10 Transfers That Look Dumb in Football Right Now

We’re fast approaching another transfer window, and we hope that teams will try and stay away from dumb transfers. To be fair, some of these transfers look perfect at first, but then, time goes on and you just see how dumb they look. Today, we want to look at transfers which fall into that category.

Well, these are 10 transfers that look dumb right now.

1. Romeo Lavia

We’ll start with Romeo Lavia to Chelsea. This transfer just looks really dumb for both parties right now. The Belgian teenager had the chance to join Liverpool in the summer, but he chose Chelsea instead, now Liverpool are actively fighting for the title while Chelsea can’t even string 4 wins together.

Transfers That Look Dumb in Football

And for the Blues themselves, it feels dumb because they paid 62 million euros for this kid and he still hasn’t played a single minute of football for them in 4 months.

2. Christopher Nkunku

 It’s almost the same thing with Christopher Nkunku. Chelsea officially signed him for 60 million euros in July, but his first competitive game for the club came 5 months later. When you spend that kind of money on an attacker, you want him to hit the ground running, not just sit on the sidelines for 5 whole months while your team struggles to win games.

And because of the situation Chelsea have found themselves in this season, a lot of the club’s hope rests on the shoulders of the former Leipzig man, and that’s just a recipe for disaster.

3. Mason Mount 

Chelsea haven’t only been on the receiving end of dumb transfers, you know. The whole Mason Mount move is looking like a dumb one both for him and for Man United.

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United paid 64 million euros for a guy they could have gotten for free in a few months and he’s yet to make a meaningful contribution to the team. He has played 8 Premier League games for United this season and has more bookings than goal contributions.

It’s also looking like a dumb decision for Mount. When you make a big decision like leaving your boyhood club to join one of their biggest rivals, you have to be 100% sure it’d pay off. But it’s looking all shades of dumb right now because, even with how bad United are, he still can’t get into the team. So you just made Chelsea fans hate you for what?

4. Andre Onana

Another Man United signing that is looking dumb right now is definitely Andre Onana. It just feels like the club chased David De Gea away only to sign another version of him. 

This guy conceded 15 goals in 6 Champions League games and has made a number of horrendous blunders so far this season. Listen, Onana has let in 39 goals in 25 appearances in all competitions this campaign. That’s definitely not what you expect from your 50 million-euro goalkeeper. 

5. Josko Gvardiol

On the other side of Manchester, it is Josko Gvardiol’s transfer that seems like a dumb one right now. City made him the second most expensive defender in the world after paying 90 million euros for him in the summer, but it’s now looking like they could have spent their money on someone better.

He’s a 90 million-euro center-back who is having to play as a full-back, and he has been exposed one too many times, especially in that loss to Aston Villa in the Champions League.

WHAT?????? Honestly, City might have been better off just holding on to Laporte and saving their money. 

6. Sandro Tonali

 Another one that looks kinda dumb right now has to be the Sandro Tonali transfer. Newcastle paid 64 million euros to bring Tonali to England against his will as it looked at the time, only for him to play 12 games and then get slapped with a 10-month ban for something he did at his former club. 

Nah, the Magpies must feel really dumb, paying all that money only to have their new signing sidelined for almost a year. Crazy! 

7. Arda Guler

Arda Guler’s move seems a little dumb because he was hyped up all summer, but he has still not featured in a single game for Real Madrid after they signed him 5 months ago.

And yes, you could argue that he’s still young, but Madrid have young midfielders in Bellingham and Brahim Diaz who have settled in just fine, so it might be a long, long ride for Guler at the Spanish capital.

8. Oriol Romeu

Barcelona bought Oriol Romeu in the summer. This club really forced out their legend, 35-year-old Sergio Busquets, only to replace him with 32-year-old Oriol Romeu who is not half as good as him. There is no reality where this was a smart thing to do.

Now, Romeu has cost them a lot with errors in games against Real Madrid, Porto, Antwerp, and a few more. That transfer is definitely looking so dumb right now and the Barcelona faithful don’t even deny it.

9. Neymar

Another transfer that’s looking really dumb? Neymar to Al Hilal. When these guys splashed all that money on the Brazilian, they expected that he’d join Cristiano Ronaldo and take the Saudi Pro League to even greater heights, but he ended up tearing his ACL at the international break which will sideline him for up to a year. 

Considering all that was spent and all that was offered, it’s looking like a dumb move for Al Hilal right now, but definitely not for Neymar who’s still smiling to the bank every other day.

10. Tom Davies

We’ll now wrap up with  Tom Davies’ move to Sheffield United. When a newly-promoted club signs a player who already has experience in the top flight, the hope is that he really delivers and helps the club stay afloat.

Tom Davies has not done that at all. He has only played 3 games for the club this season and has got more bookings than goal contributions. Rooted to the bottom of the table, Sheffield United definitely feel like this was one dumb move.

Even Davies himself will be wishing he didn’t leave Everton considering how well things appear to be going for the Toffees under Sean Dyche this season.

Well, there you have it! 10 transfers which are looking really dumb right now. Do you have more for us? 

Feel free to share with us in the comments.

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