5 times football players have had their drinks spiked

If told there were instances where football players drinks got spiked, would you have ever believed and who would you assume to be the suspect? Are there dirty games in football? Let’s find out.

5 times football players drinks got spiked

Football, the beautiful game, demands precision, agility, and unwavering focus. However, even within the tight-knit world of football, there are instances when the unexpected and sinister intrude. In this article, we delve into five astonishing cases where players had their drinks spiked, leading to consequences that echoed far beyond the pitch. From tragic accidents to cunning conspiracies, these stories underscore the importance of vigilance and camaraderie in the world of football.

1. Daniel Cain’s Heart-Wrenching Ordeal

Let’s start with the heart-wrenching story of former Arsenal academy player, Daniel Cain. Three years ago, a life-altering incident occurred when Cain fell victim to a drink-spiking episode. His journey took a dramatic turn as he suffered a cardiac arrest, leaving him hospitalized for two agonizing years. Today, he’s a tetraplegic, requiring constant care. To regain mobility, Cain has embarked on a challenging journey with the help of Neurokinex, a not-for-profit organization. The cost of his recovery extends beyond what the NHS can provide, prompting his family to create a GoFundMe page. This tragic incident serves as a poignant reminder of the need for vigilance and mutual support in the football community.

2. Saido Berahino’s Shocking Revelation

In 2016, Saido Berahino, while playing for West Bromwich Albion, encountered a mysterious setback. Initially sidelined with what appeared to be fitness issues and depression, he later failed a drug test. The revelation was startling – Berahino had his drink spiked in a nightclub. While acknowledging his own irresponsibility in being at the nightclub, he remained puzzled as to why someone would intentionally harm him. This incident underscores the potential dangers lurking within the nightlife for professional footballers.

3. Argentina vs. Brazil: Italia ’90 Controversy

The 1990 World Cup in Italy witnessed thrilling matches and controversies, none more surprising than the encounter between Argentina and Brazil in the round of 16. Argentina, the defending world champion, had a challenging tournament, facing a shocking defeat against Cameroon. In their match against the USSR, their goalkeeper got injured, and Sergio Goykocechea stepped in.

5 times football players drinks got spiked

During a pivotal moment in the game, Diego Maradona allegedly orchestrated a plot to spike the water bottle of Brazilian left-back Branco with tranquilizers. This unsportsmanlike tactic led to Branco feeling sluggish, and Argentina secured victory with the sole goal of the match. The incident remained a mystery until Maradona finally admitted his involvement years later, revealing yet another controversial chapter in his storied career.

4. Andy van der Meyde’s Liverpool Night Out

In 2006, Everton FC’s winger, Andy van der Meyde, found himself in trouble following a night out in Liverpool. Rushed to the hospital, his partner suspected his drink had been spiked. An investigation was launched by the Merseyside Police, but the incident remained shrouded in mystery. Everton fined van der Meyde, and he faced the wrath of manager David Moyes, emphasizing the consequences of such incidents within professional football

5 times football players drinks got spiked

5. Cremonese vs. Paganese: The Bizarre Drugging Incident

A match in Italy’s Serie C between Cremonese and Paganese took a bizarre turn when Cremonese players suddenly lost their form and began making mistakes. The situation worsened when one player crashed his car while returning home. Investigations revealed that the players had been drugged with tranquilizers. Shockingly, the culprit was none other than their former goalkeeper, Marco Paolini, who sought to pay off gambling debts by spiking his teammates’ drinks to ensure his bookies’ victory. Paolini’s actions led to a five-year ban and a tarnished reputation, proving that the repercussions of spiking drinks extend beyond the playing field.

5 times football players drinks got spiked

These five stories highlight the sinister side of football, where drinks spiked with malicious intent have left players and teams in turmoil. From heartbreaking personal tragedies to cunning conspiracies, these incidents serve as stark reminders of the need for caution and vigilance in a sport where teamwork and camaraderie should always prevail. The football world may be filled with glory, but it also faces its share of darkness – a reminder that unity and watchfulness are as crucial as the game itself.

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