name

Eder Gabriel Militao


'Air' Militao

Date Of Birth

January 18, 1998

Place Of Birth

Sertãozinho, São Paulo, Brazil






1.86m (6 ft 1 in)

Marital Status



  • Valdo Militao (Father)
  • Ana Maria Militao ( Mother)



Professional Career

Current Team

Real Madrid

Club Jersey Num


National Team


Youth Team(s)

  • Sao Paulo
  • FC Porto



Preferred Foot


Playing Style

Defending on the front foot

Market Value

60 Million Euros

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