10 Weirdest Moments In Football

There are some weirdest moments in football that’ll blow your mind. We all love football; it’s the greatest sport in the world. We cherish it for the skills, the goals, the tricks, the storylines, the emotions—basically, everything it offers us. But what makes this sport truly special are the weird moments it creates. And that’s exactly what we’re here to explore today.

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Weirdest Moments In Football

Come along and let us look at some really weird moments in football that will blow your mind.

1. Joao Cancelo’s Interview

Let’s start with this moment from Joao Cancelo’s interview after a match between Barcelona and Celta Vigo. The Portuguese full-back could smell blood during that game, helping Barcelona come back from a 2-goal deficit to win the game with an assist and the winning goal.

Well, perhaps he was still smelling blood after the game because he seemed to briefly turn into a vampire during the post-match interview. That was just too weird.

2.  Phil Jone‘s Weird Faces

We just cannot talk about weird faces without mentioning Phil Jones. This guy is the king of weird, funny faces. He’s always unknowingly making those faces on the pitch, and they never seize to make us laugh.

3. Mitchy Batshuayi‘s Slap in the Face

Mitchy Batshuayi got overly excited after Belgium scored against England at the 2018 World Cup. While attempting to celebrate the crucial goal, he picked up the ball, only to have it accidentally hit him in the face. That must have been quite painful, but you’ve got to admit, it was a bit comical.

4. Tipsy Referee’s Pitch Performance

Even funnier was when Sergei Shmolik who was voted Referee of the Year in the Belarusian league showed up to a game drunk the following season. This man looked like he was doing a Mr. Bean bit right there on the pitch. It was so hilarious!

But for real, what was going on in this man’s life that he went out and drank to stupor just before a game he knew he was going to officiate?

6. Marouane Fellaini‘s Slap

At the 2016 UEFA Super Cup match between Manchester United and Real Madrid, the Belgian midfielder got slapped in the face by the ball and he instantly got turned into a meme because the photographers happened to catch the incident at the greatest moments. Fellaini himself happened to see the fun in it, as well.

But hold up! What’s with Belgians and getting slapped in the face? Jeremy Doku better watch out!

7. Ashley Young‘s Shitty Game

In 2014, during a match between Manchester United and Swansea, Ashley Young experienced a bizarre incident. While attempting to address his teammates’ unsatisfactory performance, a bird suddenly appeared out of nowhere and defecated into his mouth. Eww!

It’s safe to say that Young had a truly unpleasant game that day. Pun definitely intended.

8. Louis van Gaal’s dramatics

We definitely can’t forget Louis van Gaal’s dramatics on the touchline during a Premier League game against Arsenal when he was still the United boss.

The Dutch manager believed Alexis Sanchez had dived, but he felt the referees weren’t grasping the situation. So, he decided to illustrate it for Mike Dean right there on the touchline. Nah, van Gaal is just too comical.

Witnessing someone as imposing as LvG suddenly drop to the ground without any push was undeniably bizarre. However, it was amusing then, and every time we revisit it, it still brings a good laugh.

9. Clash Between Conte and Tuchel

This time, the fight didn’t involve the players; it was between the two coaches. Antonio Conte and Thomas Tuchel were getting under each other’s skin for almost the entire game, and it culminated in the most dramatic climax.

What was expected to be a routine handshake between the managers after the game turned into a scuffle that nearly escalated into a major brawl.

One might wish someone had forewarned them about their impending dismissals from their positions within a year; perhaps they would have tempered their passion a bit

10. The Almost Legendary World Cup Throw-in

It was the 2018 tournament, and Iran was seeking an equalizer against Spain. Milad Mohammadi seemed poised to execute a special trick, but he appeared hesitant to pull it off.

It seems odd that he attempted it but eventually settled for a basic throw-in.

Just imagine if he had the courage to execute the somersault long throw and it resulted in an equalizer. That move would have instantly become the greatest throw-in in World Cup history.

11. Choupo-Moting’s Unbelievable Miss

Let’s now delve into what might be considered the most remarkable miss in Ligue 1 history, perhaps even in football history. Choupo-Moting’s miss was truly unprecedented! It’s safe to say we’ve never witnessed anything quite like it before.

You know what? That wasn’t merely a miss—it was a save. He actually prevented the ball from going into the net. If he hadn’t intervened, it would’ve been an easy goal for PSG. Honestly, it seemed more challenging not to score in that situation, but somehow Choupo managed to do just that. What a moment!

12. Referee Blunder

Let’s conclude with one of the most peculiar decisions made by a referee during a game. When we mention a ‘weird decision from a ref,’ you instantly know it’s about a Premier League referee. Sometimes, we wonder what’s in the water in England.

Weirdest Moments In Football

We need to rewind all the way back to 2014 for this one. During a London derby between Arsenal and Chelsea, referee Andre Marriner mistakenly sent off Kieran Gibbs for an offense committed by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

It was just bizarre. Oxlade-Chamberlain even tried to clarify to the referee that he was the one at fault, but Marriner stuck with his clearly incorrect decision.

Gibbs and Oxlade-Chamberlain don’t even resemble each other enough to justify a mistake like that, to be honest

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