Vitor Roque: Family, Childhood, Relationship, Lifestyle, Transfer Issues

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Brazil, renowned for birthing countless footballing sensations, has introduced another flourishing talent who goes by the name of Vitor “Tigrinho” Roque. As a mere 18-year-old, Vitor Roque has already mesmerized clubs from all over the world with his exceptional skills and raw talent. Following the footsteps of his father, Roque is committed to completing his father’s unfinished legacy.

Join us as Goal90 delves into the meteoric rise of a boy who was destined to be a footballer from the moment he took his first breath. This article is the comprehensive biography of Brazilian sensation, Vitor Roque which unfolds his rise to fame, origin, career transitions, family background, lifestyle, relationships, and many more.

Family and early life

Vitor is one of the two children born to Hercília Roque Ferreira (Mother) and Juvenal Ferreira (Father). He shares an unbreakable bond with his sister, Vitória Roque who is only 5 years older than him.

Vitor Roque celebrating with his sister (left) and parents (right)

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The Role of his Parents in his Success

Roque’s mother was a professional cook known for her delectable dishes. Vitor held a special admiration for his mother’s cooking skills, especially her preparation of the popular Brazilian cuisine known as “bananas fritas”. She has always given her unwavering support and encouragement in each of Roque’s footballing endeavors.

Vitor Roque and his mother

The legacy set by Roque’s father played a massive role in the success and accomplishments of his son. Juvenal “Tigrão” Ferreira was a footballer himself who once played amateur football in the state of Minas Gerais. His footballing background and expertise massively contributed to setting a solid foundation for Vitor’s career.

A young Vitor Roque alongside his father


Meet Vitória Roque, the beloved sister of the Brazilian sensation. Vitor shares an unbreakable sibling bond with his sister where each blindly supports the other, solidifying a connection beyond their professional careers.

Vitória is five years older than Vitor and goes by the phrase “There is so much beauty in simplicity” according to her Instagram. 

Roque’s career has evidently been massively impacted by the contributions of his sister. Their loving and strong sibling bond has been showcased in glimpses of their social media posts. 

Vitória and Vitor share their love for dancing as a hobby since their childhood. 

Have you seen the viral TikTok of them dancing?


Vitor Roque was brought up in the beautiful city of Timóteo, Brazil. His house was built right in front of a local field where he would build and enhance his basic football skills. The combined earnings of Roque’s parents gave him a fairly comfortable upbringing as a middle-class family. 

As the son of former footballer Juvenal “Tigrão” Ferreira, football was embedded into Vitor’s DNA. He had developed a deep interest and passion for football where he took his first steps with a ball at the mere age of 6. His humble beginnings and simplistic lifestyle shaped Roque’s personality and paved the way for the success he has achieved today.

Career Paths

Vitor Roque began his professional footballing career in 2018 from local club América Futebol Clube (MG) as a part of their under-17 squad. His move to Cruzeiro in January of 2019 was a pivotal milestone in his career as he would then attract scouts from all over the country. His goal-scoring ability captivated Brazilian Giants Athletico Paranaense to offer a move for 300 thousand euros which was accepted on April 11, 2022. 

He would then go on to climb through the ranks by scoring 28 goals and providing 11 assists in only 81 appearances for the club. However, the defining moment in his career would come as a New Year’s present after he joined his dream club, Barcelona for a massive transfer fee of 40 million euros.

Transfer Issues

Joining Spanish supergiants Barcelona was a breakthrough moment in the career of Vitor Roque. However, the chances of the teenage sensation joining the La Liga side were pretty slim. In a report published by Mundo Deportivo, financial obstacles had nearly made Roque’s transfer to the Camp Nou nearly impossible. The 18-year-old would only be able to join Barca if a key player was transferred out or if some players would take a salary reduction. This whole fiasco was later solved and Roque has now made his official debut for the Spanish side.

Marital Status

The 18-year-old star recently tied the knot with social media influencer Dayana Lins which was revealed on his Instagram. Lins has been pictured supporting the Barcelona star by attending most of his games showcasing her unwavering support for her significant other. Despite the surprising five-year age gap between the couple, their endless dedicated love for each other has shaped their relationship into a match made in heaven. 


Though the 18-year-old may have been influenced by the flashy lifestyle of his fellow teammates, Vitor Roque lives a fairly humble lifestyle and still enjoys his mother’s signature dish, “bananas fritas”. 

He occasionally goes on relaxing trips to different countries which can be seen from his social media posts. As a car enthusiast since his young days, his hard work and dedication has finally paid off as he now owns the car of his dreams. 


Vitor Roque has already mesmerized the world at such a tender age and aspires to carry on his father’s unfulfilled legacy. His goal-scoring ability attracted the likes of Spanish supergiants, Barcelona where he is expected to boost the club’s decreasing efficiency in front of goal. 

The real question is, Will Tigrinho live up to his expectations?

What are your thoughts and opinions? Comment down below.

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Player Info

Full Name

Vitor Hugo Roque Ferreira


Tigrinho (Little Tiger)

Date Of Birth

February 28, 2005

Place Of Birth

Timóteo, Minas Gerais, Brazil






1.74m (5ft 7in)

Marital Status



  • Juvenal “Tigrão” Ferreira (Father)
  • Hercília Roque Ferreira (Mother)



Professional Career

Current Team


Club Jersey Num


National Team


Youth Team(s)

  •  Cruzeiro
  • Athletico-PR


Centre Forward

Preferred Foot


Playing Style

Classic no. 9

Market Value

40 million euros

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