Top 5 Teams Likely to Receive Champions League Invitations

Let’s discuss about some of the teams likely to receive champions league invitations based of the new format of the competition. There are rumors currently going around that Cristiano Ronaldo’s Al Nassr could be invited to play in the UEFA Champions League as a wildcard option in the new format of the competition.

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Of course, it has not yet been confirmed by UEFA, but just imagine if that happens. The Champions League has definitely missed the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Sadio Mane, and Anderson Talisca. It would be great to have them back even if it’s just for a short time.

Teams Likely to Receive Champions League Invitations

Anyway, if UEFA really intends to invite non-European teams next season, then these are the top 5 teams that could be invited to play in the Champions League.

1. Al Nassr

Let’s start with Al Nassr, they started the rumor after all. Saudi Arabia is really doing a lot to bring more eyeballs to their league, so we won’t be surprised at all if this is one of the moves they’re making to achieve that goal. 

Teams Likely to Receive Champions League Invitations

The country has already secured the rights to host the 2034 World Cup, and they’ll also be hosting the FIFA Club World Cup this year along with the Spanish Super Cup 2024. So, it’s actually not beyond the Saudis to try and push one of their clubs into the biggest club competition in the world. 

And if the Saudi Pro League is going to push one club forward, it’s always going to be the one with one of the greatest players of all time; the club that has the most successful player in Champions League history; the club with the player who conquered Europe five times.

2. Inter Miami

Inter Miami has grown in popularity since Lionel Messi signed for them, and if UEFA is really inviting non-European clubs, we don’t think they’ll be overlooked. By next year, Inter Miami will have 4 UEFA Champions League winners on their team – Messi, Busquets, Alba, and Suarez.

Not to forget that the club owner, David Beckham, has some insane European pedigree, so you can definitely see those negotiations happening.

Tell me you are not salivating over the thought of these two legends squaring off for the trophy.

Maybe the Champions League will give us what the World Cup couldn’t – a befitting last dance between the two GOATs. 

If you put the influence of the GOATs aside, What other clubs could UEFA invite to play in the Champions League?

3.  Fluminense

Well, Fluminense has a huge shout. It’s no secret that football is a religion in Brazil, so if you’re going to invite non-European clubs to the biggest club competition in the world, Brazil just has to be represented.

And well, it will be Fluminense representing Brazil and South America in the FIFA Club World Cup this year; if they’re good enough for that, they should be good enough to represent the country in the Champions League.

Let’s also not forget that the legendary Marcelo currently plays there. He led Fluminense to victory in the Copa Libertadores, and he is also definitely capable of leading them to the Champions League.

This guy won the Champions League 5 times, once as captain, so you could say that there’s no player currently playing in South America with more experience in the Champions League than him, so why not invite the club he currently plays for?

4. Boca Juniors

Another South American club worthy of an invite is Boca Juniors. These guys are one of the most successful clubs in the world, so it seems pretty fitting to invite them over to the biggest club competition in the world. Also, Let’s not forget that Boca Juniors currently has players with experience playing in European competitions like Sergio Romero, Marcus Rojo, and of course, Edinson Cavani. 

The club has also historically produced some really amazing players through the years like Riquelme, Tevez, and Diego Maradona himself. Wouldn’t it just be great to see Boca Juniors in the UEFA Champions League?

5. Al Ahly SC

We’ve seen clubs from Asia, South America, and North America, but you know it’s not complete if we don’t have, at least, one club from Africa. Well, that’s why we have Al Ahly SC to complete this list. The Egyptian club is the biggest in the whole of Africa, so they could really get an invite, you know.

CAF voted them the African club of the 20th century, so if there’s going to be one club representing Africa in Europe, it’s almost certainly going to be them. They already represent the continent in the FIFA Club World Cup almost every year.

Anyway, those are 5 clubs that could be invited to the UEFA Champions League. But here are a few bonuses that could also be considered. There’s Club America, the biggest club in Mexico; River Plate, a club that produced numerous superstars like Mascherano, Higuain, Lanzini, Falcao, Lamela, and then Corinthians, the first ever club to win the FIFA Club World Cup.

But if you were to pick just one non-European team to compete in the UEFA Champions League, what club would it be and why?

Tell us in the comments. 

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