Scott McTominay Profile: Tattoo, Team, Position, Value, Family

Scott McTominay is a rising star in the world of football, showcasing unparalleled promise and skill. In this article, Goal 90 discusses McTominay’s profile, his early life, youth career, family, style of play, girlfriend, family, etc. Join us in exploring the journey of a diverse midfielder, a one-club man, who has made his dreams of playing for his boyhood club come true. 

Early Life, Family and Growth Problems

Scott McTominay

Scott McTominay’s journey with Manchester United commenced at the age of five when he joined the club’s development center in Preston. Initially, he played as a center forward but transitioned to a central midfield role under the guidance of Warren Joyce, earning his first professional contract in July 2013.

However, McTominay faced early career challenges stemming from physical development issues. Struggling with injuries and growth problems, his performance and confidence were impacted. Remarkably, he experienced a significant growth spurt, growing 14 inches within two years, necessitating adaptation to both his new body and playing position.

Despite these obstacles, McTominay persevered, becoming a regular player for the Under-19s and Under-21s during the 2016–17 season, scoring three goals in 21 games before receiving his senior call-up. Intensive treatment and rehabilitation facilitated his miraculous growth, reaching a height of 6ft 4ins.

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Scott McTominay

The footballer’s family holds notable connections, particularly with Manchester United’s legendary former manager, Alex Ferguson. Speculations suggest that McTominay’s family, known for their strong football connections, might be related to Ferguson, with recent reports indicating a wealthy family background.

McTominay’s gratitude for his family’s support is evident as he acknowledges, “My mum and dad took me all over, travelled so many miles to take me to play football, and they only did that because I enjoyed it so much and I would always tell them that I loved doing it.”

Scott McTominay Youth Career

McTominay’s association with the Manchester United academy began at the age of five, having joined the club’s development center in Preston. While initially identified as a natural central midfielder, a shortage of “out-and-out” center forwards in the reserve team led him to take up an attacking role. He inked his first professional contract in July 2013.

During his early years with the Under-18s from 2013 to 2015, McTominay faced challenges due to his small stature. The 2014–15 season saw him sidelined for most of the year, grappling with injuries linked to growth and development issues, as he remarkably grew 14 inches within two years.

Despite these hurdles, McTominay persisted. The 2015–16 season presented its own set of challenges, making 11 appearances across the Under-19s and Under-21s. However, determination and skill saw him secure a spot in the team in the subsequent season, marked by three goals in 21 games before his elevation to the senior squad.

Manchester United

Scott McTominay’s impactful journey at Manchester United has been characterized by remarkable growth, versatility, and a consistent ability to make crucial contributions on the pitch. Beginning his professional career with the club in 2013, McTominay faced initial challenges, notably adapting to growth-related injuries during his youth career.

Breaking into the senior squad, McTominay showcased his versatility by seamlessly transitioning from an attacking role to a central midfielder, displaying prowess in both positions. His dedication and work ethic earned him a place in key matches, and he became known for his composure on the ball and tactical intelligence.

Over the years, McTominay’s influence has grown steadily, and he has evolved into a vital asset for Manchester United. Notable milestones include scoring his first senior goal in a pre-season match against Vålerenga in 2017, earning praise for his performances in Champions League matches against Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona, and signing contract extensions that underscore the club’s confidence in his abilities.

A significant moment came in 2019 when McTominay scored his first competitive goal for United, showcasing his developing goal-scoring prowess. His knack for finding the back of the net continued in subsequent seasons, with memorable goals against Wolverhampton Wanderers, Brighton, and a stand-out performance in a historic 9-0 win against Southampton in 2021.

McTominay’s commitment to Manchester United was reaffirmed with a contract extension until 2025, a testament to his integral role in the team. In addition to his on-field contributions, McTominay assumed leadership responsibilities, captaining the team in key matches, including a Premier League draw with Liverpool in December 2023.

The midfielder’s growth is not only reflected in his statistical achievements but also in his leadership and resilience, making Scott McTominay an indispensable figure in the fabric of Manchester United. As he continues to make significant strides, his journey stands as an inspiration for aspiring players and a source of pride for the club and its supporters.


In the heart of Scott McTominay’s illustrious career as the Scottish midfielder for Manchester United and the Scotland national team, a private chapter unfolds—his relationship with Cam Reading. Despite Scott’s substantial Instagram following of 2.8 million and Cam’s impressive 25k followers, the couple maintains a discreet and low-key presence.

While the details of their initial meeting remain undisclosed, the glimpses they share on social media, particularly Instagram, paint a picture of a happy and supportive partnership. Cam Reading, beyond being a striking presence, is a successful professional holding directorial positions at Fortress Capital, an asset management firm, and other ventures. Her academic achievements include graduating with honors in business administration from the University of Manchester.

In the midst of their demanding careers, Scott and Cam carve out moments for shared adventures, reflecting their shared love for travel. Celebrating each other’s achievements, such as Scott’s pivotal goals for Scotland, their relationship is characterized by love, support, and resilience. As one of football’s endearing couples, they navigate challenges with loyalty and mutual respect, promising continued success and happiness in the future


Meet Katie McTominay, the beloved sister of Manchester United’s midfield sensation, Scott McTominay. As the sister to the English football star, Katie shares an enduring bond with Scott, a relationship that has thrived since their youth.

In 2020, Katie surprised Scott with the joyful news of her impending motherhood, marking Scott’s journey into unclehood. Their connection goes beyond familial ties, with Scott expressing delight upon learning about his new role as an uncle.

While details about Katie’s age remain undisclosed, her supportive role in Scott’s life is evident. As a graduate of the Manchester United Youth Academy, Scott has soared to prominence as a central midfielder for both Manchester United and the Scotland National Team. Through social media glimpses, their strong sibling bond is palpable, showcasing a relationship built on support, guidance, and shared moments of joy. In Katie, Scott finds not just a sister, but a steadfast supporter throughout his remarkable football career.

Is Scott McTominay a CDM – Style of Play

Scott McTominay’s profound impact on Manchester United’s fortunes under Erik Ten Hag is undeniable, particularly in the goal-scoring department. McTominay’s ability to make late runs into the box, honed during a stellar Euro 2024 qualifying campaign for Scotland, has become a cornerstone of United’s attacking strategy. Ten Hag, recognizing this lethal trait, has shifted the team’s focus to revolve around McTominay, resulting in the midfielder experiencing the most prolific goal-scoring season of his career.

However, the tactical rearrangement has posed challenges. McTominay’s optimal position remains elusive. While possessing the physique of a traditional defensive midfielder, he lacks the defensive positioning and passing finesse for a classic No. 6 role. As a box-to-box No. 8, his limited passing ability becomes a liability in build-up play. McTominay’s strength lies in and around the box, making late runs, but he falls short of the creativity expected from a Champions League-level No. 10.

Ten Hag’s solution involves positional fluidity. Out of possession, McTominay operates in a 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2 formation, sharing the base with Sofyan Amrabat or Kobbie Mainoo. Yet, in possession, he assumes a No. 10 role, while Bruno Fernandes drops deeper to No. 8. Despite McTominay’s goal-scoring prowess, this tactical shift has led to a dip in United’s attacking output, reflected in their recent record and xG statistics.

The dilemma persists – McTominay’s dynamism and goal-scoring prowess are impactful, yet finding the ideal position that maximizes his strengths without compromising overall team creativity remains a puzzle for Erik Ten Hag and Manchester United.

Trivia and Fun Facts

  • Beyond the football pitch, McTominay has a penchant for golf, showcasing his diverse interests outside the world of football.
  • He has crafted his playing style by drawing inspiration from iconic midfielders such as Yaya Toure and his idol, Zinedine Zidane.
  • Among the adversaries he has faced, Scott McTominay considers Eden Hazard to be the most formidable opponent.
  • Scott McTominay looks up to Zinedine Zidane as his idol.

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Player Info

Full Name

Scott Francis McTominay



Date Of Birth

December 8, 1996

Place Of Birth

Lancaster, England






1.93 m (6ft 4 in)

Marital Status



  • Frank McTominay (Father)
  • Julie McTominay (Mother)



Professional Career

Current Team

Manchester United

Club Jersey Num


National Team


Youth Team(s)

Manchester United


  • Main – Defensive midfield
  • Alternative – Central midfield

Preferred Foot


Playing Style

Midfield Destroyer

Market Value

€28.00 Million

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