Warren Zaïre-Emery – Who is the youngest player in PSG

In this captivating journey, we traverse the compelling life and trajectory of Warren Zaire-Emery, dissecting various facets that define this prodigious footballer. From his rich ethnic heritage, early forays into the beautiful game, and his record-breaking feats at Paris Saint-Germain, to glimpses into his personal life, aspirations, and unique quirks, every aspect offers a glimpse into the captivating world of Warren.

Join us as we unravel the story of a player whose roots span from the historic commune of Montreuil to the illustrious arenas of European football. Warren Zaire-Emery’s narrative isn’t merely about sporting prowess; it’s a tapestry woven with cultural diversity, unwavering determination, and the promise of an exceptional journey destined to etch its mark in the annals of football history.

Who is the 17-year-old midfielder for PSG?

Warren Zaire-Emery kicked off his football journey at age 4, eagerly waiting a year to join Aubervilliers, his father’s club. PSG, France’s top club, spotted his immense talent and brought him into their academy at just 8 years old in 2014. Within PSG’s ranks, Warren’s brilliance shone brightly, standing out among his peers and swiftly making a mark.

Warren Zaïre-Emery

At a mere 15, he sported the revered PSG jersey, contributing significantly as a key member of the U19 team. However, it was during the enthralling UEFA Youth League in the 2021-22 season that Warren truly made waves. His standout performances caught the discerning eye of PSG’s head coach, Mauricio Pochettino. Impressed by Warren’s prowess, Pochettino wasted no time, swiftly promoting him from the youth setup to the senior team.

Warren Zaire-Emery’s ascent to PSG’s senior team was nothing short of meteoric, displaying both his exceptional skills and rapid rise through football’s ranks. His journey reflects a young talent swiftly making his mark in European football, embodying the promise of a future star on the grand stage of the sport

Warren Zaïre-Emery Ethnicity

Warren Zaire-Emery’s remarkable ascent finds its roots in his captivating tale of ethnicity. Born to an Aubervilliers native, Franck Emery, and a mother hailing from Martinique in the French West Indies, Warren boasts a rich blend of Caribbean heritage. This diverse cultural mix has played a pivotal role in shaping Warren’s upbringing, granting him a unique perspective that spans communication, social connections, and an enriched understanding of culture, race, history, cuisine, and ethnicity.

The fusion of Aubervilliers’ local essence with the vibrant traditions of Martinique has crafted an individual whose worldview encompasses a myriad of cultural intricacies. Warren’s upbringing, influenced by this blend, has bestowed upon him a profound appreciation for diversity, fostering a depth of understanding that extends beyond the boundaries of his upbringing. This eclectic mix has undoubtedly contributed to his growth, both as a person and as an athlete, fueling his journey to success with a multifaceted understanding and an inclusive worldview.

Who is the youngest player in PSG history?

Warren Zaire-Emery etched his name into PSG’s history books as the youngest player ever, marking his debut at a mere 16 years and 151 days on August 6, 2022. This record-breaking feat catapulted him into the limelight, solidifying his place in the club’s storied legacy.

Further cementing his prodigious status, he entered the elite ranks of the Champions League, becoming PSG’s youngest debutant on October 25th. This meteoric rise heralds an exceptional journey for the young talent, who swiftly evolved into a regular starter among PSG’s star-studded lineup. Surrounded by luminaries like Kylian Mbappe, Dembele, Hakimi, Asensio, and Marquinhos, Warren’s emergence as a key player underscores his immense potential.

His rapid ascent not only signifies personal accomplishments but also hints at a future destined for greatness. Warren Zaire-Emery’s rise amidst football’s elite promises a thrilling narrative of a young sensation making waves in a team glittering with renowned stars, setting the stage for an extraordinary career trajectory ahead.

Style of Play

At just 17, Warren Zaire-Emery secures a regular spot in PSG’s lineup, showcasing an exceptional playing style that sets him apart. His stature, characterized by a low center of gravity and remarkable technical dribbling finesse, renders him a formidable force on the pitch. Players find it arduous to dispossess him, often rebounding off his compact physique, a testament to his unmatched skill.

Integral to PSG’s gameplay, Warren is a linchpin in their build-up strategies, orchestrating plays with precision. His coach, Luis Enrique, reveres him as a “diamond,” acknowledging the rare brilliance Warren embodies. Drawing comparisons to the likes of football legend Yaya Toure, Warren’s ability to navigate midfield with the ball mirrors the iconic figure’s prowess.

Beyond his offensive flair, Warren’s defensive diligence shines through. His work ethic off the ball, coupled with astute spatial awareness and game-reading abilities, positions him strategically. This multifaceted skill set not only marks his brilliance but also hints at a player destined for an illustrious career, shaping him into a pivotal figure within PSG’s star-studded roster.


At 17, Warren Zaire-Emery remains singularly focused on his football journey, standing as a solitary figure in the public eye. Much like his French counterparts, Kounde, Konate, and Saliba, he prioritizes his career over romantic involvements. Amidst speculation, Warren’s emphasis remains solely on family and football. As he ascends in his athletic career, his unwavering dedication echoes a commitment to nurturing his talent and carving a path toward sporting excellence—a narrative defined by his singular devotion to the beautiful game.

How Much Does Warren Zaire Emery Earn?

Warren Zaire-Emery’s current earnings stand at €4,808 weekly, totaling €250,000 annually—an impressive sum for a 17-year-old key player at PSG. Anticipation looms over potential contract renewals, poised to elevate his status as one of PSG’s top earners and potentially positioning him among the highest-paid athletes globally. His rapid ascent in football’s upper echelons foreshadows an impending financial trajectory that aligns with his meteoric rise in the sport.


Warren Zaïre-Emery

  • Warren learned to tie shoelaces at 5; his father taught him since he couldn’t be there in the dressing room. He often helped tie his teammates’ laces, showing his helpful nature from an early age.
  • Beyond football, he dreamed of being a fireman due to his love for daily acts of assistance. Helping people was his defining passion.
  • Warren emphasizes focusing on his own game, mentioning he doesn’t have any football idols. His dedication revolves around perfecting his skills rather than idolizing other players.

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Aravind Nair

Aravind Nair

Hello, this is Aravind Nair from India. Football has been an integral part since the formative years of my life. Football has been an exemplary and metaphor for multiple aspects of life that has made me appreciate the game even more. Beyond the capitalistic notions that drive football, it is ultimately the meaning of life and resistance of the concurrent ethos that is always preserved through time and celebrated with an air of mystery and wonderment, numbers are just numbers.
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Player Info

Full Name

Warren Zaïre-Emery



Date Of Birth

March 8, 2006

Place Of Birth

Montreuil, France






1.78 m (5ft 10 in)

Marital Status



  • Franck Emery (Father)
  • Gessie Zaire (Mother)


Professional Career

Current Team

Paris Saint-Germain

Club Jersey Num


National Team


Youth Team(s)

  • Aubervilliers
  • Paris Saint-Germain


  • Main Position: Central Midfield
  • Alternative: Defensive Midfield

Preferred Foot


Playing Style

  • Box-to-Box
  • Technical Dribble

Market Value

€50.00 Million

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