1 Player That Your Club Needs To Get Rid Of This January Transfer Window

Player That Your Club Needs To Get Rid Of: With January approaching, you just know what’s coming with it – the transfer window. It’s a chance for clubs to not just buy players they want, but also let go of players. So, today we’d be looking at 1 player that your club needs to get rid of this January.

Player That Your Club Needs To Get Rid Of

1. Kylian Mbappe

Let’s start with Kylian Mbappe.The Mbappe transfer saga just doesn’t seem to go away. Two seasons ago, he had pretty much agreed to join Real Madrid, only to change his mind at the last minute and sign a new mega 2-year contract at PSG. Of course, you remember that particular contract, don’t you?

Player That Your Club Needs To Get Rid Of

And now, with just 6 months left on that contract, it doesn’t look like PSG wants to lose him for free in the summer. So, don’t be surprised if they choose to cash in on him this January, although fans of PSG would probably want him to stay. Either way, it seems we might finally be getting close to the end of that saga. 

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2. Andre Onana

Here’s someone whose fans want him out of their club – Andre Onana. Yes, that’s right. He was signed just this season, but this man can barely go an entire week without a major error. He has managed to frustrate pretty much the entire Man United fanbase.

Now, with the transfer window opening this January, the club just might get a chance to sell him. Of course, the only problem with that is, that nobody would want to pay huge money to sign him. So it’s going to be pretty difficult to get him out. Of course, if you’re a rival fan, this is probably great news for you. That’s because if he stays, it just means you get more banter material every week. 

And as a rival fan, that would probably give you so much joy. Well, except you’re a Chelsea fan. Yep, that’s right, because Chelsea have a similar problem.

3. Robert Sanchez

Chelsea’s new goalkeeper Robert Sanchez has also cost them points. It’s nowhere near as bad as Onana’s errors, but it’s enough to make Chelsea fans want him out. And if there’s any club that can ship off a player after just 6 months, it’s Chelsea. So don’t be surprised if he gets sold from the club in January. 

4. Aaron Ramsdale

Speaking of rivals, Chelsea’s London rivals Arsenal have a goalkeeper that they wouldn’t mind shipping out – Aaron Ramsdale. Now, unlike Onana and Sanchez, Ramsdale has been at Arsenal for at least two seasons. And well, he has put up some decent performances in that time. But since they signed David Raya this season, Ramsdale has dropped down the pecking order. To make things worse, his father publicly expressed his displeasure about his son being dropped. And now Arsenal may just be forced to cash in on him this January before he becomes unsettled at the club.

Do you think arsenal should sell him, though?

5. Eric Dier

Just as arsenal may be hoping to shop out Ramsdale, their city rivals Tottenham could also be looking to ship out Eric Dier. You see, Dier has been a key member of the Spurs team for many years. But since the arrival of Ange Postecoglou, the story has changed for him. You see since Ange got to Spurs, the partnership of Van De Ven and Sergio Romero has been his first choice.

This means Eric Dier barely gets to play these days. And with his contract ending next summer, Spurs may just have to cash in on him this January. And with Roma and Sporting Lisbon interested, it would be nice to see how that one plays out.

6. Kalvin Phillips

Manchester City signed Kalvin Phillips in 2022 for over 40 million pounds, yet he barely ever gets to play. Of course, you could say that’s because Rodri has been so good and available in that position. But the truth is, Phillips himself hasn’t been impressive when he plays.

Now, after just one season, City look to be interested in letting him go. And this January would be a great time to do so. But do you think they would be able to get up to 40 million for him?

Let us know what you think. 

7. Ivan Toney

One player who shouldn’t have much trouble with fetching his club a huge sum is Ivan Toney. Although he has missed the first half of this season due to a ban, Toney has been one of the best premier league strikers in recent years. And naturally, many big clubs have had an interest in him. And with his ban ending by January, the race to sign Toney would be back on, with Arsenal and Chelsea already showing interest.

And seeing as he would be entering the final year of his contract next summer, this January might just be Brentford’s best chance of getting a huge fee for him.

8. Ferran Torres

Barca signed Ferran Torres from Man City some 2 years ago for over 40 million pounds. And at the time, they thought they were getting a real baller. Sadly, that hasn’t been the case and he has struggled to justify that figure. Now, Xavi is running out of patience, and wouldn’t mind cashing in on him. So do not be surprised if he makes that move this January.

Who knows? Perhaps a move away from Barcelona is what he needs to revive his football career, the same way it revived Thiago Alcantara many years ago. 

9. Thiago

Speaking of Thiago, Liverpool wouldn’t mind letting him go this January. Now, unlike the case of Torres, Thiago’s biggest issue is his injuries. He just can’t seem to stay fit. And with Liverpool rebuilding their squad, now would probably be the best time to let him go.

Of course, they can’t say they regret signing him, because this man has definitely paid his dues during his time at Liverpool.

10. Erik Choupo-Moting

Erik Choupo-Moting has also paid his dues at Bayern Munich, so they probably wouldn’t have any regrets about signing him. And with the signing of Harry Kane and the rise of Mathys Tel, they probably wouldn’t have any regrets if they let Choupo-Moting leave this January.

And you just get the feeling that even if they let him go, they’ll still have enough firepower to challenge for all the titles.

Do you agree with this list? Do you think any of these clubs will regret letting these players leave?

Do tell us what you think in the comments.

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