20 Clubs Confirmed to Join Super League: Cost to View Super League Announced

The European Super League chief confirms that 20 clubs said Yes to joining the Super League and announced the cost to view the League

Clubs Confirmed to Join Super League

Clubs Confirmed to Join Super League: In a surprising turn of events, the co-founder of A22 Sports Management, the driving force behind the controversial Super League project, has confirmed that 20 European clubs have silently confirmed to join the Super League. Despite facing widespread criticism and backlash, A22 remains undeterred and has found renewed hope after a recent court ruling that FIFA and UEFA cannot block clubs from joining. The latest plans involve a total of 64 clubs across three leagues, marking a significant development in the tumultuous journey of the Super League.

20 Clubs Confirmed to Join Super League

Clubs Confirmed to Join Super League

A22 Sports Management, the brains behind the Super League initiative, has not relented in its pursuit to reshape European football. The co-founder, Anas Laghrari, disclosed that talks have been held with over 50 clubs since the court ruling last month and revealed that 20 clubs confirmed to join Super League. He said, “About 20 of them are very, very motivated by the project. We already have enough clubs to start a competition.” While the specific names of these clubs remain undisclosed, the assertion that there is enough support to kickstart the Super League has sparked renewed debates and discussions.

In response to the ongoing criticism, Laghrari highlighted the potential fairness of the proposed system, stating, “Once everyone understands that it is much fairer to have an authentic European pyramid, and not a system in which the quarter of the Spanish League is worth more than the Belgian champion, people will go towards this model.” This perspective suggests that A22 is positioning the Super League as a remedy to existing inequalities within the European football hierarchy.

Legal Support

The revival of the Super League comes two and a half years after its initial launch faced a massive setback. Twelve clubs initially announced their intention to join, but nine of them withdrew under immense pressure from fans and threats from governing bodies like UEFA and FIFA. However, the recent Court of Justice of the European Union ruling, stating that FIFA and UEFA broke EU law by blocking the formation of the rival Super League, has cleared the legal path for A22 Sports Management to relaunch the project.

The court ruling has undoubtedly provided a fresh impetus for A22, who now claim that 20 clubs have confirmed to join the Super League, and that the project has gathered enough momentum to move forward. The names of the specific clubs involved remain undisclosed, leaving fans and pundits eager to learn which teams are part of this contentious venture.

Easy to Watch

Fee for viewing Super League

Addressing concerns about accessibility, Laghrari assured fans that they would not have to pay to watch Super League games. Instead, the group has introduced a unique subscription model, offering a monthly plan worth €10 (£8.50) for an advertisement-free viewing experience on their new Unify streaming platform. Laghrari emphasized, “All the games will be free, and it will be that way forever.” Drawing parallels with popular free platforms like Gmail, WhatsApp, and Instagram, he pointed out that these services generate substantial revenue despite being free for users.

This subscription model marks an interesting approach, aiming to provide fans with an affordable and ad-free option to enjoy Super League content. However, its success will undoubtedly depend on the broader acceptance of the Super League and its ability to attract a global audience.


Clubs Confirmed to Join Super League

The breaking news of 20 clubs confirming to join the Super League, along with the announcement of the subscription model, adds new layers to the ongoing saga of European football restructuring. A22 Sports Management’s perseverance and the recent legal backing indicate that the Super League may indeed become a reality, challenging the existing football landscape. As debates intensify and opinions clash, the footballing world awaits further developments, keeping a close eye on the future of this contentious project.

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