10 Footballers Who Don’t Look Their Age

Do you know there are some footballers who don’t look their age? Some footballers appear to defy the effects of aging, resembling Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise even as they get older, while others seem to resemble Great Grandpa in their teenage years. This contrast often leads fans to question their age and request official identification documents.

Footballers Who Don’t Look Their Age

Here are 10 football players who don’t seem to reflect their actual age:

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1. James Rodriguez

James Rodriguez, at 32, maintains a remarkably fresh and youthful appearance. Interestingly, his Colombian teammate David Ospina, only three years older, seems to look like his father in comparison. Rodriguez seems to have escaped the trials of puberty entirely.

Footballers Who Don't Look Their Age

Since joining Madrid following his historic performance at the 2014 World Cup, Rodriguez appears to have remained untouched by the aging process. One might even say he defies it, seemingly reversing in age.

At this stage of his life, his appearance could easily rival that of many Hollywood actors.

2. Son Heung-Min

Son Heung-Min, the forward for Spurs, is currently 31 years old. However, looking at him, you’d think he just stepped out of the academy. 

Footballers Who Don't Look Their Age

Speaking of academies, did you know that Son transitioned from the military academy upon completing his conscription in South Korea?

Despite being a ‘battle-hardened veteran,’ Son maintains a freshness reminiscent of an 18-year-old boy.

His physicality continues to improve, making it challenging for defenders to handle him on the field. When comparing Son at 30 to Costa at the same age, the contrast is evident.

3. Diego Costa

Diego Costa is an intriguing figure. Having played for both Brazil and Spain, he boasts a career filled with goals, trophies, red cards, and controversial moments.

Footballers Who Don't Look Their Age

If you believe he looks aged now at 35, take a glimpse back at him when he was 18, freshly completing college. It seems the stress of university entrance exams may have taken a toll on him.

However, it’s not just us labeling him as old. His former teammate, Eden Hazard, once questioned his age, saying, ‘He looks old, I think he’s old. He is 25 but I don’t know if it is true.

4. Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney’s bald head and weathered face have led many non-football fans to assume he’s either a manager or a player nearing the end of his career.

Surprisingly, Rooney is only 8 months younger than Cristiano Ronaldo. It’s quite challenging to believe they’re close in age, especially when they’re shirtless.

Footballers Who Don't Look Their Age

Ronaldo boasts a highly defined physique, while Rooney seems to carry a bit of a belly. Interestingly, in the past, Rooney used to take Ronaldo to McDonald’s when the Portuguese was struggling to gain weight!

It seems Rooney might still be enjoying those Big Macs while Ronaldo bid farewell to carbs.

5. Jesse Lingard

Jesse Lingard, the England international currently playing for Nottingham Forest, stands out as one of the most handsome players in the Premier League. At 31 years old, he maintains a youthful appearance akin to that of a 21-year-old player, retaining his charm and good looks despite his age.

Much of his youthful appearance can be attributed to his baby face and smooth chin, devoid of any hair.

6. Arjen Robben

When you look at Arjen Robben, it’s evident that age has left its mark on his face. Even when Chelsea signed him, he appeared to have the demeanor of a 30-year-old with five kids and a mortgage.

Despite his undeniable skills, remarkable dribbling ability, and a Champions League trophy to his name, it seemed as though his hairline stayed back in Holland.

Among fans, Robben was colloquially known as the youngest old player they had ever witnessed. But remember, the game is about skill, not appearance, and in football, Robben was a true magician.

7. Oscar

And the award for the youngest-looking player goes to Oscar, presently with the Chinese Super League club Shanghai Port.

At 32, he maintains a teenage appearance, seemingly struggling with a math exam.

His current appearance is such that even if he were to leave football and return to college, guessing his actual age would be an impossible task.

Speaking of Oscars, the next individual on the list appears older than the inaugural Oscar awards in 1929.

8. Joseph Minala

Joseph Minala, the Cameroonian player, has endured constant scrutiny about his age throughout his career. Surprisingly, he was born in 1996, making him only 27 years old – nearly five years younger than Oscar and James Rodriguez.

However, his appearance raises eyebrows. Earlier, a Senegalese reporter alleged that the player admitted to being 42 in 2020. This led to threats from Minala’s former club, Lazio, demanding his birth certificate to verify his actual age.

Given his weathered appearance, suspicions persist, almost suggesting he’s managing three businesses and a divorce simultaneously.

9. Jeremy Toulalan

Jeremy Toulalan seems to have held onto the appearance of a 39-year-old for the past 15 years, having made his professional debut in 2001. His perpetual mature appearance often aligns him more with the club’s manager than its players, a look he’s maintained for quite some time.

The presence of gray hair only adds to the uncertainty surrounding the age listed on his passport and ID. However, it’s unlikely that Toulalan will follow in the footsteps of Portugal legend Luis Figo as a spokesperson for hair-rejuvenation products.

10. Jay Spearing

At 35, Jay Spearing gives off the impression of being 45 for the past decade. His recent return to Liverpool sees him taking on a coaching role at their academy. Some go as far as labeling him as the spitting image of 50-year-old Jack Wilshere.

Frankly, he appears older than the word ‘old’ itself. Despite this, Spearing seems to have nearly half a decade of play left in him, unless we’ve stumbled upon another peculiar case of Benjamin Button

case here.

Let us know in the comments what you think about these aging or not-so-aging faces.

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