5 biggest issues at Manchester United

Sometimes fans want to know the biggest issues at Manchester United even though they may be one. Manchester United, once a powerhouse of English football, now finds itself mired in a sea of troubles. With a rollercoaster of results, a lack of identity, and mounting pressure, it’s clear that all is not well at Old Trafford.

Biggest issues at Manchester United

In this blog, we’ll delve into the five most significant issues plaguing Manchester United, shedding light on the root causes of their struggles.

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1. The Bruno Fernandes Conundrum

Roy Keane, an esteemed figure in the club’s history and a former captain, expressed a strong stance, indicating that were he the manager, he’d promptly relieve Bruno Fernandes of his captaincy. Keane believes this action could potentially ignite a positive change, steering the team toward better short-term results.

biggest issues at Manchester United

Keane’s rationale behind this proposition lies in Fernandes’ consistent tendency to voice complaints and express dissatisfaction. According to Keane, this behavior doesn’t align with the qualities expected from a team captain.

Interestingly, Keane isn’t the sole United legend to voice concerns regarding Fernandes’ leadership. Gary Neville echoed similar sentiments following a devastating 7-0 loss to Liverpool in the previous season. Neville’s critique of Fernandes was notably scathing, labeling his performance as embarrassing, chaotic, and shameful.

When multiple revered figures from the club, both former captains and legendary players, collectively express doubts about Bruno Fernandes’ suitability as a captain, it raises serious questions about his effectiveness in that role.

2. Unrelenting Fan and Media Pressure

The weight of fan and media pressure stands as a significant issue at Manchester United. Have you ever contemplated why managers like Ange Postecoglou, Roberto De Zerbi, Unai Emery, and Eddie Howe have seen rapid successes with their respective Premier League clubs? The underlying reason lies in the notably lower pressure these managers face compared to the immense scrutiny inherent at Manchester United.

Gary Neville aptly highlighted this difference by pointing out that these managers stepped into stable and less demanding environments, a luxury not enjoyed by those at Manchester United.

The pressure at United, stemming from both the fans and the media, is relentless. This constant scrutiny places a heavy burden on both the coach and the players. Additionally, extraneous issues involving players such as Greenwood, Antony, and Sancho only exacerbate an already taxing situation.

The magnitude of pressure at Manchester United is so overwhelming that even esteemed coaching legends like Jose Mourinho and Louis van Gaal succumbed to its weight, despite their stellar track records. This illustrates the unparalleled intensity of the environment at the club, one that has proven to be daunting even for seasoned and successful managers.

3. The Erik ten Hag Question

Erik ten Hag stands as a notable concern at Manchester United. The Dutch manager frequently finds himself making debatable choices that have raised eyebrows. His decisions, ranging from the substantial expenditures on players like Antony (95 million euros), Mount (64 million euros), and Onana (50 million euros), to publicly expressing dissatisfaction with Sancho and orchestrating Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure from the club, have invited scrutiny. Additionally, his day-to-day tactical decisions have often been questioned.

This pattern of decisions collectively raises doubts about ten Hag’s suitability as the right coach for a club of Manchester United’s caliber. Despite securing the EFL Cup last season, his tenure hasn’t seen significant strides in propelling the club forward from the point at which he assumed his role. The inability to drive substantial progress beyond that trophy win has underscored concerns about his effectiveness in steering the team towards a brighter future.

4. Lack of Integrity

A conspicuous issue at Manchester United is the absence of a distinct footballing identity. While it’s unrealistic to anticipate victory in every single game, particularly during a transitional phase, having a recognizable and unwavering style of play is crucial.

Comparatively, managers like De Zerbi, Postecoglou, and Emery have swiftly and effectively implemented a clear style at their respective clubs, even within a relatively short period. This approach enables fans to derive positives from matches, even in the face of losses or dropped points. Outside the Premier League, coaches like Xavi and Xabi Alonso have adeptly established their unique playing styles at their clubs.

This is precisely where Manchester United falls short. They lack a discernible style and identity, leaving supporters yearning for a consistent and identifiable approach on the pitch.

5. Ownership Woes

Ultimately, a significant portion of the blame must be directed towards the club’s owners. The persistent outcry from fans against the Glazers for years reflects the detrimental impact they’ve had on the club.

Their announcement about considering a sale last year initially caused a surge in the club’s market value. However, their subsequent reversal from selling led to a staggering 18% plummet in the club’s valuation within just 24 hours – marking the most substantial drop in its history.

Although Jim Ratcliffe’s potential acquisition of a 25% stake appears promising, the damage inflicted by the Glazers upon Manchester United remains considerable.

The sentiments expressed by Ronaldo in a recent interview shed light on the club’s stagnant state. Over a decade without significant changes, dilapidated and outdated training facilities, leaking roofs at Old Trafford, and an overall rundown condition of the stadium highlight the numerous issues plaguing the club.

Reviving Manchester United to its former glory would necessitate comprehensive efforts from top to bottom. Hopefully, the potential involvement of Ratcliffe signals the dawn of a new era for the club, one that could pave the way for much-needed positive transformations.

To bring Manchester United back to its former glory, a whole lot of work needs doing, starting from the very top and trickling down to every level. The potential arrival of Jim Ratcliffe might just signal a fresh start, ushering in a new chapter for the club.

So, those are the five big issues currently plaguing Manchester United. But hey, if you reckon there’s something even more pressing that needs addressing at the club, drop your thoughts in the comments.

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